Monday, January 16, 2017

All Killer... Derma filler.
 I personally don't think my skin looks particularly great (maybe for my age) but as I keep being asked about my skincare routine, this seemed like a good time to write about it. Keep in mind, cosmetics applied skillfully can keep a complexion looking better than it is. Anyway, you asked, so here's the story.

I don't spend a great deal of money on skincare products. For cleansing in summer, or after a workout, I like Pears soap, followed by Dickinson's Witch Hazel. In cold, dry weather, I cleanse with Ponds Cold Cream, which I always use for makeup removal anyway. Nothing removes mascara like cold cream.

For daily treatment, I use Ponds dry skin cream in winter. In the summer months, I use  Ponds cream developed for reducing age spots. Does it help? Not much, though it might be worse if I didn't. My skintone is quite uneven, but again-carefully applied cosmetics do wonders.There's sunscreen in the cream as well as my cosmetic foundation, so I don't bother applying an SPF to my face. I'm no longer prone to serious break outs, but when they happen I find witch hazel as good a treatment as anything.

 I probably ought to use an eye cream, but can't be bothered. My hands take a serious beating in cold weather, but that's what gloves are for (hiding). Body lotion is whatever came with the perfume sets over the years-I'm currently working my way through, Passion, Jean Nate, and White Diamonds. Unless I start running around naked, I think they're probably good enough.
I should mention, when I was young and my skin was oily, I found Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Soap a great help. It is expensive, though it lasts for ages. I don't know if it had an overall effect that I'm benefiting from now (doubtful) but it did keep the break-outs at bay in my younger years.

My skincare isn't focused on trying to look younger (talk about a futile effort). I'm rather enjoying watching my grandmother's face emerge on my body (and why not? I liked her!) but I don't enjoy flaking, peeling, and cracking skin. If I can keep that under control I'm happy enough to have some laugh lines-better to laugh than cry. I try never to say, "never" but I don't see myself having anything injected into my face as I'm somewhat squeamish. I don't even like going to have my teeth cleaned. I've never bothered having the chicken pox scars dealt with, and these days there are such excellent makeup primers that they're hardly noticeable if I bother to apply it. I've lived with the scars since I was six-no point getting all worked up about it at this late date. I do have a mole on my chin that needs to be looked at, but otherwise trips to dermatologists are rare. I  have an autoimmune issue that flares from time to time, and that is dealt with as needed, and Dermablend is ace for hiding ugly red rashes. And that's about it. No great secrets...must be the life I've led. *Cough*

Moving along (because those close-ups of my face are frightening me)...

...I wore my Pendleton Turnaround skirt. It is reversible, though the colours are the same just in more muted tones. Yeah, I should have ironed it. Obviously, that isn't happening if I can avoid it. If you start ironing your clothes, next thing you know you're combing your hair. Ironing is surely a gateway to something horrible, and I'm not going there. No, you're right. I'm just fucking lazy. 
 Outfit Particulars:

Pendleton Turnaround skirt-Thrift World
Polo Neck-Gordman's
Napier pendant-Hand-Me-Ups
Clamper bracelet-Salvation Army
Earrings-K Mart
Ralph Lauren cashmere scarf-gift about 20 years ago
Fragrance-Lentheric Miracle

Am I missing out on some great skincare product? I'd love to hear what you're using to keep yourselves from shedding dead skin all over the place like a snake. 


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Aaah - Pond's cold cream - the smell of my youth! I haven't used it for years but I remember how good it was at removing make up. Your skin does look great and I'm surprised to hear you use actual soap on your face. I prefer to wash my body with soap rather than shower gel, but I haven't used soap on my face since I was a child; my skin is too dry for soap.

I wash with Superdrug Vitamin E facial scrub in the morning, use a serum (especially round my eyes) from Aldi that costs £3.59 but has been highly praised by some; and an Elizabeth Arden moisturiser that I buy on the ferry to and from Ireland in the duty free. At night I clean my make-up off with Simple baby wipes, more serum and an Aldi night cream £3.99.

I loved your reversible skirt - what a clever idea! Your hair looks so glamorous up.

Wet and mild here - the storm and cold has passed us by...

Beth Waltz said...

It's RoC for face and throat application, a daily dose of day goop, night goop, and eye goop. Like you, my body lotion is whatever potion came with the scents. I don't like musk, I do like "clean" citrus, even Jean Nate.

I've a giant pot of Pond's that dates back to the need to remove stage make-up. This gets slapped on my feet in winter weather.

I also share your affection for Pears, but I'll also use Neutrogena when found on sale.

My mum was devoted to Charles of the Ritz. I remember the formidable lady at the department store counter who would grant me a few drops of Revenesence. Glamour in a deep blue jar!

Anonymous said...

