Saturday, April 11, 2020

Going Nowhere Fast
We have been warned that the next three weeks in Nebraska will be a critical time as the virus is expected to peak at the end of the month. This is the time to get supplies, make plans, and then remain at home. 

Our mayor had to close the Omaha parks after several warnings about overcrowding went unheeded. It was so bad parents were sneaking children into closed playgrounds, and coaches were getting their children’s sports teams out to practice! Who does that sort of thing?! Apparently, enough idiots were, that the parks are all now closed and the police are enforcing it. Imagine willing to be that reckless with your children’s lives!

I can still walk a bit around my neighbourhood but with terrible air quality from agricultural burning in Kansas wafting north to us, it wouldn’t be worth it. This happens every spring so we are used to it. Most years we aren’t so desperate to get outside. Anyway, it is expected to snow again overnight so that ought to help the air.
I did the shopping and pharmacy on Thursday, my first time out in two weeks. It was quiet, people were respectful, and the shelves were well supplied. I splurged on some tinned salmon which I used to make the croquettes above. Parsley and some preserved lemon really dress up a boring tinned fish. Anyway, there was plenty of produce for the moment, so  I took advantage of buying two more cabbages. I have my priorities 😁.
Clothes I haven’t worn in decades are being sorted through and worn. I bought this  vintage 60s Victor Costa Romantica dress in the 80s and wore it quite a lot when I was younger. Then, my life changed and it was too nice for the farm, then too nice for carrying around a young child, then finally too youthful for someone my age. At some point this week I thought, “sod it”, got it out and tried it on. To my surprise, it still fit ( barely, but it zipped and I could breathe) so I wore it.
Might be a while before I get an opportunity to wear it outside the house, but I don’t plan to pack it away again.
I do try to get dressed every day, even if it isn’t anything special. Shoes and handbags aren’t happening at the moment, but they will again. I need to sort out the winter and summer shoes in anticipation of that eventuality. Until then I have one pair of ugly but sturdy flats for neighborhood walks and puttering in the garden, and otherwise it is socks snd slippers for me.
I did get to wear my strawberry basket earrings for the first time this year. The strawberry vines in the garden are alive and hopefully by June we will have some berries to enjoy.
Meanwhile I can always wear the berries instead. 
Hope you’re all doing well and staying in! 


Señora Allnut said...

Lovely dress, glad that you decided to wear it (what's that nonsense about being 'too youthful', it looks fabulous!). Love its print and those pink jewelery you picked, You Rock It!.
And I love your embroidered denim jacket, all the red color and your delightful earrings! ;DD. Such a lovely ensemble, love red & denim!
And I'm glad to read that you're keeping yourself safe and fabulous!

Beth Waltz said...

Tra la! Goody is wearing the strawberry baskets! It's spring! (Even if snow is in the immediate forecast). The denim ensemble, which in this case accessorizes the earrings, is just the thing for shopping for seeds and plants. I especially like the headband -- wearing a few of those myself to cope with the longer length and graying roots.

Small rituals can offer great comfort. I don't have spring earrings, but I do have lamb pins that I've worn on cardi's since childhood. For Easter, there's a silver bunny.

bahnwärterin said...

dont get me started - yesterday was the big family meeting in the schreber-gardens around the corner of the BWH.... the BW is in the risky group, so the longer this lasts and the bigger it grows our nervs will suffer more......
i really thought about to call the police. me!
i found your instagram, but after some minutes the screen goes dark and a sign want me to join insta. anyway - got a glimpse on your fab wardrobe - wahoo!

Polyester Princess said...

We are supposed to have peaked here in Belgium and we seems to be actually flattening the curve. But I despair of the multitude of idiots out there who don't seem to understand any of it, and who are constantly breaking the rules, as if they are there to taunt them. The best thing that can happen right now is that the weather turns cold and wet again, so that there's more chance of the idiots staying at home. Sorry, rant over. Let's talk clothes, shall we? I'm head over heels with that vintage 1960s dress, and your double denim with red and strawberries is quite delightful too! Happy Easter! xxx

Vix said...

