Saturday, May 18, 2019

Strike a Pose

Ever notice you favour certain poses in photographs? This is clearly one I employ regularly as it permits a close-up whilst fitting most of my body into the picture. I achieve this by propping my phone against a mug on my dining room table, and using the timer. I like how it makes me look a little like a giraffe with an oversized head!
Sometimes it comes across less giraffe, and more, "Mummy needs a word with you."
Or a contortionist.
Mod attic ghost.
Hunchbacked flapper.
Towering librarian.
Holding up the wall.
Looking at you, and thinking stuff.
Thinkin' stuff with my big head.
Towering over man and beast like Godzilla.
Or Mothra. You get the idea.
You could say I'm in a bit of a pose rut.
Or lacking in imagination.
I prefer to let the clothes be the focus.

Even if my big head tends to get in the way.
At least you can see my earrings.
And let's face it, my earring collection is probably better than my clothing.
What about you? Have a favourite pose? 

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. I am doing much, much better. I hope you'll pardon the photo heavy post as I don't quite feel like I have my writing voice back 100%. I'll get there. I have some perfume reviews coming up. I recently purchased a 1970s bottle of Estee Lauder Aliage. Oh, the memories in that nuclear grade fragrance! Anyway, something to look forward to. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

She's a Knockout, or Knocked Out Anyway

As a child, I suffered two serious concussions, but have only vague memories of the aftermath. Saturday afternoon, I fell going to my car. I'm not entirely certain what happened, or how I ended up bruised on the back of my arm and head as I don't remember being knocked out, though it seems I was, if only momentarily. I quickly got myself up, established nothing was broken and drove home. Yes, really. I was alone and though it all happened so quickly, I decided all was well. It was is not. By the way, because I know someone will ask-I was wearing flat shoes! I never lay myself out wearing platforms😀

My last concussion happened playing backyard baseball. In one of those classic, "I've got it-I've got-it-WHAM-into a brick wall" moves, I managed to knock myself out cold. Don't remember if I caught the ball. 45 odd years on, I gave myself an injury going to a parked car, but went to a baseball game that evening. I felt fine-still had no idea I'd hit my head. About 8 hours on from the fall, I was feeling terrible, and the drive home from the ballpark seemed unusually dark-well, it was as I'd neglected to put on the headlamps. I've been driving since I was sixteen-as far as I know this was the first time I'd ever driven down a rural road without lights. By the time I made it home I was dizzy, nauseated, and shaking from cold. Still unaware that I had a concussion, I went to bed. Yes, that was stupid.

By Sunday, I was putting things together. What I didn't put together was that my arthritis medications are incredibly dangerous to take with a concussion. Monday, I caved and went to see my GP who, horrified that I didn't have myself seen immediately in the ER on Saturday, ordered a brain scan to see if my brain was bleeding. It was not, and I am incredibly thankful. I had to immediately stop all my medications as the risk is still there, but as brain injuries go, I was lucky. Due to the trauma of the fall, my immune system seems to have gone into fight mode, so I'm having a flare. Predictable, but still so disappointing.

It is now Friday and I still haven't a clue what happened, or how long I am going to feel this way. I can't sleep, but I'm tired constantly. When I do sleep, I have what are probably the strangest dreams of my life.  I am nauseated, dizzy, weak, feel slightly stoned in that time delayed sort of way, and have been crying over everything from unloading the dishwasher to watching a robin struggle to eat a raisin from the feeder. In other words, this ain't me. I've been wearing the same Everlast track suit for days and don't anticipate getting dressed anytime soon. I know I'm improving, but it is slow going and after six days at home, I'm getting impatient. I can't drive until I've been symptom free for 24 hours, and I'm not all that comfortable with the idea of driving anyway after that ride home Saturday night.