I love that reversible skirt, in fact I adore all reversible garments even though I only have one silky top (yellow to red) and a Yak Jacket. In 1960, when I was 15, my German penfriend of four years came to stay. She had a reversible raincoat- I was SO envious. It turned out that she never actually reversed it, and it seems to be that way with my two items as well! I love the fact that they CAN reverse but never do it!

Mim said...

Ironing is the gateway to more ironing. IT NEVER ENDS.

I currently use a couple of Superdrug products, which I don't think are available in the US: the 'B' range serum, and the super-cheap Vitamin E intensive night cream. There's no sun protection in the latter, but I have super-fussy skin and finding something that delivers enough moisture without bringing me out in lumps is a pain, and that cream maanges it. I slap on sunblock in summer if I remember. And that's it. Ageing seems to be mainly a matter of lifestyle and genes anyhow.

Hope said...

Well I am ironing my aprons ,I could not imagine wearing such an important garment just like that.See I hate any kind of housework and to make life more interesting I wear lace dress when doing anything in the house, owning about twenty .The apron I feel gives me credibility, like I am experienced cook or good housewife. Very little gets ironed in my house. I think your skin to me speak vitality and youthful looks.I use Vix ,you know the one for chest rubbing for my age spots. It works ,they are gone.When I remember I use face cream, lots of lotions for my body, skin is getting dry.That bracelet in the previous post is divine. Thanks for your blog it makes me smile and bring joy into my life.

Polyester Princess said...

I'm not sure they have Pond's cold cream in Belgium anymore, but my mum used to have a jar in the bathroom cabinet. Like you, I don't spend a fortune on skincare of make-up, and I vary my routine according to the seasons. My skin is reasonably ok (for my age!), I think. I do use body lotion (in summer) and a rich body butter (in winter). As for ironing, well, I'm always glad I'm not the only one who hates it and tries to avoid it as much as possible. xxx

ThriftyParka said...

You look amazing with your hair up!!!

Thank you for sharing your routine.

I didn't know Pendleton made reversible clothing! Wow!

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

I never noticed skin care in my Aldi-I wonder if other locations sell it? That's definitely something I'll look for. I really shouldn't use soap, but I get awfully grimy after a workout in summer, and I'm not sure anything else would do. I am VERY disappointed with what they've done to Pears soap-it doesn't smell the same, and the shape is different. I finally got through my supply of old bars and it was a terrible shock when I saw what they've done to it. Still seems to work the same though, so at least there's that.

I'm glad the cold missed you-it sounded like you were in the path of some awful weather.

Cold cream is good for so many things-I hadn't thought of it as foot cream. I'll try that. People swear by the RoC stuff. Once had an allergist suggest using it for small bumps on Danny's upper arms-apparently sloughing away a layer of skin is good for that.

Charles of the Ritz always sounded so elegant (but the perfumes stank).

I suppose it is easy to get comfortable with the item as it is. I've worn both sides of the skirt-can't say I prefer one over the other.

No Superdrug here (yet). We're getting all the Boots products because of the Walgreen's merger, but I'm not in love with their skincare lines.

I have no idea obviously how my mother would have aged, but my grandmother looked great well into her 90's. I'm hoping some of that is passed on to me. She was an avid sunbather, but didn't seem to have much long term damage.

Your skin always looks lovely.


I understand what you mean about the apron giving you credibility. If it is a job to be done, why not wear the uniform, and perform the household duties with the seriousness of a job outside the home? It IS work that deserves respect.

Your comments bring ME joy. Thank you for being such a kind person.

Ponds used to be such a universally available product around the world, sort of like Vaselline. Your skin always looks great in photos.

@Thrifty Parka

Thank you. I'm going through a messy-hair phase because...I'm lazy? It does give me a chance to show off my earrings.

The Turnaround skirt was a short-lived thing, though they did bring it back as a limited edition. It takes a lot of extra fabric to make, and it is a bit more complicated to put together than it looks.

Radostin said...

You do look glamorous and lovely with your hair up. That is a spectacular skirt.

Goody said...

Thank you. I'm trying out some new hairstyles.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh how I wish I could get Pond's cold cream here. Not sure why we don't- Pond's Age miracle is the only Pond's product in stores here.
One of my pharmacist friends told me about an inexpensive skincare line called Cerave that is sold at drugstores & discount chains quite cheaply. It has all the 'hip' ingredients that the big name skin care has like ceramides, antioxidants, etc & is fragrance free too. I tried it but it wasn't heavy/rich enough for my chronically dry skin. I make my own skincare & confess to a LOT of Botox to paralyze my jaw muscles due to my TMJ. Botox is half what it costs in the US. Stay away from those injectable fillers like Rejuvenex- they don't dissolve and they migrate so after a few years you look puffy & swollen instead pleasantly plumped.