Sunday, April 19, 2020

There’s Boys Outside Preaching Geoncide
Is anyone surprised by the far right screaming about being liberated from lockdown? Didn’t think so. Sigh, I’m not sure I will want to leave the house once this is over. I’m starting to enjoy my own company.
There’s plenty to do around here. I made several dozen vareniki for the freezer ( they're dumplings filled with cabbage and onions) today. I still have half of a giant cabbage so maybe a stir fry with tofu later in the week.
We had a snowstorm that dropped half a foot of snow on Omaha the other day, but it melted quickly and now it is summery outside. I put tarps over the garden so everything was fine. So far we’ve had sorrel, scallions, and pea shoots to eat from the early garden. The tomato plants on my windowsill continue to grow.
Needed something to do so I embroidered an apron. I forgot to give Beet Poot ears! Need to add those I guess. Already made crochet dish rags so bit by bit the small chores are getting done. No idea why I have so much embroidery floss, but might as well use it- I’m not getting any younger.
This bright, oversized shirt is by Foxcroft- a company that makes expensive travel clothes that don’t need ironing and can drip dry overnight. Obviously, I’m not traveling anywhere but it turned out to be a practical housework uniform. Would I wear this out? Absolutely not. I can’t think of anything that screams “Tourist “ louder than a pastel, check blouse. Maybe a pair of Bermuda shorts to match!
Speaking of ugly shorts, here’s a pink pair that would never be seen outside the garden. Don’t know why I bought them, but as hideous as bright pink shorts are, they’re comfortable to wear for gardening.
Still experimenting with bright eyeshadow as no one will see it unless I show it! Pink and purple looked about as bad as you might expect, but I am warming to the look of orange. I tend to wear brown and beige shadow so this has been a departure. Those palettes ordinarily come with some far out colours that never get used but never is now ladies and gents!
Still not doing jack shit with my hair because...well, come on.
I have however mastered pulling it up in a scunchie band!
How did I ever live without scunchies?! I wasted so much time on my hair in the 90s when I could have just pulled it up in one of these!
And that’s about it from Omaha. We’re staying in, keeping busy, and trying to ignore the covidiots determined to try getting the rest of us killed. Stay safe friends. 


Emily said...

You did a great job on your eye makeup! You must have a very steady hand, as it's hard for most people to draw the black liner with such precision. Both the blue and the orange shades look great on you.

I'm finding that cabbage is the ideal lockdown vegetable because it's cheap and it takes forever to go bad in the refrigerator. Maybe I'll start making dumplings with it. Yours look adorable with those perfectly pinched edges.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: you've got gorgeous hair! And it's just like Katherine Hepburn's hair! I really see it in the photo where you're wearing the long purple and gold dress. A very glamorous look.

I'm in no hurry for Oregon to reopen. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Have a good week!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Leave it to Far-Right White people to confuse being oppressed with being inconvenienced.
Hmm..never had varenikis with cabbage filling, my mom's family makes theirs with cottage cheese or potatoes. That got me thinking of the stewed cherry sauce with cinnamon that they serve with varenikis - YUM!
Loving the bright eyeshadows, I'm too lazy to do anything other than daub a bit of blush or bronzer on my lids - and my eyeliner is tattooed on.
The pyrple caftan is divine! I ordered a few shirts from Foxcroft once and despite being described as "fitted" they were all boxy like your bright plaid one, I guess that's just their fit?
We are still under lockdown in Nepal until April 27th, went for a walk and saw the police have roadblocks about every 2 miles. Everyone here seems to be abiding by the lockdown rules just fine.
Stay safe!

bahnwärterin said...

of cause i´m not surprised.....
today is our first day AFTER lock down - only a half opening: museums, konzerts, etc. are still forbidden - and shopping malls remain closed. but most people started to flock together on friday already - i guess we will have a steep infection rate around next weekend.
what means - much longer isolation for us personally.

in better news: love the idea of orange eyeshadow! i want to find a single one as i do not have the need for palette - but the time of single eyshadow seems over......
nothing wrong with practical clothes for doing chores saw the checked shirt & pink shorts on insta - actually like the shorts!

Beth Waltz said...

I, too, actually like those shorts. Perhaps a black tee, black espadrilles, and Jackie-O scarf and sunnies for the Maytime in Monaco effect?

The orange eye shadow evokes Japanese theater and that's a good look for you.
If ever there was a time to play in our closets and make-up trays, this is it! (And if you dared to wear those fuzzy pom-pom earrings near my cats, they'd show you a real game...)

