Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spring in the Air...if Not in My Step

March in the American Midwest is unpredictable. One day we have an ice storm, the next it is 60 degrees. I know enough to keep out my warm coats (until June, realistically) but I've been slowly shifting everything else to warmer temperatures. 

Thank you to everyone for offering your thoughts on having my spine fused. I'm not in a hurry to do it, but it is helpful to hear accounts that have gone well, and not so well. 

Anyway, onto the clothes-get comfortable, I have some proper outfits to show for a change. 
I loved the colour of this suit-an almost neon orange/red. Alas, the cut was frumpy, so I have already moved it along. That will be the case with most of the outfits I show this week. 

Outfit Particulars:
1980's Made in Hong Kong linen suit-Goodwill
1970's cotton knit sweater-Hand-Me-Ups
Poodle Pins (on sweater)-Hand-me-Ups
Floral pin on jacket-Tiff and Tam
Bakelite and cinnabar bangles-all over
Vintage Johanssen handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-New Life Thrift

So that was a warm, sunny day. Being Omaha, it didn't last.
 Break out the vintage knits, if you have 'em. Oh, I have 'em all right...
1960's knit pencil skirt and matching sweater, both Crown Colony of Hong Kong and purchased in two different shops in Omaha within a few weeks of each other. I am positive they are a set. Must have cleared out granny's house and dumped the stuff in various thrifts around the city. 
 Would you look at the size of this bangle?! It is super-heavy-I could probably use it for a weapon, in a pinch.
Outfit Particulars:
60's skirt and top-Goodwill and Hand-Me-Ups
Wool Fair Isle knee socks-K Mart a few years ago
Telephone cord handbag-Etsyt
1940's swing coat-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch on sweater-Goodwill
Earrings-Thrift World
Fragrance-Lentheric Tweed

Then, the sun came back (starting to see a pattern here?)
 This wild 90's silk suit has been languishing in my cupboard unworn. Sometimes the skirt would get an outing but generally it was ignored. I gave it one last wear before moving it along to a better home. As it felt too fancy for my tastes, I pinned back the asymmetrical closure with several floral pins, and added a Lynda Barry tee shirt from the 80's for fun.

 He's small, he's black, he's mad as hell. You'll never call him Fi Fi again!
Outfit Particulars:
Early 90's silk suit-can't remember
Lynda Barry shirt for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago-bought it in the gift shop in the 80's
Floral pins-Tiff and Tam
Zipper earrings-K Mart
40's choker-Thrift World
80's Angela Frascone handbag-Goodwill
Teal bangles-all over
Fragrance-Ombre Rose

I had a serious clear out of clothes this week. Multiply this picture by four. It had to be done. 
 Once I'd gone through everything, I discovered clothes I'd completely forgotten about-woo hoo, new wardrobe!
 Oh, and the sun came out again, so yay!
 My "cabbage necklace."
Outfit Particulars:
80's silk skirt-Goodwill
St. John short-sleeved sweater-Goodwill
Vintage jacket-No idea. I don't even remember buying it. 
Necklace-New Life Thrift
Vintage crystal clip earrings-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Amouage Bracken Woman (review soon-spoiler, LOVE it)

Didn't photograph the outfit, but look at how well my brooch and necklace match. How's that for one-in-a-million?

Finally, it had been too long since the Fart Blaster had been seen (and heard) in public. 
 You get some strange looks walking about with something labelled, "Mama's Fart Blaster." Oh, who am I kidding? I don't need a fart blaster to get strange looks!
 Re-discovered this sequin-lined shirt in the clear-out.
 ...and such a stylish orthopaedic shoe.
Outfit Particulars:
Parachute material skirt-Goodwill
Sequin top-no idea
Jacket-part of a 70's suit
belt-came with a cardigan
brooch on shirt-can't remember
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Silver bangle-Goodwill
Silver link bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Rive Gauche

So there you have it, our up and down weather depicted in wardrobe changes. Wonder what else I'll find as I excavate the packed away clothes? I really hate this time of year-it is almost like I forgot how to dress myself as I need to adapt to the changing weather. Anyhoo, good to clear out the less than favourite stuff so I can bring in new...


ThriftyParka said...

Whew! Good for you for purging your wardrobe!im glad you unearthed more treasures. I really like that bright red ensemble. You have more discipline than I....I would have had a difficult time getting rid of that. Some lucky new personwill enjoy it very much!

Happy thrifting ;)

Bibi Maizoon said...

The Crown Colony ensemble looks almost 1920's with that straight, narrow, 'pencil' silhouette. All my dresses in the 90's had that same vibe- surprisingly the 'pencil' silhouette looks elegant & tailored even on my lollipop/top-heavy shape.
I need to purge my wardrobe too- anything that hasn't been worn in a year needs to go!

I own Amouage Honour Woman, Sunshine Woman, and Ciel Woman (all probably the least Amouage-y of the Amouages) Bracken Woman is the one that was inspired by the 60's isn't it? I wish Amouage would do a heady white floral- sort of an updated & Arabized Fracas.

