Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy Purim

The holiday of Purim begins tonight at sundown. I dug out this old photograph of my friend Myra (on the right) and myself at the age of four both dressed as Queen Esther. What doesn't show in the photograph is how beautiful the costume was. Mum made it entirely by hand, sewing sequin bows along the hem of the skirt, and using silver ric-rack to trim the poncho. I loved it so much I continued wearing the skirt as a poncho for years and then dressing a large teddy bear in it when it would no longer go over my head. I don't know what eventually became of it, but I've had a soft spot for blue satin and sequins ever since. And tiaras😀
I baked Hamantaschen this year using a new recipe. The filling is an orange/honey/poppy seed mixture, but the dough has both butter and sour cream. The pastry is yeast-risen, yet it maintains the texture of a rich cake. Recipe Here. I used a different filling, and substituted orange peel for lemon. As the recipe made 36 pieces(!) Mr. ETB took a tray to work, which were well received.

Ten years ago, Danny asked me to bake a novelty cake he spotted in a cookbook. Little boys (and some big ones) do love trains! I improvised one for him with what I had at home (when we lived on the farm it was too long of a drive to just run out for unplanned groceries). It wasn't the fanciest cake, but he loved it, and never forgot that I made him the cake he wanted for Purim. Ten years later, I have a Nordicware pan shaped like railroad cars, so I thought it only right that I re-create his favourite cake. He loved it, but truth be told-I think the improvised one had more charm. I made a short video:
I'm just glad he didn't see this castle cake on the next page as it would have been trickier to pull off with pantry staples! Someday I must make that one, just because.

Since we're showing videos, I thought you might like to see the potato-walk. You also get my teenaged son walking along displaying his belly like a rutting turkey. I've learned not to ask what he's thinking.

Happy Purim if you celebrate it.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Chag Purim Sameach!
Your Chicago accent sounds clipped & clear.
Both train cakes look absolutely yummy & so does the Hamantaschen.
That's why I don't take pics of my family - they'll make a face or remove their clothing.
It's Holi here so I'm locked in the compound to avoid being smeared with toxic powder by Holigans.

beate grigutsch said...

that kid! ;-DDD
the hamantaschen look yummy - will have a glimpse at the recipe because i still look out for a easy and not to dry dough for "taschen" - sweet or hearty....
and i´m impressed - again - by your novelty cakes!
happy purim!
and get well soon for your foot!

Anonymous said...

I hope your foot heals soon. Did you trip?
You have such fun with your cakes. no wonder you are raising a master baker!
Lovely to hear your voice! JanF

Polyester Princess said...

Happy Purim, Goody! Thanks for sharing the train cakes and potato-walk videos. I think you have a lovely voice! But ouch, what happened to your foot? I must say I'm with you on the improvised train cake being the better looking one. That castle cake really is something else, but I'm sure you can do it, with Danny's help! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Happy Purim!! That is a very pretty skirt I glimpsed in the video. I was reading your blog in a restaurant...and the fellow sitting next to me caught an accidental glimpse of Danny's belly (he was a little alarmed ;)

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

I hope the Holi musical celebrations don't keep you up all night. Holigans ;)

If you try the recipe, I managed it without a stand mixer but be prepared to do a lot of work ;)If I had a good mixer, I'd use it.

I ran into my half-opened bedroom door and broke my toes. This makes the second time I've broken toes in 6 months by stubbing them. I guess my bones are brittler than I thought. Strangely enough, the top of my foot hurts worse than the toes. Go figure! I can still walk, but I have to wear the funny shoe to keep the toes straight and flat.

Thank you. It is such a fun holiday (you get to wear costumes, make noise and eat). I carelessly got into a fight with a door...the door won.

@Thrifty Parka
Ha! I'm sure Danny isn't reinforcing any stereotypes about Americans.

beate grigutsch said...

thanks goody for that mixer tip! i too don´t have one so i´ll be prepared :-)

Vix said...

Happy Purim!
I'd recognise little Goody anywhere, that's such a cute photo.
Loved the video, Danny cracks me up and I just love your voice. xxx

Radostin said...

Nice to hear your voice! You deserve medals for all your cakes, what a lovely mum. Danny's hilarious. xxx

Veronica Cooke said...

Happy Purim!

Goody, I love your accent - it's pure Chicago!!

The cake is fabulous, I'm very impressed. Danny is a typical teenager.

Have a fab weekend.

Beth Waltz said...

Your foot, what happened to your foot? (Notice that I've not asked what Danny what thinking...I've a grand-nephew who just turned 16 and one learns, one learns.)

Propagatrix said...

Everything little Propagatrix learned about Judaism came from a nutty children’s TV show called “The Magic Door.” Goody, do you remember Tiny Tov?

Goody said...

Danny is a character. I'm glad I don't have one of those sullen kids that answers every question with a shrug.

Danny keeps us all laughing. Wish he'd keep his shirt on tho ;)

I haven't lived in Chicago in over 25 years but the accent is forever ;)

Ran into a door.

The guy that lived in a mushroom and played the guitar? I can't believe you watched that. I mean, there wasn't much else on Sunday mornings but still...

Mim said...

I hope you had a great Purim. Iy certainly looks like you had a tasty one.