Monday, July 29, 2019

The Heat Was Hot

When it is -40 F. in January, feel free to quote me but, I am so over summer. Sure, I live in Nebraska which probably has the worst climate in the United States in all seasons (with floods and tornadoes for added excitement) but this year broke me. It has been so hot going to the pool is pointless as it would be like bathwater. Yes, we have central air conditioning (unlike the farm), and yes my car's AC works (unlike the Mighty ford Tempo I drove for years) but day after day after day of sitting indoors with the lights off, curtains closed, unable to use the oven wears on a person after a bit-even if the room is cool. Oh, I know we made this mess, and we're going to be living with it probably forever, but I'm not doing a very good job of adapting to the new normal. 
I don't know how to dress in this heat. Natural fibres, I guess. 
It has now been a full 6 months since I've stopped blow drying and straightening my hair. I'm still not convinced I like it, but it would be pointless trying to do anything with it in the heat and humidity, so a nice break anyway.

Outfit Particulars:
Silk skirt-Goodwill (I think)
Straw bag-World Market
Earrings-Thrift World
Bangles-all over
Hobe coil bracelet-Thrift World
Fragrance-Bvlgari Omnia Coral (probably the only Bvlgari I like. I bought two large bottles just in case they discontinue it).

Enough moaning about the weather-thanks for indulging me. Let's talk about this dress instead. The material is a nubby, lightweight acrylic that mimics towelling/terry cloth without the weight and bulk. 
It doesn't show well in the photo but there's red blanket stitching around the neck, arms, and hem. The fabric belt is original to the dress. I'm wearing vintage Napier lucite beads here because white accessories on a white dress feels so 70s to me. Red beads would have worked too, but I can wear those all year. If there's one thing I still like about summer, it is wearing white. I went with beige shoes and bag because you can over-do white. I like the matchy-matchy look, but too much can look comical. Hopefully this was a good balance. 

Outfit Particulars:
1970s dress-New Life Thrift
Napier necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Norell (I mean, what else could I possibly wear with something this 70s?)

Keeping with the 70s for a bit. This is...not me. Not, at all. Still, finding this set in perfect condition for practically pocket change made me think it was worth a try. I do wish the tee were a bit larger, but that's life. The applique on the shirt matches the skirt, and the lining also matches. The amount of work and detail is amazing by modern standards.

 Outfit Particulars:
1970s top and wrap skirt-New Life Thrift
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Vintage shoes-yard sale
Vintage glass (or stone) bangle-Goodwill
Shell earrings-World Market
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Estee. Sigh. I found a cheap bottle and thought I might enjoy it. I do NOT! Not even a little. Oh, it brought back memories...none of them good. *shudders*. That's what I get for trying to cosplay a 70s suburban mother.

 This skirt is about three sizes too large, but the print was too good to resist. It is home sewn, and rather badly, so it needs a bit of work. I think it is worth it. The fabric is a sort of barkcloth with a shiny finish.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage raffia bag-Goodwill
Polka dot Lucite bangle-Salvation Army
Fragrance-Balenciaga Ho Hang (kinda meh, actually. I like the first 10 minutes, then it sort of mellows into boring).

 Helloooooo *taps lens* do you know how hot it is outside?!

 Hot enough that I wore a patio shift dress out and about! With slippers. And my hair in a banana clip.
Outfit Particulars:
Mexican embroidered shift dress-Thrift World
Cha Cha bracelets-both Goodwill
Slippers-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-L' Air du Temps

My hemline started rising with the mercury.
This is on the short side for my tastes, and I'm not a fan of cap sleeves. I am however even less a fan of 100F temperatures. 
I've probably mentioned it was kind of hot around here lately. Did I forget to tell you about the heat? Oh, OK, never mind then.

Outfit Particulars:
1980s dress-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes- K Mart about 12 years ago
Fragrance-Knize 10 (not obvious in hot weather, but I like it)

 Know what else I did?
"I know what 'ya did!"

That's right, Beet Poot! and if you want to kiss Beet Poot (or anything else) go HERE and get yourself a shirt. 
Oh, and meet Bubbles. He screamed at me across the Goodwill, so I brought him home. He lives in my garden now between the nasturtiums and the cardoon. 

You knew there'd be a tropical print dress in here somewhere, and here it is! 

 I'm not convinced that basket was intended for use as a handbag, but when has that ever stopped me?

