Friday, November 02, 2018


Match my shoes and handbag? You'd better believe I do!

I've been having trouble sleeping for probably the first time in my life (I like to brag that I excell at being unconcious for 8+ hours at a time). I'm sure it is menopause related, like the migraines and I've come to accept getting by on 5 or 6 hours some nights. What I'm more disturbed by are the dreams.

If dreams are our way of working out what we're dealing with in the daytime, my life is a whole hell of a lot more complicated than I reralised. It got to the point where I've been staying up as late as possible in hopes I won't fall into strange dreams. Obviously, that hasn't worked or I wouldn't be writing about it. Thinking about it undoubtedly makes it worse, but hey, I'm only human.

You can imagine my relief when I finally had a good dream. I wouldn't ordinarily share my dreams on the blog, but it was just so, so nice.

I dreamt I was in a crowd of tourists outside of Buckingham Palace. Someone hurried outside, looked over the crowd quickly and then pointed at me.
"You! Her Majesty wants to visit with the public."
"Why me?" I asked confused.
"Your shoes and handbag match."

He then pointed at my husband and barked, "Not you. You wait here."

And she was just lovely. We talked about brooches and dogs.

I'm no monarchist, but it was the nicest dream I've had in some time. I can't remember if I was wearing tan tights in the dream, but I probably was.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.


Alli Duncan said...

The most fantastic post ever. (I also hope you get some good sleep too.)

Vix said...

I'm sorry about your vile nightmares, headaches and sleepless nights.
Love the outfit, no wonder her Maj was smitten by you and your perfectly matching accessories but flesh coloured tights? They really are the stuff of nightmares! xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

I'll bet you were wearing sensible heels too!
Insomnia & presbyopia are the 2 things that p?ss me off about getting old. I've already aged out of my multifocal contacts so I'll be getting a pair of progressives now. :(

Polyester Princess said...

Having trouble sleeping and having vivid nightmares can be quite exhausting. But how lovely to have met the Queen, even if only in a dream! She must have recognized you are royalty too. It's the matchy-matchy thing! xxx

Emily from Etsy said...

Step aside, Kate and Meghan-- Buckingham Palace has a new style icon, and it's Goody of Omaha!

Meeting the queen is very fortuitous, according to various online dream dictionaries, so take comfort in that. It could be that you are stepping into a position of power or a feeling of self-confidence after a rough patch in life.

Sleep well and trust that your intuition will eventually make sense of it all.

bahnwärterin said...

the dream of my dreams!!!
although i would never wear skin colored sheer stockings - no way ;-D
wish you many nice dreams!!! <3 xxxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

So glad you had a good dream - finally!

I never suffered from insomnia through the menopause but many people I know did. Like a lot of things in life the insomnia will pass...

Propagatrix said...

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen.
Pussycat, pussycat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under her chair.

Anonymous said...

At least you got a lovely dream out of it. Maybe fall asleep thinking of happy things will encourage your brain to produce more!

I wonder what HM dreams about? Not that we will ever know...

Beth Waltz said...

Remember "Northern Exposure", with its quirky characters and their surreal lives? One of my favorite episodes was that in which they realized they were having one another's dreams...which led to conversations about the nature of reality which were strange, even for them.

And then there were those 1950s Maidenform bra ads, "I dreamed...", which always puzzled my mother who thought than appearing in public wearing a bra was the stuff of nightmares.

Methinks you've done well, snagging an invitation to meet HRM!

JP said...

Classic! I love your stories.And dreams. Her Majesty was privaledged to meet such a style icon as yourself as few could equal her matchy matchy ensembles.
And here’s to better sleep. Magnesium seems to be the magic bullet for some.

Goody said...

It was certainly memorable!

I do love my tan tights (because I hate shaving).

The progressives are so nice once you get used to them-you'll be amazed at what you've been missing.

Matchy-Matchy forever!

I really hope I don't have to take on any more responsibilties-I'm completely overwhelmed as is ;)

I know they're not fashionable, but I love my tan tights ;)

I shouldn't complain at all-I have it so much easier than many women do with the menopause.

I brought you back a mouse ;)

By all accounts she sounds like a bit empty upstairs so probably dreaming about something complicated like what's for the next meal.

I remember all the spoofs of those Maidenform ads!

I hadn't heard about magnesium-off to read-up. Thank you!

Mim said...

What an excellent dream! (And a brilliant outfit.) I love Queenie's brooches, she has such an amazing collection. If an exhibition of them was put on, I'd be right there.

Heckin' menopause. I think I'm now going into it. Things I expected to slow down and stop have got heavier and more frequent, so I'm off to the doc to check it is just menopause and not anything worse. The migraines and lack of sleep sound abominable; I hope you're able to get more kip soon.