Sunday, August 05, 2018


August already, eh? My hopes for a quiet, uneventful summer aren't quite going to plan, but thankfully I'm the sort of person that adjusts easily to everything being completely shot to hell a change of plans and as such, I'm dealing with it. I am scheduled for more oral surgery (again, this time with bone grafts for extra fun!) next week, and then it is ten days of chaos baking for the State Fair. The drop-off date is 20 August, but at least this year we don't need to plan around traffic going to view the eclipse. I can't believe that was just last year. I'm not entering anything this year, so it is completely Danny's project. To say I'm feeling a bit pressed for time (and money) at the moment would be an understatement, but there's not much to do but get on with it...and have a moan about it here. Thanks for indulging me-now to the outfits.
I bought this beautiful, delicate hat a few summers ago, but as I rarely wear black, didn't have occasion to wear it. somehow it survived the cull earlier this year and I figured it was time to try it. As a result, this outfit was built entirely around my desire to wear a hat. Somewhat a reversal from my typical approach, but I enjoyed the end result all the same. As I was already wearing black it seemed natural to pull out the various pieces of mourning jewellery. I mean, why do a look halfway? 
No, no one's died. I am however mourning the loss of my youth, teeth and bone mass. I have a very expensive and now useless crown I'm thinking of turning into a ring. It will likely be one of the pricier things I own. A sort of momento mori of my molar. I'm not bitter about this, I swear. It would be rude to be both bitter and angry so I'm going with anger-I'm better at it. 

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage dress (has a matching cropped jacket)-thrift store in rural Kansas
Beads, bracelets, earrings-all thrifted
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Red, white and black cameo ring-belonged to my grandfather
Bakelite ring-Hand-Me-Ups
Other cameo-can't remember
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Jicky 

What's this? I forgot I owned this dress and haven't worn it since 2016. How on earth could I do that?! I adore green. Green clothing, green accessories, green outdoors-I should probably colour my hair emerald. Maybe I was a frog in a previous life...
...or possibly the Creature From the Black Lagoon. But yeah, green is great. I even like green notes in perfume. Vent Vert, Norell, Chamade, Knowing, Ma Griffe, Coriandre...if it is green, I'm all over it. 
My late friend Evelyn hated anything green, and as a result would pass along any green gifts from her mother who despite knowing her feelings would still send her green linens, clothing, etc. I still have the tablecloth! Anyhoo, if you're a hater of things green, you know where to find me.
How about this beautiful mint and lemon jelly Danny made for the fair? 
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage dress-Goodwill (I think)
Judith Lieber belt-New Life Thrift
Mouse brooches-Hand Me Ups
Vintage Monet necklace-Goodwill
Sarah Coventry earrings-Yard sale
Jade bracelet-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Vintage shoes-Yard sale
Fragrance-oddly enough...Courreges in Blue. I know, not green! Still, it is my confidence/power fragrance and I needed it that day. 

Danny wanted to pop into a new thrift store to look for baseball cards. I wasn't expecting to find much (it was small and kind of dingy) but hanging on a rack with horrible vinyl bags from the 00s was this superb straw bag. The handles were falling off, but five minutes of hand-stitching solved that problem, and now I have the perfect summer bag for practically no money. Danny found some baseball cards as well, so it was worth the trip into the "less nice" part of town. We still had all the hubcaps on the car when we left. Whew.
You know how much I love good accessories...but accessory to crime is quite another mater even if the pieces were a steal. God, ain't I clever tonight?! To be fair, the worst part of that neighbourhood are the many, many pubs meaning a simple walk down the street is accompanied by drunks stumbling about, and sometimes being harassing to women. I had Danny with me, who has now reached the height and weight where's he's kind of intimidating- so that might have helped. 

I rarely wear a caftan in public, but last weekend that's exactly what I did. Yes, it felt a bit like wearing my robe out to breakfast, but I enjoyed the freedom so much, the next day I wore a pair of silk pajama bottoms as trousers. I'm a little late to the fad, but better late than never.

Outfit Particulars:
Caftan-Thrift World (I think)
Enid Collins bag-antique mall
Vintage shoes-Goodwill
pajama bottoms-Goodwill
Vintage sleeveless shell-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage bag-Goodwill
Bonus robe photo because...because it is a great robe!

