Monday, April 06, 2020

Maybe You Know Some Little Places to Go to But They’re All Closed, Lockdown.
Hello everyone! How are we holding up out there? I hope you’re finding interesting things to do with your time at home. I’ve been starting to switch out the winter wardrobe but slowly. Nebraska weather is notoriously fickle and though we are expecting 78 degrees F tomorrow, I don’t dare put away my cardigans and coats. This 70s ruffled blouse was something I bought years ago but don’t think I have shown on the blog. I’m wearing it with a side- snap vintage Sassoon skirt. My boobs definitely don’t need ruffles on them, but somehow this blouse managed to be wearable without being absurd.
I’ve discovered scunchies. It only took 30 years! That’s all this hairdo is- pulled up in elastic. There’s something to be said for ten second hairstyles! It isn’t like I have all the time in the world...well, yeah whatever 😆
Here’s the full length view of this 70s dress. It is dreadfully uncomfortable as it presses my ribcage, so once life returns to normal it will get listed for sale. It is a beautiful dress but not on me.
This dress will also be for sale eventually as it is far to large on top and I don’t have the patience to take it in. The print is very close to another in my collection so I feel less bad about letting it go.
But would you look at that beast of a bakelite bangle I’m wearing?! It is so heavy I fear injury to my wrist wearing it for too long.
I do love green for spring!

Speaking of spring🌸
This dress doesn’t get nearly enough wear, and I have no idea why. It is an 80s dress but could easily pass for 50s.
This reverse carved pendant had a first wear. I absolutely adore it.
Can’t visit Spain? Wear a stained glass window instead! I rarely wear tee shirts but this was irresistible.
Bit of vintage lingerie anyone? There are matching pajama bottoms but it is far too hot for them. The tap pants are from the 90s but look much older.
I really adore this piece.
Both the sweater and skirt are 80s. The matching necklace and earrings are Trifari I am finally getting around to wearing things I never seem to have time to put together. I suppose that’s good but I do wish it could have been better circumstances. 

I won’t bang on about how the country is being run by idiots ( it is, but you already know that) but I still feel confident that we are in good hands locally. No idea how long that will last but for now I’m not panicking. I haven’t started drinking with any serious determination so I guess all is well. I’ve been living on tea and jam sandwiches because in a crisis my palette reverts to being six years old, but that’s my only obvious stress induced behaviour. I guess it could be worse. 

Anyway, that’s about it for clothes last week. I did wear shorts for the first time this season today, which was exciting but probably short lived.
I hope you are managing ok where you are and can stay put as we get through this. Hang in there 💕


Vix said...

Love that Spanish top, the humungous green bangle and the dress that kills your ribcage.
Funny how you mention discovering scrunchies, before lockdown I bought one of those big claw hair clips, it's the best thing ever for an instant updo!
I'm glad you've got good local government. You've probably seen on the news that our PM is in Intensive Care, whilst I'm no fan I wouldn't wish that on anybody.
Take care, stay safe. xxx
PS I really want a jam sandwich now...

bahnwärterin said...

glad to hear that its just jam sandwiches! :-D
sadly i still can not see the pictures in your posts..... if we ever come out of this i´ve to contact a computer genius to sort this out....... i think its since you got a new computer.
i really wish i could see something - the text is very promising!!
stay safe and sane - we try too. xxxxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Spring! Glorious Spring!
Loving the Trifari set, beautiful bakelite bangle, and that 70s empire waist dress.
Scrunchies are the curly gal's friend! I do the pineapple head like you when it gets hot here.
We just had our lockdown extended until April 15th, 5 more new COVID 19 positive cases today - all Nepali workers returning from Mumbai. There was a scary outbreak of a mystery respiratory virus in a village here that turned out to be just regular influenza. It is already 82-85F here interspersed with the usual violent & capricious little squalls. We were pounded with one-inch hail for 2 hours yesterday - shredded all my Spring flowers :(
Looking very seasonally transitional in you lovely ensembles!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Such lovely outfits, Goody. I adore the stained glass tee shirt. It's such a shame about the long dress; it's so elegant; but one doesn't want pain when wearing one's clothes! As for the camisole it was simply gorgeous and how well it fitted you.

Loved the green beads and earrings and that is the most ginormous bangle I've ever seen!

Glad you're staying safe and sane.

Señora Allnut said...

Love your red blouse, the colour and the ruffles (totally understand the problem with ruffles on this area!, ahem!) and it looks fab with the denim skirt, so cute!
And love the uncomfortable dress too, it looks really elegant!. Also loving your green floral dress and stunning jewelery, particularly the massive bakelite bracelet!, so fabulous!
You're looking lovely in the springy floral dress too, those colors are fab! and the pendant!
And obviously I love your stained glass t-shirt, it's so colorful and cool, and it rocks!
The lace and details on the vintage lingerie is amazing!
And love your plaid skirt and the golden details you added, brilliant!

