Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Almost Cut My Hair

Were it up to me, it would be Halloween year round. For someone that more or less has been dressing strange her entire life, you wouldn't think the holiday would be all that appealing, but that's where holiday-specific clothing comes in. I succumbed to this hoodie partly because it was made of a super-soft material, but mostly because of the black cats,. I don't plan to pack it away after Halloween. My skin is so dry and rough, anything that feels good next to it is welcome. 
We had a few cool days where it was possible to wear trousers without wanting to die, but we've since been plunged right back into the heat. Before that happened, I put together an outfit on the assumption that both camouflage and animal prints function as wardrobe neutrals. I must say, I was delighted with how it came together. Don't worry-I haven't joined the army. I'm certain they wouldn't have me even at the most desperate. 

 In my mind I could probably throw someone across a room, but in actual hand-to-hand fighting I'd likely lose. Maybe. It would depend how angry I was and how many cups of tea I'd had that morning. I still regret not punching the neo nazi at the Cheese Castle. 

Getting the last few wears in for the white accessories before autumn. I don't subscribe to the rule of not wearing white after labour day, but realistically, by September I want to wear more autumnal shades even if the weather is still blazing hot. Most years it stays warm here into October. 

Dan went to school for the first time this year today for his ID photo, picking up materials, etc. They have the first full day on Wednesday. My husband's office is planning to return in the middle of September but with cases rising so quickly now, I suspect they'll keep working remotely. They're data people-no one really needs to be in the office though I understand why they would want to be. Hell, I want him to go back. I'm looking forward to the possibility of cleaning without having to work around one or both of them. Anyway, Dan was excited and he has a busy year of AP (Advanced Placement) classes and extracurricular activities. He interned this summer with NOISE a local media outlet and will probably continue working with them during the year. He's also starting his third year on the school paper.

The driving school didn't go well last summer, so I'm not pushing him to go for a test. When he's ready, he'll do it. Not everyone is suited to driving. That means I'm doing the school run again this year, but I don't mind. Having a reason to get up, dressed, and out the door is good for me, especially after spending the better part of last year at home. I just found out I qualify for a third dose of vaccine because I am taking medications that suppress my immune system. That's welcome news. I'm still wearing N95 masks when out in public, and I don't really give (as the American saying goes) "A rat's ass" whether anyone likes it or not. 
The carton of forgotten clothes from Dan's room is still yielding interesting items. I remember buying this dress in the early 2000s, shortly after moving to Nebraska. September will be twenty years that we've been here. Twelve of those years were spent on a farm in rural Nebraska which is a different experience to living in Omaha. I'm very happy in the city, but I don't know that I would have wanted to go through a pandemic surrounded by people that don't accept science as real. We have those types in the city too, just not in such great numbers.
But good dress, right? The strapless bra could be better. I just bought it a month ago and it is already too big. This is getting to be such a damn pain in the behind (well, actually the esophagus and guts but yeah) but eventually it will get straightened out. I really hope I don't need a hospital anytime soon because they're filled up again with covid patients. Bloody fools. Plenty of vaccines and masks that the rest of the world is forced to do without and we're...sigh. I live next door to a medical college and this week the students are all back on campus. I admire their determination because after seeing that much illness and death only to be faced with people insisting it isn't real-I couldn't do it. Our state has stopped reporting the cases from across the state because they think by denying it maybe it will just go away?! Douglas County (where I live) still posts a daily tally of cases on the health department website with details about whether people were vaccinated, age, etc. It makes it hard for schools and businesses to do the right thing for safety if they don't have any actual data to look at. Argh. I really hope I don't get sick enough to need the hospital again. 
Sorry about the rant-here, have some cake. 

Cooking for both Mr. ETB's and Danny's dietary restrictions has been challenging, but I came up with a cake that was sugar free and low carb for Mr. ETB and dairy free for Danny. I don't have much experience baking with almond flour but the few things I've made have been well received. There are good quality sugar replacements today that taste like sugar and won't spike blood glucose levels. Lily's is a brand of sugar free chocolate that he enjoys and says he would eat whether he needed suagrless or not. That's good to know. So far no one was had any intestinal effects from the artificial sweetener. The margarine is a vegan store-brand that seems to hold up nicely in baking. Sometimes I just use vegetable shortening. Anyway, this was successful (Obviously I didn't try it) and they both enjoyed having a bit of a treat. It was really bothering me because I'm a good baker and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I've also experimented with coconut flour, which seems promising. Oat milk and coconut milk make acceptable replacements for cream in most cases. It does feel a bit like learning to cook all over again, but we're getting there. I don't typically bake much in the summer anyway. 

Mirror selfies like the kids do? Sure, why not? Should probably dust the mirror though.
It was late in the day and the skirt creased a bit. This is another vintage Lily Pulitzer from the 60s. It really isn't my usual kind of thing but in the heat of summer they're comfortable to wear. 

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this dress had been in my mending pile since the last time I wore it in August of 2017. Here's how I wore it then-pretty much the same.
The dress is by Mexican designer Paco Silva who made resort wear in the 80s. 
The dress is made from the loveliest, heavyweight linen and sequins are sewn on well and don't shed. That's always a surprise. The print is a subtle pink colour that doesn't scream, but gets the message across. Now that I've made the very small five minute repair of mending a seam, I hope to wear it a bit more often. A dress like this will easily stretch into autumn and work again in spring. I don't remember where I found it, but if I had to guess I'd say Hand Me Ups as it is nicer than the typical Goodwill piece. 

