Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Getting Pretty Festive Around Here

 If my piano looks like a convention of paper mache angels it must be the week after Thanksgiving. I don't plan to dust this until January.

 These two remind me of my mum and sister. Sometimes in the wee hours of night I can hear them arguing. Something about not giving the milk for free because then no one will buy the cow or something like that. I try to ignore them, as I did in life.
We made a couple of pies for Thanksgiving. This was Danny's Pecan pie, and I made the cranberry/sultana. Sometimes called, "Mock cherry pie" I don't think it would fool anyone, but it was lovely nonetheless. We skipped the turkey in favour of baked cod with wild rice and mushrooms. It was nice, didn't take all day to prepare, and we weren't struggling to use up leftovers. That's my kind of holiday cooking. As we head into December I have several things to do ahead such as putting up the red cabbage, baking lebkuchen, and the like but my puddings and cake are already done. I much prefer enjoying my holiday season rather than spending it in the kitchen. There's so much else to do from opera, to ballet, to theatre, to ice fishing lessons (yep, we're finally going full-Nebraska native and learning how to ice fish) not to mention Danny's fourteenth birthday. I was never big on the holidays until I had a child born five days before Christmas. As long as he wants to make a fuss, I'm more than happy to provide the party.
 I don't do all the cooking myself. Taco John's is a local Mexican food chain that is my guilty pleasure. They don't cook with lard so the beans are suitable for a vegetarian (me) and the prices are affordable. The top picture is of the Potato Oles which are essentially, cumin and chili powder spiced tater-tots. They're good on their own, but better rolled-up in a bean burrito.
Look at that! OK it isn't terribly pretty but on a cold, snowy day in Nebraska I challenge you to find a better meal. I'm not being compensated by Taco John's, but if they were looking for someone to test the Ole's I'd be happy to help­čśő

I haven't been eating these, but I do love the name and packaging. The regular Titus sardines in oil are pretty good, but Hot Titus makes me giggle. I'm always surprised when people tell me they don't like sardines. Sardines on toast is the greatest dinner on earth. When Danny was about five he made himself sardines on toast and declared that he was ready to move out because I'd told him he couldn't move away until he could cook for himself! He did require assistance opening the tin, so he decided to stay at home a *bit* longer.

 A badly lit no-makeup selfie, but I wanted to show you the beautiful wool cardigan I thrifted. I was afraid it might be itchy, or too warm but as it turns out, it is perfect. Sometimes it is good to take a chance on something outside your typical style. I keep the house somewhat cool, so it has been the perfect at-home cardigan to keep on the back of my chair.

So how about a few outfits?

Some days call for a leopard print skirt. I've owned this since the 80s and probably shouldn't still be wearing it but somehow it has grown longer on me over the years. At the rate I'm shrinking, it should be knee-length any day now!
 If you're going to wear a leopard  mini might as well bring out the big earrings.
 And flat boots because I didn't want to make the skirt look trashy. Not that there's anything wrong with trashy, it just wasn't the look I was going for. Flat boots and a poloneck helped.
Outfit Particulars:
Carole Little vintage skirt-Marshall Field's (I think. Might have been Carson Pirie Scott)
Boots-Target about 15 years ago
Poloneck-can't remember
Faux fur vintage coat-I think it was Goodwill
Fragrance (it wasn't Tigress! See, I'm not completely predictable). Norell

 My coppery skirt made an appearance. I love this skirt so much, but rarely wear it outside of a couple weeks in autumn. I took a chance wearing it with an equally shimmery blue velour top because I had a blue and orange scarf I wanted to wear. I confess-the entire outfit was put together around a scarf I wanted to wear.
I think it worked, though the lovely autumn leaves print on the scarf isn't all that obvious once it was knotted.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage printed corduroy jacket-Goodwill
90s velour poloneck (circa '92)-Jordan Marsh (I worked there and had a generous employee discount)
Scarf-Thrift World
Vintage shoes-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-Thrift World
Cazal frames-mum's
Vintage amber cha-cha bracelet-Goodwill
Fragrance-I think it was Calvin Klein Euphoria. I have a large bottle, and I'm trying to understand it. I don't hate it, but it is on the sweet side for me. Anyway, the bottle reminds me of this skirt and that's how my twisted brain works­čśť

I took my new-to-me vintage wool coat out to Iowa to freeze my behind off! If you look carefully at the water it is starting to freeze and looking slushy as the waves move. It was hypnotizing to watch but bloody cold! I'm wearing an ultrasuede jacket under the coat and even that didn't help.