I'm supposed to be resting my body and my brain. I took that as don't try to do anything too complicated or upsetting, so I've been avoiding news in favour of reading Tumblrs. I adore Tumblr (mine is HERE). Sure, it can be a hellsite at times, but where else can you look at people's horrible thrift finds, watch videos of pet birds (Birbs!) doing silly things, or scroll through what amounts to teenagers ideas of what the 60s and 70s were like in a sort of online scrapbook. Picture after picture of crazy fashions, bands you'd forgotten, advertisements, home decor, etc. Perfect for a brain that needs to heal-nothing too challenging there.

So that's about it. I have some posts half-written that may or may not ever end up published. I am trying to get caught up with all your blogs, but I hope you'll forgive me if I don't comment on them as I'm really straining for words at times.

I hope to be back to normal soon, or at least getting dressed.

Friday, April 26, 2019


I just love a skirt with a wide sweep, don't you?
 It is unlikely that I'll ever wear this with a crinoline, but oh my goodness, wouldn't that be impressive?! I drive a compact car-there's no way I would fit with puffy undergarments.-this sort of voluminous fabric just barely makes it alone. Still, I wonder what this skirt would have looked like worn properly in the 50s.
 It does look ordinary enough when I'm not holding it out and twirling about.

Outfit Particulars:
1950s patio skirt (part of a set)-Hand-Me-Ups
1970s polyester top-Goodwill
1950s handbag-New Life Thrift
Bakelite and Lucite bangles-all over
1950s earrings-Thrift World
Fragrance-Amouage Bracken Woman (yeah, I'm hooked. Considering stockpiling in case they discontinue it).

In other news, as the kids say, "I did a thing." I won't tell you how many hours it took (several), but it is safe to say my fat, arthritic ass won't be qualifying for any major marathons, but that's fine. I'm not competitive (just as well because the stories I hear from other fat runners about the hostility directed at them would be enough to keep me away. I guess having fat people running marathons somehow "cheapens" it for some runners. Yeah, I don't get that either, but I also know for some people running is a performative/style/image thing. Having a fatty finishing a marathon would probably be upsetting to those sorts of people.), but I am pleased that I can do it. Bad joints, but excellent cardio endurance. Now watch me fall over from a coronary😢

For the record, I hated track and field when I was at school, but I was forced onto the junior high team anyway once the gym teacher discovered I had a skill for shot put. I could manage my part of a relay, but I hated it. Truth be told, I still hate it. I do it, but all that talk of endorphin rushes from taking exercise...not me. I think I must be endorphin-proof (that should be the title of my memoir). I could find better ways to spend my evenings, I'm certain. But here I am. Anyway, I did that thing, so might as well celebrate it. I am on day 232 of my Goal Streak (5 miles a day) so I am also pleased with that.

 Back to swinging/sweeping skirts...this square dancing skirt is a firm favourite. I have a similar one with gingham insets, bit it is shorter and fuller making it even less practical to wear than this.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage square dancing skirt-Salvation Army Store, Lincoln, Nebraska (I find the best stuff there)
Vintage blouse-Hand-Me-Ups
Telephone cord handbag-eBay
Bakelite bangle (large brown marbled-Hand-Me-Ups)
Cinnabar bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
Bakelite earrings-New Life Thrift
Vintage cowboy brooch-antique mall
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Fragrance-Burberry Classic (I adore that peach note in it)

 You may remember this wide-sweeping skirt from Christmas. 
 Trojan War, created by Victor Malta for Associated Artists of America, 1953

 Outfit Particulars:
1950s quilted skirt-eBay
Poloneck-Gordmans, years ago
Shoes-K Mart, also old
Vintage R. J. Granziano belt-Hand-Me-Ups (for a buck!!!)
1950s charm bracelet-Goodwill
Fragrance-80s formulation Shalimar

 This skirt is modern, as is the blouse, but they both do a terrific job playing the part of vintage. The skirt has ribbon embroidery across it that sadly doesn't show well in photos.

 I suspect you already know what perfume I went for.

 I'd make a terrible Flamenco dancer.

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt and top, both Goodwill
Earrings-Sears, about 10 years ago
Bangles-all over
Shoes-K Mart, about 12 years ago
Hair Flower-Tiff and Tam
Belt-Thrift World
Macrame handbag-Goodwill
Did you guess my fragrance was Maja? You probably did!

