Friday, June 21, 2019

Sleeves? Can't Be Bothered

 Our summer weather finally arrived even if accompanied by loads of rain. At this point, just being able to go sleeveless is cause for celebration. I'd been waiting since winter to wear this vintage 70s sundress I bought at Goodwill during a snowstorm. What a difference six months makes!
Isn't that print incredible? I had to remove the crumbling built-in-bra and elastic, and I still need to fix some repairs made by a previous owner, but all-in-all, I was pleased with being able to rescue this dress.
The dress had such beautiful coppery tones that I wore my vintage 50s Renoir set with it.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 70s sundress-Goodwill
Shoes-Et Cetera, Seward
Renoir copper set-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-yard sale
Rings-all over
Fragrance-Balenciaga Portos

So, my arms aren't the only thing I like to get out in the summertime 😀 (ooh-er). Truthfully, I didn't notice how revealing this dress was until I posted it on Instagram and was met with some playful comments, but eh, whatever. They're just boobs.

 Outfit Particulars:
Eyelet dress-Goodwill
Shoes-K Mart years ago
Vintage straw and wood bag-can't remember
Fragrance-Laura Ashley No. 1

 This sleeveless, polyester maxi is a summertime favourite. How can I feel anything but fab in something this cheerful?

Outfit Particulars:
1970s polyester maxi dress-Salvation Army
Handbag-New Life Thrift
Bracelets-all over
Fragrance-Bvlgari Omnia Coral

 Something bright, you say? I've got bright! How's this Hawaiian number?

 Pardon the stern expression-this is one of those tight-fitting dresses where smiling would take away energy from shallow breathing. Hope you understand. There aren't many items of clothing I'd suffer for, but this dress is an exception. It isn't horribly tight, I'm just not used to such close-fitting clothes.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Hawaiian  dress-Goodwill
 African wax cloth handbag-Goodwill
Shell earrings-World Market
Fragrance-Guerlain Terracotta

I bought this gorgeous vintage  cotton dress to wear as a cover-up at the pool, but then thought better of it-this is far too nice to waste walking to and from the pool. I am only a 3 minute walk to the pool.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage sundress-Hand-Me-Ups
Handbag and necklace-both World Market
Vintage straw shoes-Goodwill
Vintage earrings-New Life Thrift

 I saved the best for last. Anyone for a cocktail print? Paper umbrellas, citrus slices, and olives decorate this fun vintage rayon playsuit from the 80s.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 80s playsuit-Hand-Me-Ups (from the .99 cent room!!!)
Embroidery under plastic handbag-antique mall
Vintage shell earrings-Goodwill
Vintage cherry brooch-Goodwill
Fragrance-Sofia Vergara, Sofia (cheapo but delightful and the body lotion sparkles like starlight!)

What about you? Is sleeveless something you do in summer, or do you have a better way to stay cool?


Bibi Maizoon said...

That Hawaiian dress is a showstopper! Definitely worth suffering for. Loving that playsuit with the pastel parasols too.
We are getting an unusual amount of rain up here this summer too- I hope the ground isn't so saturated by the time the Monsoon gets here in August that we have floods. I'm hanging in there, have my plane ticket bought for Miami in September. That's about allI'm looking forward to.

Emily from Etsy said...

You look gorgeous in every photo! And you couldn't have picked a more appropriate palette for the occasion: it's summer solstice, and you're wearing mostly orange outfits! What a nice way to mark the occasion.

I love the versatility of sleeveless outfits. I wear them all year, just with warmer layers on top when it's cold outside.

bahnwÀrterin said...

fabulous summer looks!!!
such chic dresses and the playsuit has the most gorgeous print. and as always - the accessories ***swooon*** - esp. the wax cotton bag and the copper set.... i dont bother with sleeves either - but i had about 10 years with not much decolleté waering - after the very big ones in the 90s/early2000s - not for "modesty", just for a change of looks... lately this changes again - did cut some deep V-necks while sewing me dress and blouses :-D
have a great summer! xxxxxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

No, I rarely do sleeveless, Goody. I don't want to flaunt my bingo wings to the world!

On the other hand you look amazing and what a magnificent array of sleeveless dresses. All fabulous; I love the tight fitting red floral one and the Hawaiian one, in particular. The 99 cent play suit must be the bargain of the year! Such a fabulous print and talking of prints the print in the first dress was beautiful. The bags are just gorgeous; I loved them all and want them all, please. And finally the jewellery. The necklace that looks logs is unique - I've never seen anything like it!

I hope you continue to enjoy decent weather; ours is on the up as well.

Beth Waltz said...

I was about to rave about the Renoir set -- but then my glowing green eyes fixed on the faux coral necklace paired with the cinnabar bracelet. Ah, Goody, your mix-match skill extends well into the accessory department!

P.S. The summery curly look for the coiffeur is exactly right with these pretty frocks. There, I said it: "Pretty!" (What's wrong with 'pretty'?)

Mim said...

I love your summer clothing. That 70s dress was well worth the rescuing, and I love the floral polyester maxi too.

I have wobbly upper arms and I don't care who sees them!

Señora Allnut said...

wowww, I love everything! (this is a good summary of what I think!). Every sundress looks fabulous and You Look Fabulous, your accessories are amazing!. I think that my favourite ones are the floral dress, the orange hawaiian dress (with the cute bag) and the gorgeous 80's playsuit, which has the most summery print ever and I love it. 80's print are so Amazing!

Polyester Princess said...

You're looking gorgeous in all your sleeveless sundresses, Goody, but the polyester maxi and Hawaian number are both favourites. Your accessorizing is fabulous as always. As for that play suit, there are really no words. You did indeed save the best for last! xxx

Goody said...

I really hope you get an easy monsoon season this year-you need a break. September will be here before you know it. Sending you hugs.

Thank you. I agree about layering sleeveless-nothing worse than sleeves bunched up under a cardigan anyway.

I know what you mean about needing a change of style from all the lowcut clothing. I spent the 2000s wearing high neck blouses like a Victorian because I was so tired of plunging necklines. I guess I have been returning to them again as well.

Flaunt them! And to hell with anyone that doesn't like it! I don't know when this obsession with perfectly toned arms began, but it needs to end. If you look at old photos, nearly everyone had "bingo wings" to some degree. Of course, you have to do what's comfortable for you, but please don't let anyone make you feel bad about your body.

Nothing wrong with pretty as far as I'm concerned-so thank you. I don't understand why pretty became code for "Meh". The necklace is super-heavy and made out of some sort of polished stone. It feels very cold on a hot day, which is nice. I'm giving my hair the summer off...then I am thinking of chopping it off into a short bob. We'll see if I am brave enough to do it!

Good on you-liberate those arms! The earth's getting warmer, no point in suffering more than we already do.

Thank you. Weren't the 80s wild?! I wish we could go back to some of the printsm if not the exact styles.

Thank you. Summer is such a short season that I try to have some fun and wear things that are a bit outside my comfort zone.

Vix said...

Such a lovely selection of clothing - especially that batik looking beach dress and your Hawaiian dress.
I don't understand where this obsession with perfect arms came from, I feel really sad for women who feel like they can't bare them with confidence especially when the sun is shining. xxx