Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stop Bothering Me When I'm Reading, Mother

He looks really mad, but that's Danny's idea of a "big fake smile for the camera." I interrupted him while he was absorbed in a Daffy Duck comic book and he gave me this smile to go away.

I had to share the .50 cent thrift find sweater. Mr. Eat The Blog thought it was hideous in a 1974 kind of way, but I thought it had potential with the right pants. I sent him out today wearing a tweed sport coat over it and penny loafers so maybe...possibly, Mr. Eat The Blog had a point about my fashion sense being stuck somewhere around...well, 1974. I don't know, I thought he looked suave...or at least as suave as an almost four year old should. Besides, the sweater was practically free. Can't beat that.

Someday he's going to discover this blog and bludgeon me in my sleep.

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