Monday, February 10, 2020

In February It Will Be My Snowman’s Anniversary
Another month gone by! January was fast this year. One minute you’re putting away the holiday   decorations, the next you’re planning the spring garden. 

So what’s new? I reluctantly purchased another car. The Ford had been in and out of the shop ( though predictably it is now fine) and Dan will be learning to drive this summer, so it was time. I bought a Honda Civic coupe and LOVE it! It pained me to buy a foreign car, but the days of American cars being built in Detroit are long gone. Anyway, I’m happy with it and can now worry about something other than being stranded by the Focus.
Okay, it won’t win any beauty contests but it has a remote starter and a sun roof😁.
That was a shit show, wasn’t it?! We live fifteen minutes away from Iowa and were involved with the campaign ( Dan has been phone banking and getting screamed at by people who don’t want any more political phone calls- can’t say I blame them) but never thought it would be such a shambles. Ugh, hopefully New Hampshire will go smooth.
Without going into a lot of detail, I’ve got an annoying person I’m related to ( though actually not in the way we always thought) calling me. Dan showed me how to block her. I mean, if we haven’t talked in 20 years there’s probably nothing to say. Anyway, after hanging up once she called back a month later demanding I answer questions , and  creating the same drama that caused me to walk away decades ago. So I hung up again. I don’t think they are done/ but I’m sticking firm to my boundaries. I wish I’d been more assertive with it when I was younger. How dare anyone feel so entitled to intrude on my life once I’ve been clear they are unwelcome. The level of disrespect is shocking.
New year means washing the kitchen walls. Everything is looking much better.
I do actually cook, and as a result the kitchen gets dirty. Just juicing these oranges made it look like there’d been a massacre.
And you know how I like a clean house! Have you tried the Dawn soap and vinegar cleaning spray recipe yet? My shower has never looked this good. It is like magic! We have hard water in Omaha and the vinegar really helps clean through it.
I’ve been baking bread again. Got out of the habit after Dan was cleared for nut allergies ( only to now be diagnosed with an whole host of food restrictions (don’t ask) but now I’m back to baking my own, and honestly, it is so much better than what I was buying.
I’m off for more oral surgery on Wednesday ( it never ends) so expect to be stuck in bed through the weekend recouping . There’s no end in sight. Ah well, what can you do?
I cooked a goose last week. No, not this one...
... this one. Not too shabby for a vegetarian 😁. The boys loved it, so that’s what matters.
I had another birthday on the 4th and was given these magnificent pieces of pottery as a gift. They’re almost too pretty to put plants in! I’m considering silk ones. There’s a large pottery shop in South Omaha that I avoid because I would spend all my money there- But Mr. ETB showed better restraint. Any, it almost feels like summer looking at these beautiful pots.
This was a surprise! I like it. I must be losing my mind and sense of smell because Vanderbilt is definitely not my thing. Except, now it is? Such strangeness.
Here’s something I can definitely smell- Homemade kimchi. It broke down much more over time and lives in the fridge now. We were pleased with it. How cool is it that you can ferment something on your kitchen counter in a jar?
I’m going to keep it short tonight, but hopefully while I’m recovering there will be a proper outfit post or two. The phone app isn’t perfect ( though not on the level of the Iowa caucus app!!!) but Is better than nothing. 

Hope February is treating you well. See you later.

Monday, January 06, 2020

If It Still Fits, Wear It
I posted this outfit on Instagram, but thought it deserved a longer story here. I’ve owned the dress since the late 1970s, so there’s  a lot to say about it. 

I was getting to the age where I needed something “nice” to wear for various parties, wedding showers, graduations, etc. I’ve always had a sense of style however it rarely extended to anything that could be described as, “nice.” It wasn’t my fault punk happened😁. To counter my tendency to wear my dad’s old work shirts belted over shorts to look like a dress, my mother would on occasion purchase clothing for me that could pass as appropriate in most situations. 
At least 50% of what my mother bought for me wouldn’t fit as she was forever purchasing my clothes too small as some sort of motivation to make me thinner. I suppose if she’d thought about it, matronly looking polyester frocks weren’t terribly motivating to the average kid and less so to one with an already entrenched style, but eh, whatever. The rest of the time the clothes would fit, but were hideous.
Oh I know what you’re thinking and no, that green dress isn’t terrible-today. Forty years ago? Different story. I’ve kept this one all these years as it was the “least horrible” thing my mother ever purchased, if that gives you any idea. There was the dress with a border print of creepy , cursed , marionettes that looked like they could sneak off the fabric at night to go out and murder people in their sleep. There was the full length faux mink coat that made me look like a sixth grade Little Edie. There were the pale blue ultrasuede jeans with red contrast stitching. There were smock tops. Oh god, so many smock tops. There was the red Orphan Annie dress with a white collar. The day-glo orange playsuit made from terry/ toweling material that at least had a zip down the front facilitating a quick change to get out of the horrible thing. On and on. The green dress truly is the least worst thing she ever bought me.
Around that time I had a pair of shoes that I was quite attached to. Green suede clogs with a pointy toe and western stitching with yellow perseplex heels. They were magnificent. I loved those shoes until they were beyond repair by quite some ways. Obviously I wore them with everything because they were, as pointed out, magnificent. Not everyone appreciated my taste in footwear . I don’t know why. No accounting for taste I guess. Anyway, my sister was getting married (again) and I needed something to wear, so it was decided that the green dress would be acceptable. 

At some point our housekeeper pulled me aside and informed me that I needed to buy some proper shoes for the wedding. It was a casual reception but no, she wasn’t letting me wear those green suede clogs. If it had been my mother or sister insisting, I’d have ignored them, but I had enough respect ( and fear) to do what Ella Mae told me. I took myself over to I Magnin and bought a pair of peach coloured stilettos 😬. That would have been classy in 1982.
Sadly, I don’t have a photo of the shoes but here’s the dress in action! My hair was an attempt to look “normal “ as it would typically be worn up in spikes. Instead I look like a five year old gave me a bowl cut. 

I was trying to remember if this is the oldest piece in my wardrobe that was purchased new, but it turns out  I still have a white polo neck with red hearts from 1977! It fits much tighter than it did at the time but is still wearable! I’m sure there are other pieces but I can’t think of anything at the moment. 

So that’s a bit more of the story of the green dress. How about you? Anyone still hanging onto clothes from their youth? Do Tell!