Thursday, June 11, 2009

Concord Grape Sorbet

Last Fall, as I grumbled about the crates of Concord grapes that needed to be made into jelly and puree for the freezer, I knew eventually I'd be glad I went to the effort. Today, my last two half pints of frozen puree went into sorbet, and wowie is it good stuff!

If you don't have any grape puree on hand, save this recipe for Fall when the grapes are in season and give it a try. It tastes like a cross between frozen wine and grape jelly. I should have made peanut butter cookies. Oh well, next year.

You Will Need:

1 pt. Concord grape puree
1/2 cup sugar
Enough water to total three cups when mixed with the grape puree

Set it all in a pot and heat until sugar dissolves. Chill before processing in an ice cream maker. I thought about adding some spices in cheesecloth to the mix as it heated, but skipped it. I still think cinnamon and cloves would be nice if you were serving this in cooler weather.

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Lisa said...

I need to move in so I can taste your sorbets! AWESOME. I'm drooling just looking at it.

Goody said...

I don't think any sorbet would be worth living in Nebraska ;)