Sunday, October 01, 2006

Struan Bread

I really don’t understand why people are so fanatical about this bread. It’s pleasant, and has a nice texture and crunchy crust-but it’s certainly not the best bread I’ve tasted. I also don’t understand why it is considered “a lot of work” to make. Outside of two 90 minute rises, it really wasn’t any different than any other loaves of bread-save for some odd ingredients. I suppose if you always have wheat bran and buttermilk on hand then it wouldn’t be much trouble to toss this bread together without planning. I guess I’ll make it again as I now have a large box of wheat bran with no other use in mind (a blurb on the box suggests using it to stretch ground beef in meat loaf, but I think that sort of borders on heresy (like when my mother would “stretch” the salmon patties with a small tin of tuna).

The recipe may be found HERE.

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