Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Three Birds Watching From a Rock and I Swear the Third One Talked
So, how’s the lockdown isolation treating everyone? Any interesting hallucinations, frank, auditory, or other? I guess we’re all having coronavirus dreams now as well. I trust no one has been disinfecting internally?
Just because there was a historical precedent doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Wouldn’t recommend a bleach poultice either🙄.
We had a severe dust storm last evening and it created a double rainbow effect at sunset. I can’t decide if it is beautiful or ominous. We’ve had high winds blowing across dry, unplanted fields making it miserable to spend much time outdoors. I try to take short walks around the neighbourhood between the gusts.
I now have a pretty good system for doing shopping where I only need to go every two or three weeks. I stick to the small organic stores ( we have two) and the corner Walgreens. I go with a planned out list as I always did before. I might not plan meals ahead but have a pretty good idea what we use. Obviously I make adjustments for availability and quality of produce. Tomorrow is shopping day and though I can’t say I want to do it, there’s comfort knowing I can stay in for another few weeks after.
Working through the freezer, I made some chicken thighs into a nice meal for the boys. Olives, preserved lemon, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger was all it took to transform boring, skinless, chicken into a fancy meal. I’ve personally graduated from living on jam sandwiches to graham crackers and tea thus moving from the palate of a four year old to a six year old. We all mature at our own pace😁.
With the warmer weather coming in it was time to switch to a lighter blanket . Knowing Nebraska weather I have kept the extra blankets handy for now. My mum made this blue crochet back in the early 70s.
The clothes switch has been going slowly as I don’t feel any obligation to get it done. I do get dressed every day, but as no one sees it, there’s no pressure to do anything elaborate. This outfit is an old favourite, year after year that always looks like I spent more time putting it together than I did. Every wardrobe should have a few pieces that do that.
This purple wrap skirt was something I purchased about 30 years ago when I still lived in Chicago. It is antique saree silk sewn onto a new backing. In younger years I’d wear it with a tank or bikini top but clearly that ain’t about to happen now! It is such an elaborate piece it doesn’t require much more than a simple shirt on top.
Some late 80s rayon is always nice this time of year when spring can’t decide on sun or snow. This dress is St. Tropez West, which eventually became Carole Little. It would have skewed a bit mature for me back then, but in my fifties it feels perfectly appropriate. Good colours too.
What have we here? Straight hair! Decided to try blow drying it for the first time in a year and a half. Took forever, and turned to frizz the second I stepped outside. Don’t think I will be doing it again but it was interesting to see how long my hair is straight.
On a really bad hair day there’s always a kerchief 😆.
The Holly Hobbie dress reappears for a first warm day wear.
The over the door skit hanger is back in action. That yellow maxi sticking out deserves more wear than it gets, so perhaps soon. I have three Chessa Davis tinkerer skirts and that’s my favourite one.
Maybe this would be a good time to sort out the necklaces...
...and the perfume.
All this perfume and what do I wear day to day? Perfumes of Ireland Innisfree. Heavy on the lavender, but I have loved it forever. I still have half a bottle of the old formulation but when it is gone I’ll miss it. The newer version is ok but not the same.
I’ll leave you with a couple of patches that might finally get sewn on my leather jacket now that I have time. 
Hope you’re all doing well. Remember kids, disinfectant should never be used internally, and a sunlamp to kill coronavirus is a very bad idea.
hang in there!


Emily said...

Oh, those outdoor shots are gorgeous! The vivid colors are a real mood boster.

Thanks for the close-up of the dress with the squirrels on it. It's such an interesting detail and I would have missed it entirely. And that gold belt is amazing.

I've been eating a lot of stews with savory and sweet Middle Eastern spices like yours. With raisins and slivered almonds in place of harder-to-find currants and pine nuts, it tastes almost like I'm at my favorite restaurant back when we were still in pre-quarantine days.

I recognize a lot of the fragrances in your collection (for obvious reasons, LOL). It's nice to see Floramye again. That one is a real stunner in photographs.

I'm becoming so used to social distancing now that it no longer feels like a big deal. As an introvert, perhaps I was born for this moment in history.

Emily said...

P.S. I recognized one of your bottles as a L'Artisan because of the cap. May I ask which scent it is, and what you think of it? : )

Goody said...

Slivered almonds are a great idea (jots that on list). I've never bought pine nuts but when I was a child my mum had a small jar from Syria someone brought her. I'm certain she never opened it, but the smiling chef on the label was fun.

The L'Artisan is Tuberose. I'm not in love with it, but it was a buck in the Goodwill and seemed worth a try. To be fair, I only wear sweet heavy florals from time to time and would probably go with Fracas or Truth or Dare. It isn't terrible, but again, I'm not a good judge.

Vix said...