 Isn't the collar fab? It was a football Saturday, which explains the brooch. You probably want a look at what's under the coat-I don't blame you, it is a great shirt.

 But first, have a peek at this Ultrasuede jacket. I don't know if it is my favourite piece of vintage, but it is definitely in the top ten.
 OK! OK! I won't make you wait any longer. This shirt is by the Western wear company Panhandle Slim. They make beautiful clothing. I bought the shirt about 18 years ago on a very deep sale (I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise) and don't wear it too often as I don't want it to fade. I once had a stranger offer to buy it from me, and another person make me promise to send it to her if I ever get tired of it. That is unlikely to happen.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage coat-Goodwill
Vintage skirt-Can't remember
Vintage handbag-New Life Thrift
Panhandle Slim shirt-A Western store in Lincoln, Nebraska
Copper earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage goldstone necklace-Goodwill
Copper bracelet-Goodwill

I really hesitated to purchase this vinyl skirt. Asymmetrical hems bother me, and you're not likely to see me wearing any high-lo dresses. I think the ugly, green, institutional paint colour sold me, along with the working zipper (not that I would wear it any shorter). My first thought was to wear it with the combat boots I've owned since the late 70s, but that would have been too obvious, so I went with a pair of green suede comfort shoes instead. The tee shirt has a print by Posada, and I've owned it since the 80's. A cotton hoodie felt like the right level of casual. This might be the first time I've worn one for fashion, not running!

 A close-up of the tee shirt.
Outfit Particulars:
Vinyl skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Posada tee shirt-somewhere in Chicago, 80's
Everlast hoodie-K Mart
Fragrance-Tuscany Per Donna

Haturday Night Fever continues on Instagram (@Goodymcgoodface) where I showcase my vintage hat collection and at home lounge wear (ok sometimes it is a housecoat). 
 By Saturday night a bathroom selfie is as fancy as I get.
 Hanging out by my Canadian Christmas tree. Don't ask.

What did you think I do on Saturday night? Go out? Oh ha, ha, ha. Yeah, I am *this close* to the care home.

I'll leave you with this acrylic cardigan/nylon blouse combo that brings me joy. Oh, I know I don't look like I'm joyful, but trust me, I'm just bursting with the stuff on the inside. Yeah, I'm not buying it either, but *shrug* gotta keep trying. 

Hope this week is treating you well. 


Radostin said...

Ahh, I'm way too obvious, I'd definitely wear that green zipped mini with big fierce boots. I love how you e worn it, and everything else.
The potatoes ones look very tempting, and of course I much admire everything you are wearing xx

bahnw├Ąrterin said...

where to start??!!!
favorite looks: the leo-look makes me swoon - and i love the subtile punk attitude of the vinyl-skirt-outfit. big applause!
the pies look gorgeous and i can´t wait to see your ice fishing ensemble!!

bahnw├Ąrterin said...

p.s.: those hats!! glorious!!! <3 <3 <3

Polyester Princess said...

If I ever make it to Instagram, it would be to follow you and your Haturday Night Fever posts! That's just brilliant! I'm swooning over the Panhandle Slim shirt, and I love the acrylic cardigan/nylon blouse combo. The print of that blouse looks quite familiar and I'm wondering if I might have something similar in the depths of my wardrobe.The leopard skirt outfit is fabulous, you can certainly still pull off such a short skirt. Those earrings are quite something! I'm intrigued by the ice fishing ... xxx

Vix said...

Great minds - I've just snaffled the distant cousin of your velvet housecoat on eBay, they stay on my rails for seconds!
Fab round-up of clothing. like you, I'm not a fan of odd hemlines but I'd make an exception for your green skirt. How cool is the print on your cowboy shirt? It looks very similar to a fabric produced by yummy mummy label Cath Kidston - she probably nicked the design from yours.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Loving "all teh outfits"!
The leopard skirt with boxy boots, the coppery skirt with full Fall colors, the cowboy shirt, the 90's grunge with a zipped vinyl skirt, all the hats, & that divine velvet house dress (kaftan?)- ALL FAB!
My winter wardrobe consists of a few men's Merona cotton & cashmere sweater/hoodies bought off the 50% off rack at Target in 2012 that I wear over my kurtis. So I am "totes jelly" of your lovely new-to-you woolly cardigan!

