Wednesday, May 13, 2020

But Tell Me, Where Do the Children Play?
The neighbourhood is empty. Some restrictions have been lifted but many businesses are not re- opening. School is out, but the children are all inside. Occasionally I see my next door neighbour’s two kids, but only as they head in or out. It is strange , but reassuring that people are taking it seriously, at least in my area.
The garden continues to provide food and relaxation. I’ve tarped it tonight as there’s a chance of hail in the wee hours. I certainly don’t want a repeat of last year. There’s so much growing in our small space. This year I planted out the back of the house as well with some cumin, mint, and nasturtiums. I’ve never grown cumin- so far it looks healthy. In front I have sweet and white potatoes, lettuce, mustard greens, peas, spinach, chard, cardoons, violas, chamomile, thyme, basil, rosemary, sunflowers, strawberries, sorrel, scallions, and kale. For the summer I have tomatoes and cucumbers that will replace the spots where the peas and kale are. Every few weeks I reseed the lettuces to keep a regular supply. Anyway, it keeps us fed and it gives me something relaxing and enjoyable to do.
So yeah, my immune system is kicking my behind. That’s ok- I know how to deal with it but right now, since the pandemic began, I’ve been stuck doing everything. I mean, I always was, but now I’m cooking three meals a day and constantly cleaning and picking up after two people that never leave the house. Ahem, a mother’s day card would have been a nice acknowledgement but yeah, neither mentioned it. So tomorrow is the big shopping day (every two weeks) and I have to go it alone because somehow it made sense for me to do it. I am in So. Much. Bloody. Pain. Delivery is impossible here, and it is only every few weeks but still. I really don’t want to think about it. Hopefully it will go quickly and smoothly. 
Warning- gruesome toe photo ahead😬
I had to laugh at the description of “Covid toe” that people are getting. How on earth would I know?! My feet always look like this thanks to Reynaud’s Syndrome . Winter, summer- always blue toes. If Covid manifests as an inflammatory response I would probably not notice. Already had the yearly bout of pleurisy to keep things interesting!  Never dull with autoimmune disease! OK, thanks for listening to me moan. I largely keep it to myself but today was particularly bad. There’s nothing to say, really ( Happy mother’s day would have been nice) but I needed to let off steam. How about we get back to the clothes?
This Moby Dick tee shirt features a design by Kate Beaton. If you don’t know her work, go Google it. You won’t be sorry. 

The linen culottes have an annoying paper bag waist, and I rarely wear them. The fabric is nice though, so perhaps a good lockdown project would be to make a proper waist band. I purchased them new and they feel too extravagant to just get rid of.  World Market has such nice clothes. I go for tea and really have to fight myself not to come home with a new wardrobe. I’m well stocked with tea for a few months so at least the temptation has been removed!
A few more skirts featured on Instagram. Some of these photos are old that I re-posted.
It has been fun going through my collection one after another. I should probably stop buying them now!

All this time at home is an opportunity to sort through things. Sometimes there’s a good discovery.
 Can’t remember where it came from.
Years ago, Danny made this and stuck it on the door when he was sick. He still has it. Hopefully we won’t need it.
The pool won’t be opening anytime soon. I might get one like this ( yes, that’s me in the 60s) to put in the garden. I already talk to crows and have a trained squirrel, so it isn’t like the neighbours don’t already know I’m strange.
The best thing I baked lately was this rye with  a 3 day starter made with the water left from boiling potatoes.
Rye flour is easy to find right now as white flour is selling out. I grew up eating rye bread so it isn’t terribly exotic to me. I also made a successful wholemeal and buckwheat loaf that toasted beautifully.
Made some vegetable stock from peelings, as you do.
I was all set to do a series of Hawaiian vintage clothing posts but the Covidiots have taken to wearing Hawaiian shirts, etc. to their armed protests. Apparently some sort of reference I don’t care enough to Google. Anyway, for fear of looking like I support them (I Do Not) it might be best to hold off on the vintage barkcloth for a bit. Sigh, what happened, did they run out of camouflage and MAGA hats🙄.
I’ll leave you with a picture of my new squirrel friend. He’s fearless, and tried to follow me back inside after feeding him. I’m certain he thought there’s better stuff inside. 
Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m bringing the clerk at the health food store a Christmas card with a tip in it. She’s always there, doing a hard job that’s all that much harder now and I wanted to say thank you. No reason to wait until December to thank the people that make life easier. Who knows what will be come December? We gave the postman a tin of candy and a card ( they’re not permitted to take money) as well. I don’t see anyone else anymore, so that’s probably it for tipping.  I hope it doesn’t look strange. I just kinda think it feels appropriate. Has anyone else been giving their yearly holiday gifts early? I don’t want to seem morbid.I can’t wait for the day when I can bake cookies for the library volunteers again. The library is closed for the foreseeable future, and I miss everyone so much. I guess the feeling is mutual because they have a giant sign in the window reading, “We miss you too!”Have a good week.
See you next time.