Purple is your colour, you always look so good in it!
When I first went to India I went mad for those recycled sari bits, the paperbacks & toiletries were left in the guesthouse and the fisherman's pants, triangle tops and mahoosive sweeping skirts came home.
I can't get over all that perfume, it's like a shop.
Good to see the Hollie Hobbie dress, it must be Spring! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Ooooh, I've wondered about the extent of your perfume collection -- and it is as grand and glorious, and extensive!, as I'd surmised. But we're allowed to smile when you confess that like Vix and her rings, you tend to wear only a few favorites.
I covet the cross-stitched squirrels and the blue squirrels pendant necklace. My Covid dreams usually involve driving (or what's worse, cycling) into deep woods at night, rather reminiscent of the opening scenes of Midsomer Murders. Perhaps a talisman or two with fuzzy tails would ward them off?
Meanwhile, the sweetheart neck on the 50's floral dress suits your straight hair do -- and that floral (frangipani?) corsage on the bolero is exactly right for the period look! This calls for a drink with an umbrella!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh my goodness, the perfume!! How do you remember where everything is? Doesn't it go off because you can't possibly use it all all of the time? I'm intrigued and somewhat awed...

Fabulous outfits as always and your hair looks great straight; but I prefer the curls. I'm always telling my daughter the same thing...

I really like the sound of the chicken thigh dish - we eat mostly chicken thigh but we keep the skin on - mostly.

Good luck with the shopping.

Your plants are looking lovely and the colours are so vivid.

No hallucinations to share...

Take care and stay safe

Señora Allnut said...

Lovely to see these photos of blooming flowers and lush trees, even the ominous rainbow!
Also glad that you can keep yourself safe for weeks avoiding shopping but also cooking some delicious meals. Now we go to the market every week/ten days, which is a great difference from our usual lifestyle, when we bought fresh food almost everyday and chatted with producers and retailers (it was a favourite activity of mine).
Love your embroidered top and fab skirt and how nicely they work together!, such a brilliant ensemble!
Love your purple wrap skirt, it's a stunning piece and the color is Fab. So obviously I also love your 80's rayon dress, its delightful print and cool colors. And those accessories so brilliantly picked and styled!
And the floral dress is such a beauty, it looks fab with the bolero and those bracelets!, so stunning!
It's so lovely to have a look at your Amazing Perfumes Collection, and such a Collection!. I'm totally amazed!.

Polyester Princess said...

That dust storm does look ominous to me! Love the Aquilegias (Columbines), they're firm favourites with me. We're still doing a weekly supermarket shop, or rather Jos is, but he's never had to queue or had problems with distancing. It's a smaller shop, which might not have as much choice, but at least it feels safe. We use a local organic shop too, for fruit and veg or anything else we might run out of. It's a five minute walk, so there's a tiny bit of exercise involved as well. A lovely round-up of outfits, and I think I'm in need of an over the door skirt hanger too. I'm pleased to see you've got about as much necklaces as I do. But my jaw literally dropped upon seeing your perfume collection! xxx

Emily said...

For tuberose, it's hard to beat a classic like Fracas and its imitators. Still, for $1, your L'Artisan is an enviable find and it's always nice to satisfy one's curiosity about something new.

Until Beth Waltz pointed it out, I didn't notice the squirrel theme on the blue necklace! That's so cool.

Bibi Maizoon said...

First, I am totally envious of your perfume collection!
Loving the Carole Little turquoise & purple dress.
Columbines are one of my favorite flowers! Got tomatoes & chilis planted in our garden already.
Our house gets a good dousing of Lysol Spray daily too.
Good to see you & yours are staying safe indoors!

bahnwärterin said...

the chicken dish sounds very yummy! but you really should try to eat better - "essen hält leib und seele zusammen" - i think crackers are not the best glue in this case.....
we too go with a list to the supermarket, always. and we go once a week - because no freezer - most veggies or fruit dont last longer than a week in the cellar. hope the garden will help at that soon.
stay safe and sane! xxxxx

Goody said...

I like purple on other people but always feel like it is a bit too regal for the likes of me!

I feel like we're living in an episode of Midsommer Murders-all this plague needs is Morris Dancers!

I have some paper drink umbrellas-thanks for the inspiration!

My room stays dark and cool which helps with keeping the perfume. I've only had a few go off over the years, one was Rabanne Metal. It was possibly the worst thing I've ever smelled. Most of the time they just start to smell like nail varnish remover.

I need to confess that what I showed isn't even half of the collection. I've cut back over the years, and being able to purchase decants is often enough to satisy my curiosity. There's stuff there I will never wear (Lentheric Shanghai, for example)because they are rank to me, but I keep them to remind me why I hate them! Someday, I'll review them all and put it online.

Shopping is such a social activity. I never thought I'd say that I miss all the various stops at butcher, green grocer, bakery, but doing everything in one place now feels sad-I miss the relationships I've built with people over the years. I hope your lockdown eases soon. Stay safe.

The over the door hangers are great but if you over load them you'll only be able to open the door enough to squeeze in and out! I have about a dozen 4-tier hangers on the back of the door. I tried convincing Danny he should let me use the back of his bedroom door as well but since I already took over 3/4 of his closet, he declined! Kids.

I've been wondering how you're doing. Who needs perfume when we all have homes that smell like Lysol! Sigh. It will end. Eventually.

This is probably the worst I've eaten in my adult life, but I just can't get anything substantial down. I've lost 12 pounds since the lockdown began and I'm certain it is all from stress.

I hope things go well with Germany relaxing the lockdown rules. Stay well.

Mim said...

I do envy you your 'fume collection! It's magnificent. (Mine's a dust-magnet too.)

No coronavirus dreams here, though my moods are all over the place and I've been comfort eating loads.