 Bought this gold headband from a costume shop. It was supposed to go with a Greek Goddess costume. I find such great accessories in unlikely places. I bought a few wigs recently as well, but they will need to wait for cooler weather.
Outfit Particulars:
90s dress-Goodwill-I think?
Bangles-all over
Earrings-Yard sale
Vintage straw Qualicraft shoes-Goodwill
Basket-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Balahe (it doesn't get more tropical than that. Gosh, I love that one)

 The very second the heat broke, I went into full Summer Goth mode. This skirt looks like a vintage petticoat, but it is modern, and has a zip in back. The taffeta and lace are nicely put together. Paired with an 80s rayon top with gold flecks throughout, I was able to get a somewhat dressy look without being over-dressed for daytime. I really loved how this one came together, and would definitely repeat the outfit exactly the same. That's rare that I want to do that.
 Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-New Life Thrift
Betsey Johnson belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-Sears, before they closed
Fragrance-Aramis (yeah, again with the leather and cumin in the heat of summer. I don't know why!)

 I already shared this on Instagram, so if you were offended by a fat old lady in a swimsuit, I'm afraid I'm going to offend you again! Know how you "Get your body swimsuit ready?"

 You put on a swimsuit. There, you're ready! If you needed proof that ultra running won't make you thin-here 'ya go! I can however run an absurd number of miles day after day. I really love this swimsuit but unfortunately, it has some latex in the elastic and it just isn't worth the rash. Sigh, I've only worn it twice. I have others, but they're not hot pink. Of all the stupid allergies I could develop late in life! I can live without mangoes, bananas, avocado, etc. but latex in clothes is a real problem. Ah well, summer is almost over anyway...I hope!

I don't know if putting myself on the internet is encouraging if you've been feeling shy of wearing a swimsuit in public, but trust me, no one cares what you wear. Truth. And if you're my age, they absolutely don't care what you're wearing (or what you've waxed, or of you've polished your toenails, etc.). Go, have a good time and for heaven's sake-wear something YOU like. With any luck, it won't give you a contact dermatitis.

I'll leave you with some views of what's blooming in the garden.

And that's about it from here. Danny is off to High School in a couple weeks, and I'm preparing for life to be very different around here. I'm not looking forward to waking him every morning at 6 AM. Teenagers can be hard sleepers!

I hope your summer is treating you well.


bahnwärterin said...

oh my - heatwave. here too since mid june.....
and in my rural live are no ACs in house or car - thankfully i must say. so my physis "must" adjust to the change. at home & in the garden i just wear a bikini top and lightwight short shorts. feel very sorry for the passengers of the passing by trains ;-P
gorgeous dresses and combinations! love the white necklace on white dress, the green-ish dschungel print dress and the patio fabness! would put some sewing into that bold skirt to.... but the pale, (diet)sugercoated, mummsy look is carnevale on you ;-D
stay cool! xxxxxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh Goody, I thought our heat was hot but yours was hotter - poor you! But you know you never looked hot and bothered in any of the photos. Your hair is looking fab; I really like it and I like it when you wear it up, too.

The outfits were amazing as always. I loved the tropical print dress best of all and those lovely green and yellow shades in your bangles were just fabulous. Loved your black maxi look. You have some some wonderful bags; I rarely see really nice vintage bags when I'm out and about but I probably need to look harder. You look fab in your hot pink swim suit.

It's funny about your allergy as I have definitely developed an intolerance to elasticated things too over the last couple of years. They make me itch after I've been wearing them for a while; unfortunately it also includes some knicker elastic so I sometimes look as if I'm making rude gestures when really I'm just having a sneaky scratch!

Danny going to High School...your whole world will be different!

The garden is blooming lovely!

Alli Duncan said...

As per usual, your outfits are fantastic, even if you are struggling in the heat. You find so many amazing things and put them together so well! As you say, this is the new normal, so we may as well get used to it. Last Summer in Canberra Australia we continually broke records for hot days and I expect it to be no different this season. I have been buying up silk tops in my favourite op shops to prepare. I think your hair looks great. I completely agree with you comment that no one cares what you wear so just wear what you want. I dressed as a 1960s Space woman in white and silver lame for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and no one bats an eyelid (except my husband but that's a different story). When you collect wonderful things, you may as well enjoy them!