Bibi Maizoon said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to you!
Your embellished skirt collection is gorgeous! The plummy purple & the peacock skirts are my faves.
I love rye bread. If you ever fly Aeroflot they have the most scrummy rye bread & caviar blinis.

We just hit 250 confirmed cases here in Nepal. I guess the government will not confirm community transmission until we get to the cluster phase. Thankfully, zero deaths. All borders are sealed, no flights allowed foreign or domestic, full lockdown except for pharmacies, clinics & basic foodstuffs. People are understandably getting tired of the situation and are rarely wearing masks. Ramadan is a little less miserable as we have no guests. I'm just hanging out sweltering in my cafan.

Beth Waltz said...

Glad to see you're putting up a good fight, but sorry to see you sick and tired of being so sick and tired! The pix of your toes, plus your response to my last comment, reminds me of the story about Peter Cushing wearing his slippers while portraying Tarkin. What you need is floofy pink bunny slippers, and you'll get them as a belated MD gift if I spot any.
Your Victory Garden roster is amazing! Never have I known anyone to raise cardoons! Knew someone who tackled seakale, but not cardoons...
And RATZ to the Covidiots adopting Hawaiian shirts as protest attire! My summer wardrobe plans will require adjustment. Steampunk in the jungle?
Your full, floaty skirts are inspiring me. Perhaps worn with a big straw hat and lots of veils to repel the Murder Wasps?
Bless you for tipping the store clerk! I'm fortunate that local stores and restaurants are delivering, a service which has made my self-isolating a comfortable if expensive option. We're reminded our tips are delivery persons' wages, hence the recommended 20%.

Vix said...

I'm so sorry you've been unwell and that the two men of the house missed Mother's Day. Sending you lots of belated love.
That loaf looks and sounds very interesting, your salad leaves are enviable and the squirrel is adorable.
Send that blue folksy blouse my way when you're bored of it, it's fabulous. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Like Bibi, let me start by wishing you Happy Mother's Day. No matter if it's late, as I guess every day is Mother's Day when you're a Mum. Not very nice of your loved ones to forget you and take you for granted so much. I don't envy you your two-weekly shop, especially when you're in pain. I must say I'd never heard of Covid toe. Is that actually a thing? I love Danny's Moby Dick tee shirt and another round of gorgeous embellished skirts. Speaking of gorgeous, how divine is that rose locket! And how cute is your new punky friend! I think it's lovely that you will be giving the clerk at the store a card with a tip. They are heroes in their own right. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Goody!

Sorry to hear you've been feeling like crap and hope you are feeling better now.

I loved your collection of skirts and I commented on IG but I also thought you looked fab in Danny's cast offs!

It's very kind of you to give gifts and I bet the recipients will be very appreciative.

I was very pleased yo meet your new friend; he sounds very tame (or greedy)to want to follow you indoors. I've only seen a black squirrel once; in a car park strangely enough! Our squirrels just bury their stash in the plant pots and piss OH off...

Emily said...

