Friday, October 09, 2020

Mama Weer All Crazee Now



So where were we? Oh yeah, well 2020 just keeps it coming so fast I sometimes fail to keep up. You'll forgive me I hope. Ah well, no need to re-hash the past couple weeks. You don't come here for that. I'm not sure what you do come here for, but have a photo of Noddy. Yeah, just ignore the others, especially Dave. Ah Noddy,  how teenaged Goody loved you. I'd have married him if he'd asked, but he never did. Not that I knew him, but still, if the universe had aligned I'd have run off with him in a minute. Instead. here we are, 2020-weer all crazee now. 

Right. So here's something interesting...

There's a sunflower growing out of a sunflower. I've grown many sunflowers over the years, but that's a first. Oh, I know-2020.
If nothing else, 2020 has done wonders for my hair. Hair always looks best when no one will see it. It is quite thin, and falling out by the handful, but the fluffiness of the curls disguises the hair loss. 

I've been to the quilt shop. I'll be isolating for 2 weeks following my stint as a poll worker and I wanted to finish Danny's Birthday quilt (for December). The quilt shop was fantastic, and I didn't fear for my health as they kept everything clean and distanced. I'm happy to support a small business when I can, even if the fabric is a bit more expensive. Anyway, that's already been sewn to the batting and quilt top so now it is just doing the hand quilting. This one's a king sized quilt that will hopefully be something he can use years from now...until he gets married and his future spouse decides to throw out "that ratty old thing." You know how life is. 

The autumn garden is already providing scallions and pea shoots. This is some maple/soy glazed tofu, sweet potatoes, and basmati rice. Quick and easy, but well received. The basic recipe for the tofu is HERE

Still on an Instagram break because I'm not feeling well enough to do outfit posts, but I am getting dressed. This jersey dress somehow manages to make me appear pulled together when I am clearly not. Every wardrobe benefits from pieces like that. 

Throw a nice jacket over it, and done.

See? Instant outfit, if not, Instagram. 
I'm wearing a lot of black. *Shrugs*.
There's that dress again. Oh well, Rinse and repeat. 

And this one is Merino wool. And black. 
The skirt's not black, anyway. 

And it has pockets which almost forgives the terrible pleats. Almost. It would fit better if I lost 10 pounds. That's not going to happen. 
I bought myself a pretty little Limoges ring to replace the one I lost in the 70s. Better late than never, I guess. It was upsetting when I lost it, so now I feel like an old bad feeling has been smoothed over. It cost practically nothing, which was nice. 

Latest report is that there are just 25 intensive care hospital beds left in our county and the five surrounding. That's pretty bad if you get corona and terrifying if there's a car accident, heart attack, stroke, etc. I'm pretty sure you can guess how we got to this point without my elaborating. The state is 100 % open so the governor can brag about us having the lowest unemployment rate in the US. I guess if people get sick and die quick enough that makes for plenty of job openings. "We're Hiring!"
Ugh, I can't even manage sarcasm. We. Are. So. Fucked. 

Sorry. Here, maybe this will help...

 Well it helped me anyway. Alright, stay safe will ya? And for the love of god, wear the damn mask. 



Anonymous said...

I do not really know why I read your blog either. I guess it is because I like to see the thrift shop stuff. . It is always great to find the one piece at the thrift store years later that you loved and lost or gave away in a dumb moment , It is not often you get a second chance in life. Especially good if it is affordable. It has happened to me a few times. Thank goodness the sun keeps rising in the east and setting in the west. Seems the only thing we can count on.

Gail from Pa.

Emily said...

It's so nice to have found another Limoges ring to make up for the one that got away. You look elegant in black, and your hair is as lovely as ever. I hope you feel better soon.

And now, with apologies to poet Eugene Field, who wrote the children's classic, "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,"

Teenage Goody and Nod one night
Sailed off in a wooden shoe
Eloped in a Vegas wedding chapel
Where they said "I do."

"Where are you going, and what do you wish?"
The preacher asked the two.
"The future! But one that isn't so flawed!"
Said earnest Goody and Nod. : )

Bibi Maizoon said...

Why I read your blog: I love your writing, I love the thrifted outfits, I love the perfume reviews, I love to see what you are cooking, and I love hearing about your family & life in America.
Noddy was quite the snappy dresser too.
Loving the curls1 My hair is breaking off in handfuls too, got it bobbed for $5 at the local salon & now sporting finger waves thanks to Dippity doo.
It is the Hindu & Buddhist high holiday season here and all anti-Covid measures are being ignored by government & citizenry alike. We only have 35 ICU beds & 20 ventilators for the entire distrct of 500,000 people!

