Thursday, July 16, 2009

Only Canadians...

...would knit summer clothes. Mohair. Yeah, I'm going to do that. Look, I'm anemic, but I'm not that anemic. I thought you guys are getting hot summers now thanks to all our greenhouse gasses.

There used to be this lady in the neighbourhood where I grew up that wore a parka in August and then, when she thought no one was looking, would open it up, sniff her armpits and close it again. She lived in a house with ten collies-so I'm not really sure how good her sniffer was...but...crud, where was I going with that thought? Oh yeah, dressing too warm for summer.

I mean, THESE are beautiful, but my skin is cringing and breaking out in heat rash at the thought of anything knit cotton or not, on my skin right now. They would however, be perfect for Midwestern Autumn, so if you knit slowly, you should be ready with your fancy new wrap dress by October. Or, my husband should be, because Mr. Eat the Blog is the knitter in this family-I crochet and sew.

I am kinda sorry to see shrugs have come back in style though...they always look like a cardigan someone forgot to finish. Now that I don't have shoulders anymore (I swear, they just disappeared around the time I turned forty, and now I just have these funny looking angular things that all my shirts slide off of) shrugs might work better for me-but they still look stupid.

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