Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Well here we are- another week of more or less the same routine. Experts say routine is good, so I should be doing well.
The cardoons have come back with one planting itself in an inconvenient spot. I’m leaving it but know it will be scraping everyone that comes up the  walk to our house.
The kale keeps coming!
And peas. So many flowers on the peas. We had  an extended cold season, which helps.
Baked a rhubarb/blueberry pie.
I don’t waste pastry scraps.
The boys enjoyed the pie ( I didn’t have any). This was a new pastry recipe for me that used vegetable shortening and egg. They both thought it was pleasant and flaky. I’d try it again as it rolled out easily. I’m happy to do things easier when possible.
Instead of serving cornbread or biscuits I put my Nordicware pan to use and made aebelskiver using a standard pancake recipe with half the flour replaced for cornmeal. It is all perception of course as there’s little difference from pancakes but this just looks fancier and special.
Clothes have been a little better than utilitarian but just. Obviously, inspiration is lacking as this drags on and endlessly on, but getting dressed is worthwhile even if no one sees it. This linen dress has a fun print, and good colours.
This outfit got lots of love on Instagram, and it is easy to see why. The nylon material gives it a nice flowing shape. The print is fun.
This 1970s linen dress was thrifted for change. I googled it and found a similar Rae Hepburn dress listed for $600 usd. Madness! I’m keeping it, but good heavens, for that kind of money you could buy a used car! I’ve actually bought usedcars  for less the Tempo was 500 bucks.
I like this embroidered dress. I don’t like that it makes me look like I have enormous pontoons strapped to my chest. I’m certain I already possess the natural buoyancy of fat women everywhere- I could do without having it so emphasized!
See? I wear a 36D . That’s hardly Dolly Parton territory. Anyway, this dress may become a skirt soon.
Brown for spring? Of course. What I like about this silk dress is the print is floral rather than autumnal leaves.
More thrifted clothes from ages ago. The necklace and earrings are not vintage but rather a set I purchased at K Mart about 20 years ago. 

I’ve been featuring pieces from my jewelry collection on Instagram and thought I would show a few here.
And that’s about it for interesting things. I am working on a fragrance review of a bottle of vintage Devin I scored for almost nothing online. I was worried that it would smell like Aliage. Mercifully, it did not. Anyway, review coming soon.
Hope everyone is well and staying clear of covidiots. See you next week. You 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Loving the colorways you've chosen for this post - 70s earth tones and a bit of 40s drabs. That rusty red floral dress is way too pretty to chop into a skirt, perhaps a shawl or bolero thrown over the pontoons?
I recall Aramis' Devin being very green and forest-like with pine needles with little of the mouldy breath aldehydes of Alliage?
Your garden looks spectacular! Mine has drowned, as the North Indian plains are searing with 41C/105F temps, we have had daily downpours here in Nepal, a grand total of 36 inches of rain so far in May alone! (Average yearly rainfall in our valley is 136 inches)

Vix said...

I spy a Kuchi pendant missing its coins!
How amazing does your figure look in that red dress? I'm not surprised that other dress got loads of love on IG, I love the diagonal trim.
I had to google cartooms, never heard that word before, that's what I'm growing in my flower bed - not keen on eating them.

bahnwärterin said...

i stay as fare as possible from this covidiots!
good to hear that your garden is productive - i planted peas too but they are still not showing up.... 10 days my be to short :-D
rhubarb pie - mmmhhh - and with blueberries too - no we can buy some flour again i must do a fruity pie too - the BW will love it like your boys do......
dolly parton territory - i know what you mean! me was there too - but it seems that its starting to shrink already - i´m not too sad about that.
but as always i have to use my imagination to see the pictures - the insta-link does not really work for me.... but don´t feel any pressure, its only my fault as i still do not want to join instagram....
i see forward to that fragrance review - i love this feature of your blog, you write them so very well!!
stay safe!

Señora Allnut said...

Lovely to see what you've been baking these days, it's an inspiration!
And Love Your Outfits!, your linen dress has a fab print, love this kind of abstract leaves print and totally agree that the colors are good (classic summery color combo!) and the accessories are so cute!. Love your wicker baskets!. Love the nylon dress too and the stunning beads, this print looks like a Klimt picture, the colors are amazing and it's really groovy (no wonder it got lots of love!)
Your red dress has fab embroideries, and love the cameo brooch (keeping everything in place!). But totally agree that this kind of dresses, with a wrap top and wide waist band, don't fit curvaceous figures!
Love your 'autumnal flowers' dress and the magnificent accessories. And love your geometric printed skirt in black&white with those details in yellow and your cool necklace. I have a weakness for these prints!
But my favourite piece is the 'orange' set, those fruity beads and the cute leaves!. Totally in love with it!

Polyester Princess said...

It's good to see that your plants are thriving. I'm loving the Aquilegia at the start of the post. To my surprise, my Nasturtiums - the ones I sowed - also have larger leaves than usual and as yet no flowers. This is probably due to the fact that it has been too dry. They don't like it too dry or too wet, and they don't like fertilizer either. But back to your post! I'm loving the look of that rhubarb pie and the aebelskiver, which I confess I hadn't heard of. I agree that getting dressed is worthwhile even when nobody sees you and I've enjoyed seeing your outfits on IG. Your jewellery is magnificent as always. Doing my best to avoid the covidiots! xxx

Emily said...

That gorgeous red dress with the matching cameo is the prettiest thing! And being buxom is nothing to be embarrassed out. I bet you can make this outfit work, even if you don't convert it to a skirt.

Your pie looks beautiful. It's nice to see your garden thriving too.

Looking forward to your review of Devin.

Beth Waltz said...

The linen dress is so visually striking I must admit that I'd have been tempted to play it safe with black accessories - until I saw how boring that would be compared with your assembly of mustard and brown pieces. The necklace is exactly the right weight and swag for that strong vertical print!

The pie calls to me, especially since I recall your stocking up on ice cream.
and brown plastics provide exactly the spark