Friday, June 19, 2009

Lavender Blueberry Ice Cream

-for people who like Yardley of London. I'm really not kidding. That's not necessarily bad, I have wonderful childhood memories associated with getting hand-milled bars of soap for my birthday each year-but I must warn you that this ice cream has a very assertive fragrance. If you're sensitive to strong, floral smells you might want to pass on this, or at least use half of the amount of lavender.

Recipe may be found HERE at Once Upon a Plate

It was only after I took the photos and cropped, etc. that I noticed the original post also had this displayed in a teacup. I wonder if subconsciously it was so strongly scented like Earl Grey that both our minds immediately thought, "Teacup." Of course, tea cups are a great way to photograph ice cream too-but I really think it is the scent.

I can't imagine sitting down and eating a gigantic bowl of this, but with a nice wedge of lemon pound cake I could see it being really nice.


Lisa said...

Very Quaint metaphorically speaking. Very pretty and lemon pound cake sounds intriguing. i've only eaten one type - Costco's butter pound cake. I'm sure that comment made you cringe! hahaha. Have a great weekend! Don't MELT. : )

Goody said...

I wish we had a Costco. I'm not a food snob, I can appreciate store-bought cake.

Hope you have a nice weekend as well.

Jenn said...

That is just the prettiest thing I have ever seen. I need to get myself an ice cream maker.

Goody said...

Pretty, but very, very stinky-in a good way...sort of reminds me of my granny. I'd love to try this with dried violets.

I'm using a Cuisinart right now that we bought at the thrift store, but I've also used Hamilton Beach makers. The problem with the electric ones (in my experience (and this is the third one I've owned) is that the motors eventually give out. The more expensive ones are probably made better, or at least warrantied. I know you can by a freezing bowl attachment for the Kitchenaid stand mixer. I'm not crazy about the plastic pieces on the Cuisinart, which on our last one broke within the first year just in the sink being washed. Still, I can't complain for what I spent.

If you're really desperate to make ice cream, you can do it in a freezer tray, or do the frozen coffee can with a layer of ice and salt.

On the plus side, if your machine breaks, keep the bowl and you'll have a spare one to keep cold at all times. Where you're at, the thing can just sit outside all winter and be cold without taking up freezer space.

The self-contained ones sound really nice, and they have the advantage of not needing to freeze the bowl, but they are super-expensive.