We're at our peak, I think. We're losing more people a day than Spain and Italy did although it's hard to get my head around it when the sun is shining and every stranger who walks past our gate stops, smiles and chats.
I love that tropical print dress. I'm glad you gave it another outing. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Fab clothes! It's good you're getting to wear stuff you haven't worn for a long time. Those strawberry basket earrings are fabulous!

I bought a tin of salmon too and have been wondering what I might do with it. I haven't made fishcakes for a long time so this was a good prompt, Goody.

I'm sorry to hear the air quality is so poor where you are at the moment. That's one thing that has improved here everyone has been saying so.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh I love that 60s Victor Costa dress! It looks very Gucci. Never let that one go. What is the gorgeous bright lippy you have paired it with?
It is unusually hot & dry here in Nepal this Spring. We are still on nationwide lockdown until April 15th. No deaths and only 9 confirmed cases. People seem to be abiding the lockdown well in our town, although I have seen the police cruising through our neighborhood in a very scary truck labeled "control room vehicle."
Stay safe & thank you for showing your wardrobe gems!

Mim said...

I absolutely love that dress. And yeah, we're being well and staying in. Here in the UK some parks have been closed, though I do feel sorry for people in inner cities in tiny flats with no gardens, especially if they have kids. It's got to be so hard. But not as hard as if family members die.

Goody said...

@Senora Allnut
Thank you. I hope you had a lovely Easter, and are managing ok at home.

Lambs and bunnies sound like just perfect accessories, and not just at Easter. I haven't been able to get out and shop for plants but I did have two packets of seeds arrive from a small heirloom company in Iowa. Spearmint and thyme aren't exactly exciting, but I'm looking forward to them. I have a perfect shady spot for the mint. I'm curious what you'll be growing this summer. Stay safe and well.

I just don't understand why people can't stay home-or go out without a group. Someone would have to get murdered before I would ring the police, so I understand what you're saying! Hope you can stay safe and healthy through this.

Sigh, there will always be people like that I guess. I do hope it is turning the corner for you soon. What a thing to be going through. Sending you good wishes for health and a quick back to normal.

And you're in such a hotspot for the virus according to reports. It will end eventually. Stay safe and well. Now you have such a beautiful garden to retreat to it might soften the blow of isolation. I've been enjoying your posts.

If I lived alone, I'd just eat salmon right from the tin, but I don't want my family to think I've turned into a cat! It really dosen't need much adornment. Red Sockeye from Alaska is more affordable now than when I was young, but I still think of it as a treat.

Thank you-it is a wild piece. The lippy was a Revlon crayon from several years ago when they had their Just Bitten line. I wish they would bring it back, it was great stuff.
I am so glad you've been able to miss this-it is horrifying. 10,000 dead just in NYC is hard to wrap my head around. Maybe our cops need to up their intimidation game.

Yes, it must be awful on small children. Mine has been social distancing for a couple years now, so he's happy enough in his room all day, but little ones need to play. My neighbours have two small children (like two and five) that wave to the frog statues in my garden when they pass by. As soon as the weather improves I'm going to gather up all the silly pottery figurines I've amassed over the years and set them up on the side facing their house. I know it isn't much, but hopefully they'll enjoy it.

Emily said...

How sweet of you to move the pottery figurines to face the neighbor's children! I know they'll enjoy it.

I saw a news article about a Facebook group where people upload video of themselves taking out the garbage while wearing fancy clothes or wacky costumes. The name of the group is Bin Isolation Outing, and it's gone viral, with thousands of members joining in only a few days. You could take out the trash in your beautiful green dress or any other outfit you choose.

Congratulations on another successful week of isolating and safe shopping. We're almost over the hump.

Goody said...

I'd need a parka to take out the trash now-we just got half a foot of snow! The garden is covered with tarps and should be OK but how wild.

I'm glad you're almost over the peak. We are getting the message here to expect more of a mountain range with several peaks, which is really disheartening.