Thursday, January 05, 2017

Saddle Shoes

Gah-I only noticed the mud when I went to post photos!

Veronica asked about my saddle shoes, so I thought I'd try to get photos of them. Mine are suede and not at all traditional like the black and white leather ones.
The woman in this vintage photo is wearing the more familiar type.

In the mid-70's they were horribly out of fashion, but I envied the pair my sister wore to work (the shoes were part of the uniform). She did come through and buy me a pair for my Birthday-in red and white. So. Not. Cool. What's more, the hard leather hurt. Obviously, I wish I had them now, but it was many years until I sought out another pair. The suede pair are mercifully soft, and have a foam heel and sole rather than hard leather.

Anyway, I hope that gives you a better idea of what they look like.

I couldn't remember if this acrylic 60's cardigan ever made an appearance on the blog. I tend to wear it more at home to watch television in our (very) cold basement, than out and about. Today was bitterly cold, and when serious cold hits, I layer on the acrylic. Wool is great-I love wool, but it can't compete with acrylic for warmth in the cold and wind. By the time I was indoors, I was over-heating, but making the long walk from the parking lot of the allergist's to the office, I was glad I thought to wear it. I saved the wool for my coat... a mohair and tweed piece for the coldest of days.
Sometimes, when people give me funny looks I wonder why...then I remember I'm either wearing a ballgown to Aldi or have something that looks like a dead, pink rabbit on my head at the allergist's. I tend to get dressed, and then forget about it because this is my "normal", but I can't blame people for doing a double-take. "Appropriate Attire" are words that could send me into shock. 

Outfit Particulars:
Poloneck-K Mart
1960's embroidered cardigan-Thrift World
Vintage jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch on jacket-Goodwill
Brooch on cardigan-New Life Thrift
The earrings came off before I went out (I'm taking Thrifty Parka's advice about not ruining my thermoset in the cold)
Vintage Pendleton kilt-Goodwill
Bass saddle shoes-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-Salvation Army
Fragrance (after leaving the allergist's office because perfume in a room full of allergic people would be rude) Elizabeth Taylor Passion (wonderful in cold weather)

We had a dusting of snow last evening, but not enough to cause road troubles. It did however get incredibly cold over night and there are burst pipes and water mains all over the city. Next time I'm feeling sorry for myself I'm going to think of the poor city workers out there repairing burst pipes in sub-zero temperatures. That has to be one of the worst jobs, so make their work a bit easier and give them some room if you need to be out on the roads where they're working. 

I'd better go top-up the birdfeeders-the little beggars are peering through the window looking sad. 


Vix said...

I much prefer your suede saddle shoes to the leather alternative.
Those looks, I rarely notice them, happy in my own little world. I was at an airport a couple of years ago and asked Jon why everyone was staring at me. He told me that people always look at me like that. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh Goody, thank you so much. Now I know what saddle shoes look like. I think they look like brogues with side inserts in a contrasting colour. I like them!

I loved your outfit - especially the dead pink rabbit! The bag is gorgeous and I loved the jewellery.

It's funny about the warmth from acrylic. I try not to have the heating on when I'm alone in the house before the timer kicks in and my go to warm outfit is an old fair isle acrylic cardigan with a shawl collar, that belonged to my eldest grandson. It's so cozy even though I look like a bear in it!

Sue said...

Saddle Shoes you say. Funny thing is when we went Ten Pin Bowling the shoes looked very saddle-esk!! I say it every year, Snow how fantastic, but then I don't live in a place that gets snow. I have heard it looks nice and that is it!!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Black and white saddle shoes from Buster Brown where part of my Baptist Christian elementary school uniform. Boys had to wear all black saddle shoes as I recall. The rest of the uniform was some drab gray military inspired thing. We also wore red neckerchiefs symbolizing Christ's blood which made us look rather unintentionally like a communist youth league.

I like seeing people who make an effort in their attire, beats the yoga pants/sweatshirt/pajamas trend I saw on my last visit to the US. I think you look like a piece of art!

It's around 65F in the day here and 40F at night with an utterly bone-chillingly arctic cold & witheringly arid breeze blowing off the mountains.

Mim said...

I'd always wondered exactly what saddle shoes were too - your explanation has cleared everything up.

I hate getting funny looks, though I'm getting more used to it as I get older... in fact, I regard some of my outfits as actively trolling because I know other people won't like them but I'm going to wear them anyway. As long as it's not grubby, it's no business of anyone else's. I think you look fab. Interesting-looking people make the world more fun. Especially at our age. Here in the UK, so many women dwindle into drabness after 40/50. It's sad.

Polyester Princess said...

I'd never heard of saddle shoes so this is an education. I love your acrylic 1960s cardi, and the pink rabbit. I know I'm getting funny looks to, but I've got used to them and hardly even notice. At least you are not invisible! Saw your new blog header: please don't tell me it's like that over there now ... xxx

Miss Magpie said...

That pink hat is mental!

Radostin said...

Your outerwear here is in a league of its own. What you say about acrylic vs wool is very interesting to me, I'd always felt it was the opposite. Maybe I have just never met any really serious acrylic? I do like your cardie and skirt, too!

Goody said...


I know I'd stare, but only 'caus I'd want to know where you bought your clothes!

I'm the same way with turning on heat. The rest of the family, less so. Is it so hard to put on a cardigan?!

Yep, bowling shoes are basically the same thing. Snow is nice, but shoveling it and driving on it isn't so fun. I prefer rain, because you don't need to shovel it!

I love the mental image, even if they didn't have you start the day singing the Internationale!
Forty degrees doesn't sound too terrible, though with wind it probably feels worse. Do space heaters even help much?

I rather like the idea of actively trolling. I hadn't considered that. If I read one more article about dressing for my age, I'm going to scream (and then dye my hair green).

That was last year's photo. We live at the top of a steep hill, and the cars could only get about 3/4 of the way up. That wasn't an accident-just a row of stuck cars waiting for tow trucks and ploughs. I took the photo from my back balcony.

@Miss Magpie
So am I. It is a headband. I bought the same one in white.

The better long underwear is acrylic these days, but with better moisture wicking than the old stuff. Old acrylic isn't as breathable as wool, so if you're willing to use several layers wool can probably keep you more comfortable. I don't like too much bulk, so I go acrylic.

ThriftyParka said...

Ooh love that wonderful hand bag and that hat! I hope your thermoset lasts longer now that it's being spared from the bitter cold.

How kind of you to refrain from wearing perfume to the allergists office. Not everyone is considerate like you, that's for sure!

Hope you stay warm! It's bitterly cold up here in Thunder Bay!

Happy thrifting ;)