Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ant Farm

Living on a farm I expect to deal with my share of ants each year-but this has been the worst. They don't appear to like the bait, and now I have their winged buddies too (pretty sure they aren't termites). I tried the coffee-grounds trick-it only made them stronger.

Any budding E.O. Wilson's *out there have any insights into ant behaviour that might be helpful? I really don't want to resort to chemical spraying since they will be gone in a couple months. Am I doomed to keeping my crackers and oatmeal in the fridge all summer?

Every time I think about E.O. Wilson (which admittedly, isn't all that often unless ants are swarming) it is followed by "Gosh, is he still alive?" It turns out, he isn't quite as elderly as I thought, but it sure does seem like he's been around forever. I hope ten years from now I'll be looking at an ant swarm and thinking "Gosh, is E.O. Wilson still alive? and be pleasantly surprised again to see that he is.

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