Friday, January 08, 2010


I can't think of any other post I've done that required a content warning, but just on the off chance you don't find plane crashes, soccer and cannibalism funny, you might want to skip this post. As for the rest of you-I don't want to hear a peep of complaint or I'm doing a a series of Pasolini films and I'm starting with the one where they guy falls in love with the pig.

Damn, That's a pretty bad plane crash. In the Andes. In Winter. Man, that's going to really suck...

I mean, come on-after forty years are you really going to be offended by this unless you're an Uruguayan soccer player? It's really, really cold here and I'm snowbound, but you don't see me eating my family-do you?

Alive, 1993
Wow, what a really lousy way to die...what else could possibly be worse than that?

Oh hey, what do you know, it DOES get worse. And to think they didn't have a single marshmallow or hot dog on the plane to roast. I hate that, when you have a good campfire going and all you have are your friends severed limbs.

How can you guys practise at a time like this? You're just going to burn more calories and then you'll be hungry again.


Raymond said...

OMG!! This is the GREATEST thing I've ever seen. Please, PLEASE "God" send me back in time and let Ms ETB be my mom.

Goody said...


Mr. ETB requested this one. We've decided to do a series of film as cakes, since I've already done a few. I'm going to bake myself a birthday cake next month that will probably be even more offensive.

Raymond said...

The Birds?

The Exorcist? Maybe with a top layer on a lazy susan that makes it spin. You could use one of those lightweight plastic lazy susans made for the kitchen cupboard.

Goody said...

Oh...that's really, really good. I like that. It would be easier than what I was thinking of (depicting a skinned rabbit in decorated sugar cookies could be difficult anyway)...oh yeah, I like the Exorcist idea.

Raymond said...

The dead skinned rabbit from "Repulsion"? (starring Catherine Deneuve, directed by Roman Polanski)

Goody said...

Like there's another one?