Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Stuff

Neighbour is replacing his hay barn that landed on our car during last year's tornado. There's a group of young men (unfamiliar, so I don't think they are their relatives or neighbours) walking around wearing jeans, cowboy hats, and little else. This is a vast improvement over the roofers, which you will remember had a creepy, shirtless old man that looked like William S. Burroughs peering in the windows. This is much better.

I bought a beef heart to stuff with parsley and breadcrumbs and bake. I was feeling adventurous (easy to do when you won't be the one eating it) and Mr. Eat The Blog was somewhat interested in trying it. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Take another piece of my heart now baby...

Danny's half birthday is coming up and if you've been following along the past few years, that means cake. I've been frosting Thomas the Tank Engine cookies to decorate it with. I still have a couple days to pull it together.

My tomato plants are looking fantastic. We are under a severe storm/tornado watch tonight and I'm really tempted to go out and cover them in case of hail. I really don't know what to do. I hope I don't lose them all again this year.

The state has been restoring the prairie around us and making water retention areas for waterfowl. The birds love it-but I was outside for less than three minutes to let the dog out, and I am covered in mosquito bites. Not good. The mosquito magnet must have surrendered.

Well, I'm off to go watch the half-naked cowboys across the driveway.

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Lisa said...

Ummm...will be interested in how that heart thing turned out and...can't wit to see Danny's cake post.

Better to be safe than sorry w/ tomatoes.