Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Stand in the Place Where You Live

If it is May, it must be apricot jam time.
I was pleased to find first crop California apricots at the organic grocery when I went last trip. In an attempt at something resembling normalcy ( yeah, I know), the yearly batch of jam was made. There’s not going to be a State Fair to enter it in this year, but it won’t dampen our enjoyment of it. 

Danny has always adored apricots. As a wee one, I knew he’d eat porridge oats if there was apricot jam. Apricot nectar, dried apricots, apricot chutney- I don’t think he’s ever met an apricot he didn’t love. I’d rather have a peach or nectarine myself, but that’s probably more a matter of texture and scent. No one ever sniffs an apricot and gets emotional 😁.
https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=14WBB7UtGAcxh6NXh_HkDhHoRvAEqk6BrAnyway, we have six pints now which will get us through the year.
The kale keeps chugging along! I’m glad I didn’t plant more- it grows like mad. My plans to eat it as baby leaves in salads is shot to hell because even the most earnest salad eater would have a difficult time keeping up! 
Beth made good on her threat to get me in bunny slippers and I couldn’t be happier! They’re not only adorable, but truly comfortable as well. It was a positively lovely thing to do, and   I’m only sorry I don’t have a cat to torment with them! Thank you again, Beth. They’re brilliant!
The perfect accessory that goes with everything 👍
The idea of smoked tea ( not smoking tea, which is something else entirely) isn’t terribly appealing to me, but cooking rice noodles in it creates an interesting effect. The recipe also used garlic, peanut butter, mint, and sesame oil so it probably wouldn’t be that strange in context. Worth trying if you’re looking to fancy up your noodles with minimal effort. 
This is my idea of spring eating. Growing up in Chicago, where winter can feel endless, the first shoots of rhubarb breaking through the dirt in our front garden was a cause for celebration. My mother really didn’t bake, so instead of pie we would have it stewed with strawberries. I don’t even need the custard- just the rhubarb does me fine. I mentioned to my husband that kids would eat it raw, dipping the end in a bowl of sugar. He tried it to be polite, but I could tell he didn’t understand. Some things you just have to acquire a taste for when young. 
Been putting my vintage lamp to use because... well, LOOK at it!  I’m certain there won’t be an annual Sarpy County Museum Yard Sale this year, which is sad but understandable. The volunteers are all quite elderly. The lamp was one of my favourite finds there.

How about a quick look at some of last week’s accessories?
Matching Coro Thermoset necklace and earrings also from the Sarpy Sale. Brooch doesn’t get much wear.
The tennis bracelets belonged to my mother. I always thought they were tacky, but the look has grown on me over the years.
Being at home I’ve run out of excuses for not cleaning my jewelry. Also have a habit of wearing the same things over and over so some variety was long overdue.
It isn’t nearly warm enough for shorts! Wore them anyway. This is a top and matching shorts. I have the identical set in three different prints. Now that there’s time, the shorts really ought to be hemmed shorter to cut down on the frumpiness. 
When you can’t be arsed to get out of bed for photos! This is the same set in another print.
On my agenda for the rest of the week? Get Danny his learning permit so I can teach him to drive this summer😬. He’s NOT going to be using MY car! Ah well, at least the streets are less busy now. Wish me luck. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Ooooo! I miss nectarines, nothing like them! I love apricots but prefer them dried or cooked in some manner. That lamp is a showpiece, just fabulous. Your ring collection is amazing too, loving the square-cut solitaires. Nothing like a comfy pair of slippers to lounge about in.;)
The WHO team running Nepal's C19 program visited our town in their UN issued bullet & bombproof, satellite-connected Toyota Prados. They have a 500-page logical, scienced out, plausible, reasonable, sane, health-sector-emergency plan with a budget and stats that is transparent and available for public perusal online. Fancy that!!! A PLAN!!

Vix said...

Danny's old enough to drive? Goodness me, where does the time go?
Raw rhubarb dipped in sugar, we did that too.
Jam making, growing things, cleaning jewellery. We're becoming domestic goddesses during these strange times.
The bunny slippers are such fun, nice one beth. Loving the dress you're wearing them with! x

bahnwärterin said...

LOOOVE rhubarb! but i´ve been told that it need to be cooked to be not toxic.....
we will have to wait for fresh, ripe apricots until august, esp. the ripe ones are rare here so i will eat them fresh and buy the yam from a french manufacturer.
some years ago i had a thing with smoked tea - here named russian caravan tea - it remembered me on the desert campes in egypt - the beduines used small, sooty metal pots in open fires to make strong tea which tasted alike.
today was my first driving lesson after exactly 2 month of shut down....... started almost at zero. now i want fast success that i can get my license before the next thing hits. (to get driving license is very complex and expensive in germany).
stay safe & sane! xxxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Rhubarb and strawberry pie! I am sorely missing the first baked goods of spring traditionally served at church coffee hours (with brown paper bags of surplus under the table, free for the taking). * Sad to think that this year Danny won't be baking to compete -- but perhaps he'll share a few experiments, just to keep in practice?

Love the wabbits on your pore toes! The seller offered a pair with fangs, but they didn't seem appropriate for summer in Omaha... Meanwhile, my eyes are again glowing green with envy at your tropical prints on a black background. I don't wear shorts in public (and the cats make rude comments when I wear them indoors); however, I'm on the hunt for muumuus. Always said I'd go Full Tiki when I retired. I have, and I am!

