Thursday, March 29, 2018

Somebunny Loves This Time of Year

Spring is (sorta) here and I'm jumping for joy. Actually, that's more of a wobble for joy as my foot is still in the boot (going on 5 weeks now) and I don't want to risk further injury. Anyway, between the snow showers that melt as quickly as they fall, we've had some lovely warmer temperatures. I always look forward to wearing my linen blouse for the first time each season.
At  this point I think of the boot as a fashion statement. I am able to walk easily now, though the toes and top of my foot are still dreadfully bruised and swollen. Most days, I forget I have the boot on unless someone asks what happened. Anyway, everything is moving forward and that's all I can ask.
Outfit Particulars:
Linen blouse-K Mart a few years ago
Vintage bag-Goodwill
Bakelite bangles-all over
Glass beads-Hand-Me-Ups
Lucite earrings-Can't remember
Quilled brooch-Sarpy County Museum Yard Sale

The potatoes are ready to be planted as we cut them earlier in the week and they are now sufficiently healed over and can go into the dirt. We're planting Yukon Golds again this year as they are the most difficult potato to find locally in good quality condition. Fingers crossed they do as well as last year.
 Also planted are peas, scallions, chard, spinach, borage, cutting lettuces, rocket, and something else I've forgotten at the moment. The strawberries came back in good condition, and have really spread this year. This will be their third season and I'm hoping we will finally have a good yield.
 I've been getting creative with Instagram filters to post photos of my perfume collection.
I wouldn't call Zen or Gres Caliene favourites, but they both work well in spring.

 I finally wore my Owl and the Pussycat dress from Lindy Bop.
 To be honest, I felt a little too old for the dress. If I were teaching elementary school, perhaps I could get away with it easier but it felt out of place with my life all day. I don't typically worry about age appropriate dress (really, sod that) but novelty patterns are tricky on everyone and they don't get easier as you age. I don't mind looking goofy, but I do try to avoid looking...I don't know...twee? I might cut the dress down into a skirt as it will be easier to wear and won't feel like quite so much, "Too much."
 But I did go matchy-matchy with the brooches, obviously.
Outfit Particulars:
Dress-Lindy Bop in the sales (it was quite inexpensive which probably convinced me I needed it. That said, if they did a Jumblies print next, I'd probably buy that too!).
Box bag-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooches-both Goodwill
Vintage lucite and glitter necklace-Thrift World
Bangles-all over
I made Danny take a photo with all the books he had scattered across his bed for nightime reading.
They're all about baseball. No surprise there. Except for the book about fish. No idea how that got in there. Cubs won their first game of the season, so the fan is happy. The poor kid has been through a rollercoaster of medical stuff, and now we're just looking forward to having a bit of calm. In addition to the Chicago trip to watch a couple Cubs games, we bought tickets to see the Cubs minor league team in Des Moines, Iowa. We're going and staying over for Mother's Day weekend, just the two of us for some quality time watching baseball and availing ourselves of the hotel's Mother's Day Brunch. I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day.
The Picnic Pants had their first wear of the year even if it is still not quite warm enough for a picnic.
The Hungarian blouse had a first wear as well...beneath a mohair cardigan. I really wasn't kidding when I said our weather is flaky.

Easter and Pesach overlap this year, which is inconvenient, but manageable. Basically I baked the Easter breads and froze them so we can enjoy them after Pesach ends. This photo was from Danny's first Pesach. Look at those itty bitty feet! He's now several inches taller than I, and we have the same size shoe. No idea how that happened. I also have no idea when I found time to iron that tablecloth with a three month old throwing up all the time. No really, he did. We had to feed him every two hours around the clock, and he'd finish a couple ounces of formula and then...blerg, and we'd have to start all over again. I think he spent the first year of his life puking, and that special medical formula wasn't cheap (or covered by insurance). Still, after about a year it resolved and now we're probably clear of any serious puking until he and his friends discover alcohol.
In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have let him play with those egg cups. My mum bought them at Woolworths, but they're the sort of thing that's collectible now. I loved that rocket-ship one as a child!
Nice buns😜.

 This year, I baked a bunny instead of a lamb. Danny said it looks like the alien from the Classic movie.
 Yeah, I guess the ears do have an Alien look about them. He's in the freezer chilling out with Roland the Snowman's head. Yes, Roland survived yet another winter. He might outlive me at this rate. I hope they don't stick my head in a freezer. Cryogenics just isn't an appealing idea to me.

Mr. Bunny is coming to haunt your dreams, boys and girls!
Okay, I will leave you with one last outfit that just screams, "Springtime."
I wouldn't have worn this in the 80's if you'd paid me. Funny how a distance of a few decades makes things more interesting. I said, "Interesting" not, "Less hideous" because there is a difference, you know.
This would have been an expensive jacket at the time-this was a line made for Saks 5th Ave.

Outfit Particulars:
80's jacket-Goodwill
80's skirt-Goodwill
Belt-came with a dress
Necklace-retail, years ago
Gold bracelets-all over

Whatever holidays you celebrate or not, I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Propagatrix said...

Aw, I like the owl and the pussycat dress in its current form. Then again, I just bought myself a Cat and Jack dress with tigers on it. (It’s meant for a twelve-year-old, but Cat and Jack runs so big I can wear a girls’ XL.)

