Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Flu in Review

Happy Valentine's Day.

I planned to bake something using my springerle mould, but life (and still more flu-you wouldn't think it possible to get both strains in one season, but yeah) got in the way. I made Danny a Valentine card and bought him the biggest, silliest, frou-frou heart-shaped box of chocolates from Russell Stover instead. He seemed impressed. Anyway, I hope your day was pleasant.
Xerox got a big sprig of millet for Valentine's. Poor guy has been molting, and he's crankier than usual.
 Being poorly doesn't make for the best photos, but hey, we're just keeping it real😀. The beautiful hand-knit cotton jumper wasn't the best colour to wear with such a sickly lack of colour to my face, but it was a delight to wear. It is cropped, but being short, it comes right to my waist.
I think it is 80's, due to the longer sleeves and cropped waist, but the pattern is timeless. There was a woven label which also makes me think it was 80's (they tend to disappear by the 90's). 

 This is another vintage top. I also think it is 80's, but it might be earlier-this style gets recycled every ten years or so. My mum wore shirts like this in the 60's with cigarette trousers. Well, she did until she split a pair rather publicly (AND they were gold lame!) and thereafter swore off them. In the 80's when shiny spandex trousers were having a moment thanks to hair bands I tried convincing her to buy a pair as they were stretchy and no bad could come of wearing them, but she'd have none of it. I guess you don't forget that sort of public humiliation.
 That was Monday, I think. When I bought the blue and black velour track suit Mr. ETB thought I'd lost my mind-but I knew there would be some day when I'd be glad to own it. Perfect attire for sitting on the sofa, watching the Olympics and freezing despite a high fever. I would never wear this outside-I wouldn't take out the rubbish wearing it, but in the privacy of home it is wonderfully cozy.
 We took Mr. ETB to the doctor for a chest x-ray. He's been hit worse by this. We sat outside in the car as I didn't want Danny in a waiting room full of sick people. Thus far, he's only had a fever (fingers crossed). Yes, I am wearing "overglasses" like a 90 year old.
This was today. I put on makeup because we were having our yearly termite inspection and I didn't want to frighten the exterminator. Next year we want to make termite costumes and have blocks of wood to nibble on when they do the inspection. I'll bet you see some crazy shit as an exterminator but not that crazy!

 I bought myself a wonderful pair of earrings for my birthday. As it was the only thing I got, I'm glad I bought them!  They're super-heavy, but I love them. The scarf/shawl is Egyptian tourist tat that is surprisingly well made. Anything purple and teal will be worth buying, in most cases.

We had lunch at Culver's a couple weeks ago. Danny had the fish sandwich, and I insisted he order onion rings and fried cheese curds so I could, "sample" them. They were delicious, as everything at Culver's is. They're more expensive than other fast-food places, but worth it. They're not paying me to say that, but if they wanted to hire me as a Cheese-Curd Ambassador or something, I'd be open to it😜Mmmm, deep fried cheese.
Kinda beige, but sometimes that works.

Outfit Particulars:
home-sewn (by someone else)polyester dress-long gone vintage shop
Vintage handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Vintage necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Gerige tights-Walgreen's
A tiny drop lasts all day...and I can still smell it with a stuffed-up nose. It isn't for everyone (carnation, coriander, oakmoss and a shit tonne of geranium) but if you like this sort of thing, you'll love Galanos.
 A couple of pretty bouquets.
Seafood shopping with a shark...
 ...a new (vintage) wool skirt...
 ...My favourite handbag... to me boots, all things to make me smile.
Waterfowl at DeSoto Wildlife Refuge.
 Double cherry (tinned and dried) tea ring.
Cinnamon buns. All baked by Danny.
And a curry, because you can't live on cinnamon buns. Or can you? Let's ask the shark.
"Hell yes!" There you have it. 

 I will leave you with a pair of owl baskets I couldn't resist.
Hooo loves you?
awww, you know hoo!

I hope to get over this never-ending flu soon and hopefully have a more coherent blog post for you. If you've read this far, THANK YOU. 


Emily from Etsy said...

Oh my goodness, the flu season has been an especially rough one this year. I hope you and your family get well and stay well.

Please don't apologize for "keeping it real." That's what I love best about your blog-- you're unpretentious at all times, honest but kind, and authentic every minute of the day. So many people on social media are too darn cheerful all the time, as if life is easier and more glamorous than it really is. The world needs more sincerity, more astuteness, and more heart, and you bring those virtues to your readers every day without fail.

I could go for some curry and cinnamon buns. You and Danny are amazing.

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear!

ThriftyParka said...

Sorry to hear you have the flu. Rest, stay in your comfy outfit, read lots while lying on the couch.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Goody said...

Thank you. Happy Valentine's to you too.

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka
Thank you. This has been...unpleasant. Just as I think it is getting better, bam! I'm reading Norma Stevens' biography of Richard Avedon-it is excellent flu reading. Her anecdotes from working with him are fascinating. Happy Valentine's to you!

Bobbi said...

Your birthday earrings are amazing! And the picture with the black glasses and red earrings and lipstick is very cool and chic.
I would definitely try to live on those cinnamon rolls. Danny is so talented!
I hope you all get well soon. I'm sending healing energy your way.

Goody said...

Thank you-healing energy is much appreciated.

Bibi Maizoon said...

