Friday, June 19, 2009

Right On Time

Every year, right at the start of summer, it happens. I'll be sitting at my desk in the evening and hear a "thud" on the window. Looking up, I'll see a frog hanging there, reaching a hand out now and again to grab the tiny insects attracted to the light of my computer monitor. He has plenty of fine dining after all the rain we've had. I get itchy just looking out the window.

This morning, there was a gigantic cicada on the kitchen window, and as I type, it is still hanging there. I told Danny that he came to wish him a happy 4 1/2 birthday. Around noon, I heard Danny talking to the window:

"But the party isn't until tomorrow."

I think we'll be obligated to bring it some cake if it is still there in the morning. Sort of reminds me of the time when Danny was whispering behind the washing machine to the mice that "Mama bought traps-you have to go."

So anyway, here's the first frog of 2009, if you keep track of that sort of thing. 2007 frog, HERE.

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Lisa said...

There's certainly no need for a television at your house as there's PLENTY of ENTERTAINMENT in your home. It's the best comedy I've ever witnessed!