Monday, June 15, 2009

Dinosaurs Versus Firefighters

I'm afraid it isn't looking too good for the firefighters.

Sort of related...

Danny: (To everyone at dinner table) You can learn a lot from looking at dinosaur poop.

Mr. Eat The Blog: Like what?

Danny: Well, if you look at a dinosaur's poop, and there's a guy's head sticking out of it, the dinosaur probably wasn't a vegetarian.


Lisa said...

Hahahahaha! Oh my word...your son is hysterically funny. I love kids & their perception of the world around them.

Goody said...

The thing is, he's really verbal for a four year old, so that adds another layer of amusement having these gems come from a small child. Last weekend, he was telling the ophthalmologist how to do his job.

Lisa said...

Telling the doc to do his job? What a funny kid. You're a great mom too.