I'm trying to take it easy this weekend because I know I will be out of it for a good week after surgery. I'm currently reading the very funny young adult book The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, which I'm sure will be all the more entertaining in a post-op haze of medication. I have some photos saved up for outfit posts, but I'm planning to do more sleeping than typing. I'll be checking in at your blogs of course, and probably posting horrible swollen and bruised photos of myself on Instagram-as you do, so there's that to look forward to. Be good kids while I'm away, and don't put water in the bottle of gin-it doesn't disguise the theft. 


Anonymous said...

All good wishes for your oral surgery next week. At least , once it's over, you will have a perfect mouth and be set for life.
I love that hat and hope you will wear it with more colors. It's too gorgeous to just wear with black!
Danny, the chef , is just amazing.

Polyester Princess said...

How lovely is your all-black outfit. But how could your forget all about a fabulous green dress like that? The straw bag was an amazing find, you do find the best bags. I'm also very taken with the one you're carrying with the kaftan. Top price, however, goes to that amazing red robe! Wishing you good luck with the scary sounding surgery. I'll be thinking of you xxx

Alli Duncan said...

Lots of wonderful outfits, Goody - I especially liked your "mourning" outfit, green dress, fantastic raffia bag find and spectacular robe. We are heading into the outback for a month so will probably not be able to check your blog until I get back, so wishing you all the very best for your oral surgery. I also hope Danny's entries for the Show go really well. Positive vibes to you, Alli xxxx

Miss Magpie said...

You really do have some amazing bags and that straw one is another excellent find.

You can fight me for the green!

Boo to more surgery, I hope it goes as well as it possibly can and you recover very quickly. xx

Emily from Etsy said...

What a gorgeous pair of pajama pants! They are definitely too pretty to be worn only at home.

My favorite accessory was that ginormous ring, the one with the ornate filigree surrounding a cabochon. That ring alone would have had the height and weight to intimidate any ruffians in the bad neighborhoods of Omaha if Danny hadn't been with you that day. Just imagine punching someone in the face with that ring-- it would be like wearing brass knuckles, only more stylish! : )

I wish you the best with your oral surgery. Do take plenty of time to rest and relax. You deserve it.

bahnwärterin said...

here´s another lover of green things....
the black look is a stunner - beautiful dress and that very elegant hat! but love you in the kaftan too - now i need one myself - its still soooo hot here.
my best wishes for the surgery and the healing process!!!

Beth Waltz said...

Goodwill PJ pants with golden sandals? Check and check -- but I wear mine with a black tee and a huge straw hat. Among the throng at Aldi's this summer, that makes me somewhat overdressed.

The hat is exquisite, as is that handsome necklace. Just the thing for a royal memorial service for your molar. Dear Goody, you are entitled to rage at the universe as you face this latest attack on your body and finances. Might one suggest Mahler as music by which to rage?

At least you'll have that delicious mint jelly for your high teas while you recuperate! Perhaps Danny will bake some croissants?

Goody said...

I so wish that were true, but there's no "completed" for this-just ongoing hassle. Oh well, not much to do but keep at it.

Thank you! It went well, and I'm taking it very slowly this week. I'll be on a semi-liquid diet for a rather extended time, but otherwise feel pretty good! Contrary to popular opinion, you CAN get sick of ice cream ;)

Have a wonderful time! Hope you get good weather.

@Miss Magpie
As you know, it is hard to resist a good handbag! I'm doing ok post-op. Fingers crossed.

I like the thought of wearing intimidating rings :)
I am being completely lazy this week!

Thank you. I've been thinking of you in that terrible heat-I hope autumn comes early and brings some rain.

Oh, I'm raging...believe you me! I might not look it, but inside? Pure rage :)
I love dressing up for Aldi-the open-plan aisles were just made to be a catwalk. We have a large Indian population here though, and nothing in my wardrobe can compete with the glamourous ladies in saris. Our Aldi is definitely a fashion spot.
It is nearly noon-should I go wake up Danny and tell him to make me breakfast? Teenagers sure can sleep...through garbage collection, landscapers, probably a nuclear blast.

Anonymous said...

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Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Good luck with surgery.
You are looking very glamorous in your fabulous outfits and the accessories are just simply wonderful - all of them. Love the red coloured robe and Danny's mint and lemon jam had me dribbling..

Vix said...

Better late than never! Hope the surgery went well and that you're recovering now.
A glorious round up of outfits, I love that robe especially - I'd wear that as a dress. xxx