O dear. We had that nasty flu come all the way over here to Nepal. Knocked us on our butts too. That was a doozy so take care as we were still feeling knackered for about 2 weeks after.
I like the pic of you in red with that curly pageboy. The double sunnies with the pom-pom ski cap is reminiscent of the Maxine (the grumpy old lay with attitude)cartoon. A quote from Maxine: “My soul's had enough chicken soup. It wants some chocolate.”
Actually, I like chicken soup better than chocolate (with homemade noodles of course!)

Alli Duncan said...

I'm so sorry that you have been so unwell, Goody. I hope you are 100% better very soon. I am glad you have been having/doing/wearing things that make you smile. I have never even heard of those deep fried cheese curds before - sounds good!

Goody said...

My soul wants gin ;)
Sorry you had to experience this-it is awful.

There's something magical about deep fried cheese. I know you have wonderful cheese in Australia, so it might be worth trying as a home cookery experiment.

Vix said...

The flu seem to be hitting everyone this year, I hope you and Mr ETB start to feel better soon and that Danny escapes unscathed.
That curry looks delicious.
Loving the Crimplene dress with the spoon collars on you, the handles on your bag are sublime and your birthday earrings are fantastic. xxx

Radostin said...

Oh, no! Two rounds of flu is just not fair. My mother in law said many people she works with got the vaccination and then got the other one... I hope you are all on the mend very soon.
I rather like your maybe-80s top after the chartreuse hand-knit, (but will refrain from gushing further over the outfits I've already complemented you on on instagram) and I wish the gold lamé cigarette pants had survived, they sound fabulous. xxx

beate grigutsch said...

the golden beige works very well - love that look!
nice to see how you come from very sick to very chic - still cross my fingers for your recovery.
cool b-day earrings!
our supermarket sold us "british daffodils" (englische narzissen of cause) too - seems the brit island are bigger then thought......
yummy curry and cake! xxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Again I say: Red lipstick is the answer! I always put some on to avoid frightening plumbers and HVAC personnel. Have yet to experience the joys of in-house exterminators, so I look forward to seeing a photo record of your next year's visitation... (Having seen what you can do with sharks, the thought of termites is awe inspiring.)

This year's flu season has been awful, actually lethal, so you're wise to take it seriously. Keeping Danny outside was a brilliant idea. My GP urges patients NOT to go out and about if at all possible.

Polyester Princess said...

Sorry to hear about the double flu attack! I was reading your post, thinking poor Goody. Then your velours track suit photo made me smile, thinking at least it hasn't affected her sense of humour. Next think I knew I was laughing out loud when I read about the termite inspection, seeing you in my mind's eye in a termite costume nibbling a block of wood. I really should stop reading your posts on the bus! I'm loving your beige polyester dress, which has a kind of sister in my wardrobe. Lovely daffs and super cute owl baskets! xxx

Mim said...

I hope Mr ETB's chest X-ray was okay and Danny continues to avoid the flu. You do look very poorly in some of your photos. It can be such a horrible ilness, you're doing well just to get up and about. Put that track suit to good use, and I hope you feel better soon!

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Don't you look beautiful in the photo with the ted lipstick and red earrings!

I hope you're feeling better, flu's no fun. In December I had regular flu and then got gastric flu tacked right onto the back of it, that was very unwelcome considering I was like it on my birthday xxx

Goody said...

it has been a bad flu season. Just as we think we're getting better, it comes back for another round. Don't look too close at the collar on the dress-one is pointed and the other round. I can just imagine the sewist getting finished and noticing it.

the vaccine was pretty worthless this year.
I wish we had a photo of her in the trousers. I've never (touch wood) split my pants in public-that must have been awful.

I did think it was funny to have flowers sent from the UK but we also get tulips from Holland.

We don't have termites but our neighbourhood is full of them, so everyone gets yearly inspections. We've had ants in the basement in the dead of winter, which was a first.
Mr. ETB had it much worse than I did. He's been at home sick for a week and still coughing away. I don't have underlying issues like asthma, so I've just been merely miserable. I just wish we could be done with it already.

The Burroughs fan in me REALLY wants to dress as a termite next year. "Hey kid, it was tasty."

I really had a mild case compared to Mr. ETB. I don't feel lucky, but I know I am. The decongestant I'm taking is so nauseating I almost wonder if it is worse than the flu. I've been trying to resist internet shopping, but there isn't much else to do.

Oh no, not you too. That's no way to spend any day, much less your birthday.

Miss Magpie said...

I do hope you are feeling better now as is Mr ETB and Danny has stayed germ free.
My brother came back from India with a cold he kindly shared with the rest of the family. I'm still coughing 2 weeks later *sigh*

Russell Stover!!!! Oh my god one of our students brought us some of the salted caramel chocolates and all I can say is they are the best thing ever, like caramel crack cocaine. I have tried in vain to buy them on like Amazon or something but I gather they are hard enough to get in the States let alone in the U.K

Veronica Cooke said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill - and Mr. ETYB, too. Hope you have recovered now. The before and after pictures were astonishing; you look so vibrant in the 'after' photo.

I think we all have that secret velour track suit for slobbing around the house in. Mine only has the trousers left; I combine them with a stretchy top and a warm cardi and that's it - minimum effort but warm and cozy! I would empty the bins in mine.

You do look rather sophisticated in the beige outfit; it's lovely with the touches of red.

Fabulous earring BTW and what fabulous baking by Danny, too.

Love the owl baskets.

Goody said...

@Miss Magpie
Stover is a regional American brand. I don't think I have seen that caramel variety-I'll look for it.

I am doing much better now. Lipstick does wonders!