Tuesday, July 21, 2020

School’s Out Forever

Well, maybe not forever, but one by one the districts are giving parents the option of remote learning via computer,  and there’s been a rush to sign up. Proper homeschooling has increased as well. Teachers are not thrilled about going back without adequate safety measures in place so expect threats of strikes, etc. I don’t blame them- I wouldn’t risk my life for $30,000 a year. At the very least they could offer hazard pay. 
We signed Dan up for remote learning first semester but I suspect by October it will all be remote. The virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The past few evenings we’ve rode out away from city lights to look for the comet ( no luck, too many clouds) and have passed crowded ball fields full of children playing baseball. They’re shoulder to shoulder in the dugouts,  and the stands are packed with families. No social distancing, and probably not many masks either.  I rarely “parent shame” others because there’s no one correct way to rear children. That said, I am beyond horrified by how cavalier people are willing to be with their children’s well being. These are the same people ready to call the police if they see children playing unattended in the park because it might “be dangerous”. They’re concerned by theoretical risk, but a pandemic is nothing to worry over?!  You can’t let a 10 year old wait for you in the car because they might get kidnapped, but you can sit them in a dugout teeming with virus. People are fucking idiots- thanks for coming to my TED talk🙄.

Here’s a pretty photo of a finch at our feeder to make you feel better. 
How about a nice stack of bakelite bangles? That always makes me feel better. The bottom one has some carving that’s still sharp and bright making me think it wasn’t worn much by the previous owner. The blue and brown wood grained bangle is  unlike any others in my collection. I’ve not been able to figure out if it is actual wood treated with plastic ( which was a thing in the 40s) or plastic made to look like wood. Either way, I do love how different it is. For some reason, I rarely find blue bakelite. 
Plenty of yellow bakelite out there. Most pieces are dulled with age but occasionally I find bakelite that still shines. There are companies that specialise in reviving old plastics but I suppose my taste is for the authentic patina .  The cameo ring was something I bought in the early 90s when I worked at Jordan Marsh department store. There’s a matching brooch as well. It was expensive for my budget but they had a generous employee discount, so I splurged. I’m glad I did. The ring on the left was thrifted. 
My collection includes a few glass bangles but I am always a bit nervous wearing them. This green one was a yard sale find for half a dollar. The brooch is bakelite and dates from the 40s (I think). 
This giant bangle is so heavy I can’t wear it long as it bangs against the bones in my wrist. It was a spectacular find ( a dollar at Goodwill) that I still can’t believe no one else spotted. The wooden earrings are very light, and just perfect for summer. 
These bangles aren’t bakelite but rather lucite. I paid a whopping five dollars for the spotty one, which was probably too much but I loved it. I was on holiday - I tend to spend more generally when away from home. Not that I’m going to be worrying about that any time soon! 
Here’s a reverse carved lucite bangle and a swirled bakelite. I wore the reverse carved one throughout my pregnancy because it was the only one large enough to fit over my swollen hands! So now it has sentimental value. 
Another bangle, this one made of a quartz- like material. I love wearing it on very hot days as it stays wonderfully cool. 

I’ll leave you with one more glass bangle and a wood and lacquer bracelet bought retail maybe 20 years ago. The shell hoop earrings are summer favourites. 
Next time perhaps we can have a look at handbags. Until then, wear a mask, keep your distance, and don't do stupid things. See you next time. 


Vix said...

That finch is gorgeous and I love your colourful bangle collection.
Here the parents that refuse to send their kids to school in case they catch the virus have absolutely no qualms about dragging them to packed beaches or around Primark. Makes no sense.
Jon and I are planning on going to see if the massive clearance charity shop has reopened today, our first trip for four months. I'm risking plague and pestilence for a paperback book or three! Wish us luck. x

Beth Waltz said...