Covidiots is a good word. I shall borrow it to describe those in local news who thought it would be a good idea to take dog heart worm meds to fend off the virus. Anything to outsmart Big Pharm, uppity science types who read books, and THEM that want to take their God-given right to open carry AK-47s in church.

Vix said...

We've been watching the news with absolute horror, have these men got a single brain cell between them? Covidiots is going to feature strongly in my vocabulary from now one!
I love the purple velvet kaftan - it's freaking fabulous! the eyeshadow is great, too. I haven't worn any since December, what is happening to me?
Stay safe, stay sane, keep away from covidiots! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Those eyeshadow palettes are a pain aren't they? I have a about three and at least 4 to 5 colours in each will never been worn. It's true, as Beate says, it is hard to buy single eyeshadows now and especially those with a cream rather than a powder texture.

Loving the outfits especially the caftan which is such a beautiful colour and oh so elegant on you.

The varenkis look delicious and how sweet is the beet poot apron?

Take care,

Polyester Princess said...

I'll certainly be adopting the word Covidiots: I've got a feeling it might come in useful. Not sure what I'll do when it is considered safe to go out, I don't think I'll be pounding the streets any time soon. Your Beet Poot apron made a chuckle, but yes, I do think he deserves to get ears :-) Love the eyeshadow experiments. I've got a box full of different colours but always end up wearing the lilac. Your purple kaftan is fabulous and I'm loving the final, orange and white outfit too! Stay safe! xxx

Señora Allnut said...

I'm loving the idea of making dumplings with a cabbage and onions filling, it sounds delicious!.
Actually, I like your pastel check blouse and your fab earrings, I think it looks more 'classic summery' than tourist style (as every tourist wears sleeveless shirts and swimsuits nowadays). It looks casual but not frumpy. Probably I love plaid too much!
Love your purple kaftan, it's totally stunning!
And I like your orange eyeshadow, love your makeup experimenting!. I've been using an old orange/pink blush as an eyeshadow and I've found it way better than any proper shadow.
Covidiot is becoming a favourite word actually, it's perfect!. Lots of them everywhere!
Keep yourself safe and fab!

Goody said...

The trick to perfect eyeliner is buying the kind that comes in a felt-tip pen. It is much easier to draw on. I've heard people say if you make a line of dots first, and then connect them it makes liquid liner easier, but I've never had much luck with it. I buy the ELF brand-super cheap and stays put until you take it off.
Stay safe and healthy!

I was trying to imagine what the response would be if we had armed, black leftists protesting in the streets.
I hope things continue to be quiet for you. Stay healthy and safe.

Hopefully people will be frightened enough to just stay home.
Single eyeshadows are hard to find. I wonder why?
Hoping you stay healthy and safe.

I would never wear shorts in public, but as it will be a while before I go anywhere, there's ample opportunity to try out different things. My legs look ok from the front, but behind my knees is a wasteland of veins and bruises.

Science, eh? Don't let anyone hear you talking like that! So, as someone who has taken plaquenil for the better part of the last 30 years, I can tell you it isn't, "Harmless." Sigh, all that talk did was create a shortage and now I need to start looking for less effective, more dangerous alternatives to treat my autoimmune disease that was well treated and under control. But no, I'm not bitter *at all*. I do hope they're warning people that it can make them go blind in higher doses. Gah. Do stay well, and safe.

I guess if they keep contradicting themselves day to day, they'll be right 50% of the time?!
Stay safe and well my friend.

After Christmas I will buy the discounted holiday makeup palettes and stock up for the year. I tend to wear neutral colours but the really bright ones can get used putting streaks of wash-out colour in my hair.
Hope you are staying healthy and safe.

It will be curious to see how long it takes after this ends for people to go back to our regular activities. I can't imagine ever wanting to dine out or go to the theatre again. They are discussing lifting some restrictions here but I'm in no hurry to get outside.
Hope you are able to saty healthy and safe.

@Senora Allnut
Thank you. I can't say I know what tourists wear as no one comes to visit Omaha! They should! But they don't.
Hope you are doing well, satying healthy and safe.

Mim said...

The issue I have with those idiot protestors is that a lot of them don't seem to be protesting about their own right to work - they're grizzling that other people aren't doing their hair for them, cooking their meals and so on. As though other people should have to risk their lives to ensure the protestors' continued comfort!

Your comments on the pastel checks made me laugh. The uniform of the female tourist over 40 visiting Bath almost always seems to involve cropped trousers, for some reason. Cropped trousers and some sort of sport shoe. I'd love to wear capris, but with my lack of waist I know the effect is going to be 'Nana's off on a cruise' rather than 'Bettie Page casual'.