Of course you have an antique snowman’s head in your freezer.

Happy Pesach! I am deep into Holy Week, preparing for two Good Friday services (one a paid gig for the Episcopals) and for my annual star turn chanting the Exsultet at the Easter Vigil. I’ll have earned that ham on Sunday.

beate grigutsch said...

thank you!
happy spring festivities to you and your family!
your spring is much more forward than ours - in your fabulous outfits and in your gardening. same here with "cute" prints and some 80s fashion....
lovely pics of little danny - and the not so little one with the books - i´m always happy when i see a kid who reads a book this days.

Alli Duncan said...

I Hope you and your family have a very happy Easter, Goody. We are volunteering (as we do most years) at the National Folk Festival (Which is held 15 minutes drive from our house) and are having the most wonderful time (as usual). It is interesting what can be included as "Folk Music" nowadays - there is a very diverse range which is great. Just about all forms of life go to the National, from the very old to the very young , the very conservative to the very left wing including the odd anarchist. Great people watching, I can assure you!
Good to hear your foot is on the mend, I hope it continues to improve rapidly. I also hope Danny is a lot better very soon.

Some great outfits in this post, Goody, I love the picnic pants and the wicker purse with the red detailing. And I completely los my mind when I saw that tram bag!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Happy Spring festivities to you & yours!
I like your O&P dress & you've accessorized it beautifully!
Danny is right- the brown bunny cake looks like a baby alien.
I have never heard of Sandra Ow-Wing but can see why she didn't go far in fashion. I just googled her & it looks like she was fond of military-inspired 80's garishness.
Nice buns indeed ;)

Polyester Princess said...

Your first outfit, especially the skirt, bag, and quilled earrings, almost made me jump for joy, but then I remembered my back and knee wouldn't agree. Nothing wrong with the owl and pussycat dress, it's a great print and green and blue is one of my favourite combinations. But oh, that purse! It's making me weak at the knees. That's beyond fabulous! Love the alien bunny cake. And your bunny ears! Happy holidays! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Oooh, I have fallen in love with that "interesting" 80's jacket. You are right, sometimes it takes a decade or two for something to ferment properly. I can see the quality in that jacket, even from wayyyy over here, up North!

Haha! That is a nice stack of books that Danny has. There is something very nostalgic about ten magnets reading books in bed.

Did you wear the picnic pants and the Hungarian blouse together? That would look amazeballs!

Glad to hear life is moving on even with the boot. I have had a terrible cold, and I am dragging my sorry ass to work, renovations (last 5%) and then the couch!

Happy thrifting ;)

Vix said...

Nice one, Danny! I love anyone who has a to-read pile as tall as they are. He's in my gang!
Love the first outfit, the skirt is glorious. The picnic trousers are fab and as the insane novelty print.
Whenever I have anything like that mad 1980s jacket on my rails it always sells to cool chick in bands. I love it on you.
Enjoy your Spring festivities. Ours will be mostly spent indoors with the heating up full avoiding all mention of the weather! xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Oh God, I'm already struggling with the thought of a a big birthday this year don't make me think about novelty prints too...
I love the owl dress and find myself strangely drawn to the 80's jacket.

In this digital age Danny is enough to warm this old librarians heart.

Beth Waltz said...

Please tell me more about the quilled brooch. I've found earrings and brooches in $1 bins -- but they were labelled "Oriental" straw. ??

Bless Danny and his nest of books! Whenever a paperback goes missing in my household, I search the lumps at the foot of the bed...

Mim said...

That's a monster stack of baseball books Danny has there. Bill Bryson's 'One Summer' (all about the summer of 1929) has loads about Babe Ruth in it, so he might like that too. Are baseball cards still a thing in the US, or is that just something kids do in old TV shows?

I love your Hungarian blouse, and hope you can be shot of the dreaded boot soon. Give *it* the boot!

Goody said...

I can't wear the Cat and Jack tops, but the leggings are perfect for my height. Target's adult clothing hasn't been great but their children's stuff is fab. Hope your Easter was joyous.

We are lucky to have a library across the street where he can load up on books whenever he desires.

The folk festival sounds like a wonderful time. I do enjoy some good people watching!

I now regret not doing an Alien-inspired diorama for my Easter display. Ah well, there's always next year.

Thank you. I hope you had a lovely Easter break.

@Thrifty Parka
I hope you're feeling better-this has been the WORST year for colds, flu, etc.

I should start a band then-I clearly have the wardrobe. Still have a guitar around here somewhere ;)
Oh for heaven's sake-I hope the weather finally warms up for you. This is madness for April.

@Miss Magpie
Danny was always a reader, though I can't say we pushed him much. Without a TV for the first several years of life he found other ways to keep busy, I guess.
Don't fret the Birthday-getting old gives you the right to blurt out whatever comes to mind-I love it!

I don't know much about the brooch except that it does appear to be made of straw. I have some plastic quilled earrings from WWII era, but again I don't know much about the technique. Might be Asian? No idea really.

Baseball cards are still very much a thing, and they are all over our house! There's a fad for buying entire year's worth of sets and saving them unopened as a future investment. Thankfully, Danny isn't interested in them for value and can just enjoy looking at them, memorising stats, etc.