Your homegrown lettuce mix looks beautiful! I do so admire your gardening skills, even though I've never been interested in gardening myself.

My toes have been blue-grey for many years, and when I get chilblains, they turn bright red. I think that in my case, the grey color is explained by poor circulation resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. Vigorous exercise and yoga inversions help bring a more normal color to my toes, at least temporarily, but yeah, I had to laugh the first time I read about "covid toe" because my feet look like that pretty much ALL the time. : )

I hope you feel better soon. It couldn't hurt to drop some hints to the boys about the major holiday they forgot about. : ) Hints like, "Gee, there are people like mail carriers who work so hard every day to provide others with necessities. Maybe they deserve cash tips and gifts and cards from those who benefit from their selfless labor. Come to think of it, MOTHERS also work very hard, not just during the pandemic but all year! Imagine that! If only there were a special occasion devoted to celebrating mothers everywhere." : )

I will definitely save some potato water for the next time I bake something. You do have the best kitchen advice!

bahnwärterin said...

your boys at home need to get slapped behind their ears! ts!
feel sorry to hear that you have a flare up - maybe to much crackers in combination with emotional stress? (every time i indulge in wheat my joints and stomach play havoc......)
your garden sounds very productive - as for strawberries: they need a new bed every 4-6 years and some a year old horse manure in early spring. and some sorts are breeded to die after fruiting or 2 years.... try to get old types, that are close the the wild forms - they will last you longer.

Goody said...

And to you!
You are sooooo lucky to be in Nepal right now, sweltering or not. I feel like I'm living through some dystopian nightmare.

Thank you again for the bunny slippers-I can't stop smiling at them!

Sigh, that's just their standard approach to everything, but thank you. You'd swim in that shirt, but I'll keep you in mind for it. The squirrels have me trained pretty well at this point.

We suddenly have a number of new squirrels hanging around the feeder, so I guess word gets around that there's food. I make sure they have something on the ground to eat so they will leave the hanging feeders alone.
The Covid toe is indeed real. I'm starting to think there aren't any symptoms that don't relate to this horrid disease.

Thank you.
The squirrels don't just bury nuts in our potted plants-I've found all sorts of things like sweet wrappers, pieces of plastic, and pull tabs from soda cans. They're worse than magpies! I don't blame your OH being angry with them.
Still, I do love watching them scurry about. I know they're just rats with a cute tail, but...

Chillblains are horribly painful-I'm sorry to hear you get them.
My idea of gardening is to stick seeds in dirt and hope for the best. I'd like to pretend I know what I'm doing, or have some system but I really don't. Pretty much, if you know what generally works for your soil and location there's no reason not to try. I noticed the sunflowers are starting to sprout today and I am VERY excited for that-I planted dozens.

I'm ready to run away when this is all over but they probably wouldn't notice until they started getting hungry!
That's good advice for the berries-there's a few new shoots coming up this year, so I don't think they're quite dead-maybe they just need a different spot.

Miss Magpie said...

Oh I'm sorry you've been poorly and your useless males, what are they like?? I have reynauds too but clearly nowhere near as badly as you. My toes go white and numb which makes walking difficult when they do, it's a weird thing.
I'm looking forward to seeing all your veggies and how cute is your squirrel?

Señora Allnut said...

as previous comments, I'm also sorry that you've been feeling unwell and dealing with your disease. Hope you're feeling better!
And love all these embellished skirts in every possible color!, they are fabulous and you rock them!
And great advice on baking rye bread, I'm grateful for this kind of useful tips!. And I use even the 'ugly' parts of vegetables, the darker green part of leeks or the broccoli stems. But I've never thought on saving the peelings too and cook some vegetable stock. You're Wise!

I love the idea of the cards (or cakes) to show that we're grateful to the postmen or shop assistants. I'm telling some of my favorite retailers how much I missed them and it has been moving!.

Mim said...

I hope all went well at the shop! And that someone managed to get you a belated Mother's Day card.

Hadn't heard about your covidiots wearing Hawaiian prints - I guess at least it makes them easy to avoid.