Vix said...

Noddy!! He's one of ours, born and bred in Walsall. The New Art Gallery uses his voice in the lift to announce each floor. He looks good for 74, doesn't he?
Your hair is looking fabulous.
Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Have been following news regarding the state of your State, and the state of your health, with growing alarm. What can one say to dissuade you from manning the polls and interacting face-to-face with the unmasked multitude?
If you insist on running toward the sounds of gunfire, please consider wearing body armor. The black outfit with the gold accessories, hair pulled back, is an elegant-school-superintendent-nobody-messed-with look that might keep the worst of the loud mouths at bay. Practice your I'm-from-Chicago-bitch look.

Meanwhile in the sane world that is our gardens, my kale is flourishing and a rascally rabbit is eating my lettuces. No problemo. The kale is a nice addition to my 15-bean soup; the rabbit gives my cats something to discuss besides migrating geese. Your sunflower is displaying fasciation. (YouTube creator Atomic Shrimp explained this phenomenon in a recent post.)

bahnwärterin said...

in the 80s i did spent a lot of money and time at the salon to get a perm that made my hair look like yours in its most natural way!! and failed - of cause. love your hair.
and love your black outfits very much - you look elegant and timeless and fabulous.
again we stopped going out - beside for food and toiletries (once a week) and a walk in a left alone park or forest. numbers rising fast & to many people out there without masks, distance and care....... i miss my friends.
stay safe and sane! xxxx

Polyester Princess said...

Noddy definitely still has the looks but Dave is still looking as silly as ever (I just had to google him for that!). I'm chuckling over Vix's comment where she says the local art gallery uses his voice to announce the floors in the lift! A sunflower growing out of a sunflower is a first for me too. Whatever's the world coming to? Your hair is looking gorgeous and I'm loving the embroidered jacket and your replacement Limoges ring! Covid cases keep rising here too, which is pretty terrifying. I'm back to avoiding the news as much as I can, and keep doing what has to be done! Keep safe! xxx

Goody said...

I'm glad you visit!
I miss the thrift stores. Thank goodness for ebay.

Ha! I love it!!!

Thank you. I started this as a cooking blog but it evolved over time. I never thought I'd be doing this for 16 years.
I don't know how we can convince people of their mortality-there seems to be something in people that just can't accept danger. Anyway, do stay safe.

I just love him-always have. That's perfect having him announce the floors!

They are providing us with N95 masks and face shields, which is pretty decent protection. I'm more concerned about over-zealous poll watchers waving their shiny new guns around and forgetting to set the safety. I didn't volunteer to be a bouncer.
Would you believe we have a tornado watch for tomorrow?! In October!
I have tried liking kale. I don't. I keep growing it anyway because it grows so well in pots but...blerg.

I'm sorry the cases are rising again by you. It is so exhausting to keep going through the lockdowns. I think the US is still in a first wave, which scares me as I know it is only going to get worse.
I hope you'll be able to get out safely again soon. It is hard being away from people for so long.

I should admit that I also would have happily run off with Ray Davies, but he didn't ask me either!!! Hrumph. Ah well, what can I say-their loss.
If 2020 has done anything, it finally convinced me that the idea of free will is absurd. The universe will do what it will.
I hope the cases don't get too bad by you. Maybe if winter is harsh enough people will just stay home. Stay safe.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Goody, your hair looks amazing and I can't see any sign of thinning - it looks thick and luxuriant to me!

The sunflower giving birth thing is weird...

I liked your black dresses; one had killer brooches on it and I'm so glad you found a replacement for your ring. I do hope Danny holds on to his quilt in years to come; fingers crossed.

I've never cooked Tofu but love it so I might give this recipe a try; it certainly looks delicious.

Take care and stay safe

Goody said...

Thank you!
Tofu is easy to cook with but you want to make sure you've pressed the liquid out first. I also find tossing it quickly in cornflour before frying keeps it crispy and it won't stick to the pan.

Señora Allnut said...

You've always been a tasteful lady, from your teens!.
Your hair looks Fab!, totally agree that 'hair always looks best when no one will see it'. My hair usually looks as a wet rat. So I feel envious of your fluffiness!
And I love your black dress, and love every piece that makes you look pulled together inmediately (máximum effect with mínimum effort!, love this!). Your embroidered jacket is a beauty! and accessories too!. You're looking really elegant and Cool.
Stay safe, dear Goody.

Mim said...

I was thinking about Danny's birthday quilts only the other day and wondered if you'd be making one. Glad to know some things aren't being spoiled by covid!