Sunday, July 07, 2013


Because I'm a good, efficient, homemaker and had the majority of the packing done in the first week after we decided to move house, I treated myself to a couple vintage handbags today. I promise there will be photos as soon as I can download a photo-editor that works with the new computer.

The first bag (the pricy one at $38.00 USD) is late 1940's, dark brown leather that has been buffed to an almost metallic sheen with gold hardware, and inset silver leather design at the top. I love silver and gold together, and with the bronze effect of the purse's body, it will match (nearly) anything.

The second bag is beaded milkglass with roses made of coloured crystals every few inches. The beaded handle is in need of some sewing, but it is otherwise beautiful. I couldn't understand why the inside was beaded as well-in solid white, until I realized it is reversible-so technically, I bought three handbags. The beaded one cost $13.00

Funny, but I've been searching for a new summer bag for ages, and had pretty much given up as I'm somewhat particular. I sort of wish I could get back the hours I spent searching Etsy, but let's be honest-you never really *waste* time searching Etsy.

Now if someone would just make an attractive, beaded Eppi-pen carrying case!

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