Beth Waltz said...

trust you to note the one bright spot in this summer's jungle -- the lush gardens which have sprung from the rains and heat! (Alas, the weeds in Indiana's acres of unplanted fields are similarly prosperous. Tip: invest in herbicides for next year's crops.) And may we see a pix of the cardoon? You're the first person I know who's raised one.

I've yet to inflict my swim-suits on the public (old lady fitness center pool sessions don't count); however, I have pulled out old golfing shorts and worn them in the shops. I've even begun keeping a towel in the car so my thighs won't be scorched by a sun-toasted seat, and I haven't done THAT since mini-skirts!

Thanks for reminding us that nude shoes go well with any outfit and any bag. Bvlgari Omnia Coral "sounds" a match for that yummy coral silk blouse. And I'm sure the taffeta skirt of the Summer Goth ensemble would truly sound as elegant as it looks!

Emily from Etsy said...

All those outfits are gorgeous! And so is your garden!

I love seeing you own your beautiful head of wavy hair. I can't imagine why anyone would want to use a blow dryer on such a hot summer day anyhow.

When you said that Ho Hang was "kinda meh" and "boring," I was crushed that you missed the opportunity to add "ho hum." :)

Ever try Moon Drops by Revlon? It smells very similar to Estee Super Cologne, so that's one to avoid if Estee doesn't work for you. But you may want to hunt down the vintage solid perfume pendants in both fragrances. I've seen Moon Drops as an adorable chubby goldtone elephant pendant accented with emerald-green enamel.

Bibi Maizoon said...

I was wondering why Beet Poot was looking so smug!
It has been hot as blazes up here in the Himalayas too. The Monsoon started 2 weeks early also bringing 85% humidity!
I love your curls! (so glad you did not destroy them with a perm).
I think you look fabulously in shape in that bathing suit and all the warm weather ensembles you've brilliantly put together!
Bet Danny is going to have a blast (or be bored spitless?) in high school?

Polyester Princess said...

I don't envy you at all, Goody, as we've only had a week or so of these extreme temperatures. I don't know how I would have survived if it had lasted any longer. We too lived in semi-darkness, but unfortunately I had to go to the office. While we've got mobile AC there, the things are making a horrible noise. Plus, going back home in those temps was just horrible. But back to you and your outfits. My favourites are the white faux-towelling dress, the patio shift dress and the tropical print one. Your Summer Goth outfit is pretty fabulous too. I tried to explain Beet Poot to Jos, but he just looked at me weird. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that T-shirt. Just brilliant! xxx

Goody said...

The train passengers are lucky to see such beauty on their journey! I guess we will all need to learn to adjust eventually, but I do feel terrible for the younger generation. What a world they've been left from us.

The latex thing is a drag-I'm sorry you're dealing with it too. The worst is medical offices-even if the gloves are latex free, the tourniquet might not be.
We are going to drop Danny for his first day of school and then go cry over breakfast as it will be too early to have a drink. I hope he enjoys school.

Unfortunately, Australia is on the front lines of climate change. Looking at those fires last year was terrifying. I hope you get an easier summer this year.
I would have loved to see you dressed for the moon landing! I'll bet it was great.

Cardoon looks a lot like an artichoke, but you eat the stalk not the bud. I'll get pictures for the next post-it is a cool plant.
Switch grass is driving me crazy. I pull it and five minutes later it is back-everywhere. I know it is a native prairie grass, but...grrr.

Awww, I didn't even think of it! That would have been funny-and accurate. I own a vintage bottle of Moon Drops and you're right, I don't care for it. Still, it is interesting to have as a reference. I don't remember if I liked it at the time it was popular. I'd guess not. The bottle is ugly, so that probably put me off buying it.

Monsoon heat and humidity sounds unbearable. I know you need the rain, but ugh, it sounds awful.
Danny's looking forward to it because he was able to select interesting courses. Our district is $$$ and have offerings other schools don't get. We're dirt poor, but he gets to go to one of the best schools in the state. The course he's most excited about? Welding. He has an artistic streak, so who knows, maybe I'll get some Gormley inspired art for the yard.

Your heat sounded awful-I'm glad it was short lived. Air conditioners are so loud, even centrally installed. I know it sounds eerily silent when I can finally shut it off.
Beet Poot is hard to explain! Just show Jos Shifty Thrifting ;)

Linda said...

I think your hair looks wonderful...I hope you keep it natural. You also look wonderful....but the hair!

Best regards