My bangles live on a drapery cord (sans tassel) in a hat box -- rather like a snake in a basket. A friend stacks hers on an upright dowel designed to hold paper towels. How do you corral and collate your collection?
As always, you show a keen eye for balancing visual weights. The pink bangle with bold spots and the dainty floral design of the reverse carved lucite bangle are exactly right with those summer ensembles!
Locally, re-opening the schools horrifies the teachers; the parents, not so much. They seem to fall into two camps: those who regard the public education system as a provider of free daycare (and often, breakfast and lunch), and those whose home-schooling efforts have enlightened them to their kiddos' need for professional instruction.
I know teachers who are reinventing themselves as private tutors for considerably more than $30,000/year. I also know 3 great-grandparents who are now primary daycare providers for family pods of pre-schoolers. (I've got a TED talk on this...)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Loved your accessories - so many beautiful bangles and I loved the fruity earrings!

People are incredibly stupid but what can you do about it except try to stay as far from them as you can. It will be interesting here to see what happens with the compulsory face mask in shops thing from Friday...

That was a lovely finch.

Emily said...

Your finch did make me feel better! And so did your bright pink purse and matching Hello Kitty belt.

I'd love to see you give a TED Talk on common-sense parenting. And I love that picture of you at the top of today's post. Your face looks so stern but so droll. You once made that face in another post and called that look, "Mummy would like to have a word with you." : )

Bibi Maizoon said...

"Lockdown fatigue" is inevitable unless people are dying on doorsteps. Out of sight out of mind. I'd say we are down to about 30% wearing masks. Nepal is going to be opening up on August 17, fingers crossed!
I am in love with that carved lucite floral bangle!

bahnwärterin said...

i often think *what´s doing it to the kids?* (child-less that i´m) but then - they are young, they adjust easily to new things. and in my experience - the harder the school the better the resulting adults. mostly.
as for that stupid people went gathering at playgrounds - ´nuff said. C. divides the mankind in 2 parts - much more then money or systems: the part of the ones with a brain who are careful and the brainless ignorant part. sadly the brainless are the majority - something went wrong with the evolution.

can´t see your bangles but i´m faszinated by your descriptions of it! stay safe, sane and cool!

Polyester Princess said...

I think kindergarten and primary school will go back to normal in September but secondary school and higher will all be remote for now here in Belgium. Some schools partially re-opened end of May, and all teacher and students over twelve were required to wear masks. Can't imagine it being much joy teaching with a mask all day, so remote learning might be preferable, if not ideal. I really don't understand some parents, letting their children go to Summer camps, for instance, in bubbles or pods or whatever you call them of 50!
What a joy to see some of your collection of bangles which are all absolutely drool-worthy. I might have picked up and paid too much for that pink spotty one as well. xxx

Goody said...

It is interesting to watch parents try to rationalise risk away. I guess I'm just paranoid. Good luck on the search for books.

I bought velvet covered tiered bracelet holders for the ones I wear all the time. The rest live in sewing baskets and plastic trays.

The masks are a good thing-better late than never. Our local health department wants to order them but the governor threatened to sue them in court. I just can't understand letting people die to make a political argument.

Thank you! I don't know that I have any parenting insights other than I was old when I became a mother. If I hadn't already had 40 years of life under my belt, I might have been swayed by what everyone else was doing. My friends were all becoming grandparents when I was having Danny.

Lockdown fatigue is hard! I wish governments would understand this and try to maybe offer support rather than giving up and throwing caution to the wind. Stay safe.

When you said "C divides the mankind in two parts", my first thought was, "Capitalism has a lot to answer for" but then I re-read your comment and realised you meant Corona! They're both accurate though!

Summer camp sounds like madness, even if the cases are flattening out. I hope things continue to get better for you.

Miss Magpie said...

I'm beyond understanding the mentality of some people and don't get me started on the mask wearing! I'm a-gog for the handbags, i still plan a ram raid on your collection one of these days...

Señora Allnut said...

Lovely bangles always cheer me up, thanks for this!
And totally agree that some parents don't look concerned about Real Danger but they've got plenty of hysterical fears. Safety is not a thing most people can manage well, I suppose.
Glad that you're keeping yourself safe anyway, as the news are so worrying!