Emily from Etsy said...

You are gorgeous in your no-makeup selfies. If everyone had perfect skin like yours, the cosmetics industry would die off for want of customers.

The outfit you built around the green vinyl skirt is amazing! It's modest but edgy, and it's youthful without being too casual.

The tin of Hot Titus made me laugh. From now on, when I think of the word "tinnitus," the real definition will be replaced in my mind with a vision of someone whose mouth is burning with spices.

The angels on your piano would like you to play for them so that they don't have to sing a capella all day. : )

Se├▒ora Allnut said...

love everything!, leopard and big earrings are fabulousness!, your Western shirt is stunning (I totally understand that you're afraid of it fading!), love you in your zip skirt and t-shirt with cool accessorizing and matchy shoes, so rock'n'roll! (looking forward to see it also with combat boots!), love your hats and that embroidered kaftan! and love that last pic wearing the fabulous cardi and shirt!
that's a lot of lovely outfits!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Loving the mini skirts! The leoprint is fab and those boots are brilliant. The earrings are bloody mahoosive! I don't think I've ever seen such a huge pair of hoops...loved the leather zip mini too and the green shoes are lovely.

Your pies looked great and I'm with you on sardines on toast - yummmy and so good for you!

The cowboy shirt is simply gorgeous on you. Strangely enough today I was in a charity shop and picked up a cardboard box with a very similar print on it - I wanted a box to store my completed crochet squares in but this one wasn't quite big enough but I fell in love with the print.

I love your hair up!

Some amazing hats; it's good you're showcasing them on IG - the world needs to see them.

I love the idea of ice fishing and I won't complain about the cold here looking at your freezing river. The wool coat with the fabulous collar was wonderful - such a nice colour, too.

Keep warm - that cardi should do the trick!

Mrs Rat said...

You must have every lovely shade of brown in your wardrobe. Your goldstone necklace is beautiful, and the silk scarf, too.
Happy holidays and happy early birthday to Danny! Have fun ice fishing!

Anonymous said...
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Goody said...

Thank you. Boots would definitely work, but on someone my age I think it is less important to wear things the same way I did "back then."

The only thing to wear for ice fishing is long underwear, woolens and a parka. This might be the year I buy a balaclava.

I wouldn't be shocked if we have many of the same clothes in our wardrobes!

I've seen some Kidston items I've liked-but never liked enough to actually buy. Makes no sense as I like the equally twee Lulu Guiness stuff. Do yourself a favour and don't go looking at Panhandle Slim online-each print is better than the last.

Target used to carry nice clothes-not sure what happened, but I never find anything there anymore.

That's sweet of you, but I assure you, it is just bright light. Up close I look as blotchy and pale as any other person my age.
I haven't played that piano in years-not even sure why I keep moving it, but I guess the angels need somewhere to live ;)

@Senora Allnut
Oh thank you! I can't resist a good hat.

You are a better shopper than I am-the cowboy print box would have come home with me, big enough or not. I have zero self control with that sort of thing. I hopw winter isn't too terrible for you, and you are able to get out on your walks.

@Mrs. Rat
Thank you. I do love brown-it works better for me than most neutrals. Happy Holidays to you and Mr. Rat as well.

Beth Waltz said...

Late to this party due to technical difficulties but now that my glowing green eyes are properly focused, what do I spy? THE coppery skirt with the perfect shirt, and you inspecting what appear to be wild turkey decoys?!

The Panhandle Slim shirt is truly a prize exhibit of Americana, Goody. If you're ever short on Euros (or yen), simply list it on eBay and duck!

Anonymous said...
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Goody said...

I'm so glad to know your eyes are recovering well! I will never part with that shirt. I have another one, but the print isn't nearly as striking. I also found a skirt and matching top fit for a rodeo queen today-now all I need is a cowboy *wink*