Love the Kmart zipper earrings & 40's swing coat!

Polyester Princess said...

You did a good job purging your wardrobe, maybe I should follow your lead? I have put away my warmest winter coat, so that my others can get an outing before Spring arrives and yes, that could also be in June here! Love the massive bangle and the cabbage necklace. Also, the 80s skirt with the multicoloured roses and the zig-zag jacket, which is a very Springlike outfit. I hadn't even noticed your orthopaedic shoe, with the parachute material skirt and sequin lined top - and let's not forget the Fart Blaster - stealing the show. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi I don't think I've ever written before but I read your blog all the time. Love your sense of humor and your outfits of course! I just thought I'd tell you that there is something you can do about the fact that you have a surgical boot on your one foot making you have an uneven step. I know you said you have scoliosis but I'm just referring to your injury on your foot. I recently broke my ankle very badly and had to wear a large boot on my foot for months. There is an item you can buy online that you wear on your other shoe to even out your legs (walk). It isn't expensive and it attaches to your shoe on the bottom. You can hardly notice it once it's on. It stretches on and grips the sides of your shoe. It really helped my back and hip after I used it. No more limping! Arlene from NJ

Alli Duncan said...

You look wonderful in red and white. I especially love the red necklace. Your 'cabbage' necklace is also fantastic.

Thank you for another look at the telephone cord handbag - mine is indeed the same as yours.

I hope your foot is improving rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the cabbage necklace for this week with St. Patrick's Day coming up. Please wear it that day! What a hoot! JanF

Propagatrix said...

Poodle with a Mohawk! I have the poster!

beate grigutsch said...

you created some gorgeous spring-y looks!!! and to the right time - will take a lot of inspiration here - because im too have a hard time adjusting - especially this season. it warmed up with over 30°C in 5 days......
but frost will come back some night and morning until mai.
love the carved white bangle and the cabbage pearls <3

Vix said...

I do love you in red, that outfit is just spectacular on you.
That necklace does look like cabbages - or sprouts!
Good on you for purging your wardrobe, doesn't it feel good? Not that I'd ever turn into one of those minimalist freaks - choice is best! xxx

Radostin said...

Oh, I agree with B. Maizoon, there is definitely a hint of 20 style in that 60s knit suit. So elegant!
I've been wanting to have a serious wardrobe clear-out for years, but my wardrobes are so stuffed and the house is so tiny that it's almost impossible. I definitely can't get everything out and only put back what I decide to keep - unless the entire family went away for at least a week!
The most annoying thing is when I can't find the thing I want to wear as it's too tightly packed. I managed to pass on about fifteen or twenty supermarket bags of clothes in one fell swoop last year, but it made not a whit of difference. I am always gathering individual bits here and there that I don't mind parting with, but a proper overhaul will, I guess, have to wait until the mythological future larger house...

Mim said...

That's one hell of a clear out. Now the Thrifting Gods will reward you by sending you some pieces you really need.

Veronica Cooke said...

I am in awe of all your black bags of cleared out stuff. You must have had 8 -10 bags by my calculations. I feel smug if I manage to fill one; I usually do!

I loved all your outfits. You look amazing in red. I'm sorry you cleared out the large floral print suit - I loved it and thought it looked fab on you. The cabbage necklace was brilliant although I thought it was made of brussel sprouts at first! You have some marvellous pieces of jewellery.

Signs of spring seen today; cherry blossom, pussy willow buds and green leaves on my hydrangea!

Miss Magpie said...

I'm in awe at how much you have cleared out, room for more buys!! I have SERIOUS handbag envy, serious I tell you.

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka
It had to be done-I was particularly ruthless this time around.

Bracken does have a vintage vibe to it, but then it goes all strange in a way that feels new. I didn't expect to like it.

You can't purge your wardrobe you have such nice stuff! Good thing I'm not charged with clearing out other people's wardrobes.

Thank you! That is such a helpful thing to know. I appreciate you taking the time to share. I'm really starting to feel the effects of the uneven walking in my hips and back. Thanks again.

Yay, we have twin purses! I love that-now I can think of you when I carry mine.

I hadn't thought of that-yes, I absolutely will wear it. I have a gigantic watch with a decoration from the Book of Kells on the face that my dad bought for me in the 80's. I should probably wear that too.

Why am I not at all surprised you have the poster ;)
I swear we were twins separated at birth.

Soon enough we'll miss the cold, I suppose. Maybe not *that* soon!

I lived with a minimalist freak. I'd come home from school to find all my toys given away. *sobs* and I'm still traumatised by it!

Not being able to get at your stuff is the worst.

I don't think I will ever need anything ever again ;)
Hasn't stopped me though.

Oh, your spring is far ahead of ours-how wonderful everything is coming back to life.

@Miss Magpie
I am trying to be very good and not spend money before our trip next month. No idea how long that will last.

Beth Waltz said...

Like Veronica, I thought, "Only Goody would have a necklace of Brussels sprouts!" Do love 40s swing, in music and in cream coats that feel as comfy as bathrobes!