Polyester Princess said...

Oh no, that post title was on my list to be used sometime. Will have to scrap it now :-) I do love apricots, but funnily enough only as a jam or dried, and not fresh. Like you, I prefer peaches or nectarines. The bunny slippers are hilarious! We actually used to eat rhubarb raw sometimes when I was a kid. I'd now only eat it baked in a pie, although Jos loves it stewed, which I don't. Love the funky lamp and your micro-mosaic bracelets. I don't think I've ever seen it as a bracelet! I'm swooning! xxx

Señora Allnut said...

We are also enjoying first apricots here but it's still too early for peaches or nectarines. All of them are delicious, but my favourite ones are cherries. I'm looking forward to go to the farmer's warehouse and buy some of them, freshly picked!. And then, I'd bake a clafoutis!

Love those slippers, so cute!, and they look comfy!. And love the outfit you wore with them, the colors are fab!
I'm loving your jewellery collection, particularly those rings are so stunning!.

And I'm amazed that Danny is going to take driving lessons, yay, he's growing fast!

Emily said...

That lamp is gorgeous! It's so bright and shiny that it seems like it could cure a person of seasonal affective disorder, but with a touch of disco glam to make it more exciting than plain old light therapy. : )

I've never had lapsang noodles, but some of my favorite Asian pasta dishes include the ingredients you named, so this sounds delicious to me.

Your bunny slippers are adorable. Will you be giving each one a name? That's what I'd do, but I'm a little eccentric and I tend to give names to inanimate objects.

Good luck to Danny! What a great time to be learning how to drive.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wonderful, wonderful accessories! Love them all. The shorts suits are cute and would be just right for our heatwave at the moment.

Apricot jam is lovely and to make your own as well...how many jars does that amount of jam make? I can't envisage pints of jam! Raw rhubarb dipped in sugar is lovely and reminds me of my childhood, too. We didn't grow it but mum always made rhubarb tart and gave us it raw as well - and stewed with custard.

The bunny slippers are fab - it's a good job you don't have a cat because I bet they'd stalk/shred them to death.

Imagine Danny driving! My goodness you must start early in the States; I think we can apply for a learner's licence at 17 for a car and 16 for a moped.

Hope better weather comes soon to you,

Miss Magpie said...

Danny is old enough to drive? Good lord where did that time go?? My Mum is a huge apricot fan too, you are making me fancy jam now.

Goody said...

A plan. Sigh. We just get told to drink bleach :(
I'm sure after the holiday weekend we can expect a spike in cases and hospital admissions in about 3 weeks. I'm not going anywhere.

If we still lived on the farm he would have already been able to drive as they have different rules but in the city they need to be 15 for a learner's permit and 16 for a license. Sometimes it is shocking how fast he grew up. He's growing a mustache and sideburns!

Only the leaves of rhubarb are poisonous.
I've heard that getting a driver's license in Germany is difficult, but that you have much better drivers. I hope you finish up your lessons soon, though I really hope nothing else is coming! We've had enough.

I'm hearing rumours that they might go ahead with the fair, but there's no way on earth I would participate this year. Sports are starting back up as well. I just don't get it. People will call the police to report a ten year old waiting in a car for a parent saying it is endangerment, but schlepping your kids out to sporting events, fairs, shopping in a PANDEMIC-that's just fine?!Sigh.
Definitely go for the mumu. As a kid, I always thought it was, "Moo MOO" like cattle, and was deeply disappointed when I found out it wasn't!
The bunnies are fab. Thanks again.

Aw go on and use it! Usually, my musical references are so damn obscure no one gets them ;)
Have you ever tried roasting rhubarb? If you put it in a small pan in a slow oven with some sugar it cooks without breaking down like stewing. Sort of a best of both worlds technique. I always forget to do it, but a scraped vanilla bean is also nice in it.

@Senora Allnut
I hope we get cherries this year. Most come from the Pacific Northwest of the US, and no idea how they are going to get them harvested with a shortage of labour. I like a few to make cherry flavoured vinegar with.

I do name things (Soapy the soap dispenser, for example) but haven't named the slippers yet. Glad to know it isn't just me!
I'm trying to keep the meals interesting, but after a bit something simple like noodles really appeals. I have some fried tofu squares to experiment with tomorrow. I bought them back in the winter without any plans.

In Nebraska it is 16 for a full license, 14 if you live on a farm. There's restrictions on needing an adult in the car with you, and not being permitted to drive after midnight, but generally most 16 year olds in the US can drive. It scares me, honestly. Danny's a serious, responsible kid so I know he will pay attention, but still-it seems too soon.
I got about 5 large jars and two small ones. Roughly about 1 1/2 quarts before bottling. It sounds like a lot, but they've already got through one jar! It is good in yoghurt, etc.

@Miss Magpie
I have no idea how he got grown up-I haven't aged a day ;)
If you do decide to make it, it cooks fast-faster than marmalade anyway and with much less fuss.

Mim said...

Ah, those bunny slippers are ace! I can't believe that you, the queen of accessories, didn't have a pair before!

Pete pickles eggs in lapsang to go on ramen - it gives them a deliciously smoky, almost bacony flavour. I might have to give that noodle recipe a go.

I hope Danny's driving goes well. I've never learned, so he'll be doing better than me!