Hope you're keeping yourself safe and positive!.

Beth Waltz said...

The stained glass tee is definitely on the upper end of the comfy-while-confined-to-quarters wardrobe! I'm living in leotards with tunic tops added whenever I venture forth to putter in the patio pots and patrol the block -- and this passes for formal wear amongst some of the neighbors. Everything but bunny slippers.

Will skunk stripes become a trend? My hair stylist is edging on frantic as she sorts through the options for keeping her mostly "mature" clientele presentable. Pots of potion sold with a brush and instruction sheet? Cans of color-matched temporary color sold and shipped? This morning she called to report she has revived a one-stall operation in an ancient farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. It's legal, it's licensed and in a few weeks we'll find out if it works.

Goody said...

Yeah, I can't stand your PM but obviously being that sick is horrible, and with a baby on the way too.
Claw clips are great! A good one will last for years too.
Go on, have the jam sandwich!

I'm using an app on my phone to post because my new computer won't read the photos from my iphone. I'm going to try looking around and see if there are any better apps because what fun is a post without photos? I do post photos regularly on Instagram, @goodymcgoodface which you can see without joining. I'm sorry about that-technology can be difficult sometimes.

It is a miracle you didn't get slammed with it during tourist season. This seems to have happened at as an ideal a time as possible. Nebraska isn't under a formaL LOCKDOWN, but for general purposes we are. I mean, I wouldn't call a gun shop an essential service, but then I wouldn't say the art supply store is either ;)
There's nothing worse than watching hail take out a garden. I'm sorry.

Thank you. I can't say any of these outfits are cheering me up, but who knows what I'd be like if I moped about in a dressing gown all day? Hoping you stay well too.

@Senora Allnut
Thank you! Yes, ruffles are tricky!
Hope you are managing well through all of this. I wish I had some of your artistic creativity to get me through.

If you have bunny slippers, you should be wearing them! I have a pair of ears.
Everyone I know is just letting their hair go feral-no cuts, dye, perms, etc. It is hardest on the people that wear short pixie styles because those always look awkward growing out. I don't colour my hair as my grey came in evenly dispersed, but I do have some temporary spray-in green from Halloween-maybe I'll play with it. I say go for the skunk stripes and untrimmed hair. Who knows, you might like what you see.
Stay well.

Polyester Princess said...

I've started switching wardrobes bit by bit too. It's gorgeous Spring weather right now, with temperatures of 20°C and more, so I really need to bring out more short-sleeved stuff, as choice is a bit limited now. My hair is that awkward length that needs professional attention every so often, and I'm not sure what I'll do as time goes by. Wear my berets in Summer is an option ... Love that massive Bakelite bangle and the dress you're wearing it with. That print is gorgeous as is that of the 80s does 50s dress. The lace detail on that pyjama top is incredible! We don't have even have a real government here in Belgium, which is a bit confusing. They've been arguing about possible coalitions since last May, and had to form an emergency minority government for the duration ... I'd never even heard of our PM, the first female one in Belgium, before. xxx

Emily said...

Ooh, everything is lovely! Especially the stained glass top.

The big green bangle looks sturdy enough to repel bullets, just like the golden bangles worn by Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV show! I loved watching that as a kid, and to this day I like to imagine that a weighty bangle signifies a magical power of some kind. Your superpower is probably equal parts warmth and wit and the ability to accessorize any outfit perfectly.

It's too bad that the black dress isn't a good fit, but it is gorgeous on you and I know someone will want it desperately just because of how beautifully you model it in these photos.

I love how you paired those shorts with a long-sleeved creamy white peasant blouse with tassels. It's one of those combinations I'd never come up with on my own, since I tend to wear shorts mostly in hot weather and I assume I need to pair them with a short-sleeved tee or tank top to keep cool. But your blouse looks loose and airy and I bet it would be comfortably cool, even on a warm day.

Goody said...

Might be fun to let your hair grow!
This is definitely not the time to be without a proper government. I'm sure however your new PM turns out to be, she'll be better than what we've got! I know that's not saying much, but still ;)

Thank you. I think you might be giving me too much credit for super-powers. I am *just* barely keeping my shit together these days.

I'm hoping we don't get too much heat too soon as that can be accompanied by severe weather and heaven forbid we got a tornado now.

Hope you're doing well!

Mim said...

Glad to hear your local government is good. Our national one is a disgrace; the only reason the company isn't in a worse state is that most people are sensible.

Lingerie! Ay caramba, things are getting hot in Nebraska!