Saturday, July 26, 2008


These used to be a fairly common item in Italian grocery stores in the 60's and 70's. Then, they just sort of disappeared. I saw versions of them a few times when I lived in Boston, but they weren't like the ones we had in Chicago. Honestly, I never knew they had a name-we just called them "round bread sticks."

So one day, I went over to Breadbasketcase, to see what Marie had been baking. There they were, my long missed round bread sticks-with a recipe to boot. I was so excited.

Regular readers know how Danny (aged 3 1/2) like to sniff the jar of fennel seeds. Usually, I just cave and bake him lemon/fennel biscotti, but when I saw the recipe for taralli, I knew he was going to love them. And he did-just look at that smile. My husband has already eaten five of them and I doubt very much the batch will survive the evening.

So thank you again Marie, for posting that fantastic recipe and letting me share a bit of my childhood with Danny.

The recipe and wonderfully detailed photos may be found HERE.

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