Sometimes, you want to wear a patio dress on a day that is too cold for sitting on a patio! Vintage cardigan to the rescue.

 The pink and grey crepe material is unusual-don't think I've ever run across a patio dress in such muted colours.

 Outfit Particulars:
1950s patio dress-Hand-Me-Ups
1950s beaded cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups
Handbag-Goodwill (I think)
Vintage shoes-Goodwill
Fragrance-Gres Fleur de Cabotine (it has a cactus note-see my logic? Possibly one of the strangest perfumes in my collection)

 My Easter look. Complete with a Cubs "Win" flag on the door.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage square dancing dress-Thrift World
Vintage shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Basket Purse-I made it
Belt-Gordman's years ago
Napier lucite beads-Can't remember
Milk glass earrings-Goodwill
Fragrance-Laura Ashley No. 1

Finally, a skirt with only a modest swing, but all the feeling of something worn on holiday in the 50s. The skirt is modern, but vintage in spirit.

 Oh look, my upstairs hallway! That basket on the floor is filled with metal bangles.
 The vintage bag has seen better days, but I rescued it from the bottom of a bin for pocket change.
 Fragrance? Something sweet and holiday-like. Honestly, it isn't my kind of thing, but in the right mood on a warm day, I can understand why people are so devoted to it, and were so gutted when it was discontinued.
Outfit Particulars:
Linen blouse-K Mart, years ago
Tooled belt-Goodwill
Wooden beads-Goodwill
Vintage earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Hair flower-Tiff and Tam

 I'll leave you with this photo from a few summers ago wearing the wildest patio outfit in my collection.
Hopefully, Omaha will warm up soon, and I can wear it again. At the moment, we still need our coats. 

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Pleats and Other Signs of Spring

 Spring is trying to arrive in Omaha even if it comes wrapped in snow and freezing temperatures. We are fortunate enough to live next to a small, lovely park hidden between a bank and a college campus. At lunchtime, workers from the bank and nearby hospitals can be seen walking the trail in their work attire and sneakers. We often join them as a brisk lunchtime walk breaks up the school day nicely. I always feel more alert for the afternoon's classes when I've had a quick breath of air. Walking the same park lets us see how far along the trees are. It is a strange park with a much higher elevation at one end, giving it a few micro-climates. There's all manner of wild fruit growing at various times of the year from grapes to Alpine strawberries to the feral crab apple tree. There's walnuts as well, making the path dangerous at certain times of the year. Anyway, spring seems to be a bit further along up the park than it is at my home.

 We discovered the squirrel's secret stash!
I mean, how cliche can you get? A hollowed out log filled with nuts. Hmmm, wonder who that belongs to?!😁

My indoor garden is doing nicely. I've added a large Boston fern to this group since the photo was taken. It was a long winter-I needed some greenery inside.

For some reason, I think of pleated skirts as a spring item of clothing (just like patent leather, which these days is worn year round). If a pleated skirt signal spring, then a brightly coloured one is just that much extra!
Yep, that'll do. Add a wild vintage 70s blouse, and you won't lose me in a crowd.

 Of course, yellow is pretty spring-like too!
Cream coloured pleats are always appropriate. Pair with a vintage men's evening jacket and you have something special.
But when you're really looking for the ultimate pleated skirt, pick a patterned one!

 And if that doesn't convince you, there's always classic brown. However I wear them, pleats will always evoke spring for me.
 Chicks and bunnies are also associated with spring.
Sometimes I get creative. I saw something similar (and better executed) online, but I gave it a try anyway.

 I will leave you with this most spring-like dress I stalked in the thrift store until it finally went on the discount. The original tags were still on it for $148.00 Sure, it is a beautiful dress, but it isn't $148.00 beautiful. I paid $3.99

 I like nice things, but I'm not stupid.

 That's about it here. What wardrobe items signal spring for you?