Before I dance off, I'll show you my latest idea of a hairstyle-the 90s staple, the Claw Clip. I mean, if I was wearing scunchiers it was only a matter of time before I embraced the claw. My hair is very thin, but I found some good ones that don't slip through my hair. What's next I wonder, an Alice band perhaps? Time will tell. In honour of David Crosby turning 80 (!!!) I almost cut my hair the other day, but I didn't and now I'm gonna let my freak flag fly (in a plastic claw clip). Who the hell ever thought David Crosby would make it to 80? 



Beth Waltz said...

Now that I, too, have had the full ride through the American hospital system followed by a stint in rehab, my wardrobe choices are limited to muumuus, shifts and caftans. Nothing so elegant as the Paco Silva dress with those luxurious sleeves, however!

The updo hairstyles suit you -- and those claws get the job done without 473 hair pins going adrift. And a side rant of my own here: Two weeks in hospital without a proper shampoo should be against a regulation somewhere. Tip: If offered a chemical 'wash' in a bag; use it, then scrub the scalp and hair with a hot, wet towel. (One of the very few benefits of recognizing LockDown for the life-changer that it was, was abandoning hair color...)

Good to see you making progress on the Great Clearing Out! And yes, we are curious aunties wanting to see what Danny chooses to replace the foam board critters. My bet is on a gigantic white board/corkboard working wall.

Vix said...

That Paco Silva dress is so pretty, I love the sleeves.
I'm in awe of your baking skills, I don't even like cake but I'm salivating over that chocolate cake.
The only alternative to wheat flour I've used is spelt, which isn't gluten free but makes delicious biscuits, scones and bread. Those Roman's knew what they were doing when they introduced it to Great Britain.
The only thing that keeps my hair in a bun are hair screws - I use a claw in the shower but it never stays put for long. xxx

Emily said...

It makes total sense to me that animal prints and camo would be considered neutral when worn together. Have you ever seen a wild animal in its native habitat and thought that its fur clashed badly with the surrounding foliage? : )

Your chocolate cake looks scrumptious. What did it for me is the shaved chocolate atop the frosting, which makes the presentation restaurant-worthy.

I know what you mean about not wanting to clean around people who are home all day. Since the pandemic started, I've never been able to vacuum without checking to see if my husband or my cat is taking a nap. At almost any given time, one of them is sleeping, which means the vacuuming keeps getting postponed.

You keep unearthing such beautiful pieces of clothing from storage. I love them all, especially the Pulitzer skirt. The inclusion of her first name in the pattern is so brilliantly done.

I am glad you can get a booster shot. You are smart to keep wearing the N95.Last week my husband and I took a trip across the state line to Vancouver, Washington, to check out the new waterfront shops and restaurants that opened this past year or two. It was beautiful, but surreal because their masking laws are less strict than that of Oregon.

It sounds like Danny has an exciting year ahead of him. I am especially impressed that he's taking AP classes.

Polyester Princess said...

That hoodie is gorgeous! Even I would be tempted to wear it, and I'm not exactly into Halloween :-)
I don't think the army would have me either - not that I'd be tempted to apply - although I'm a force to be reckoned with when I'm angry. I definitely would have punched that nazi at the cheese castle!
Loving the Paisley Summer dress and the Lily Pulitzer one, and I wouldn't mind a piece of that chocolate cake.
I bet you can't wait to have the house to yourself again :-) xxx

Anonymous said...

I like your Mexican designer dress . It is like a MuuMuu but with more shape . The sleeves give it a lot of style. I have been wanting to sew a loose dress. Yours offers inspiration . Now for me to just get to it.

I am astounded that people are so resistant to getting the vaccine. Enough people have been jabed that if there where problems with it, any would have surfaced by now. Heavens my 94 year old frail mother has had no issues with it.

The only thing we can do is look after ourselves.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

bahnwärterin said...

thank goodness you did´t cut your hair!
would you believe that i never wore the big clasp? i had bought some - but the hairstyle never worked with my heavy, slippery hair......
love the idea of camo and animal print in one outfit - and the white jewelry! for me the white pices look like the perfect snowy winter accessories - worn on black, dark brown or jewel tones.
the resort dress is fabulous and sounds like awesome quality too.
chocolate cake is very welcome here :-D

Bibi Maizoon said...

I am loving the camo and leopard together! That Paco silva dress is divine with the angel sleeves.
Halloween is the only American holiday I miss, costumes, candy, and pumpkins! And no dreaded family get togethers, yay!
I still wear my mask when out and about here in Nepal too. Cases never did go down since May and the lockdown is still in force but not being enforced so? The new interim government is still deciding what its priorities are ( this is insane but no one seems to care) so the virus is ripping right through the population as there is still a vaccine shortage.
Your chocolate cake looks scrumptious! I don’t do much keto baking but make an amazing flourless chocolate cake so I shall have to look into that Lily brand chocolate!
The 90s are having a comeback recently so your hair claw is right on trend. I am revisiting the 90s wearing space buns with my now shoulder length stringy locks.
Stay safe xoc

Señora Allnut said...

As a huge fan of orange color, I totally support the idea of wearing this fab hoodie all year long!. I've been wearing my fav Jack Skellington masks and bought a new one last week. Wearing something comfy and cool makes a difference!
You rock this animal print and camo combo, making them look neutral and still interesting!. My mom always says that leopard print goes with anything (and this is the one thing we agree about)
Love your white accessories (wow, that brooch!) and love your bag with the cute red and white dress.
Glad that you're going to have a third jab, this is such a relief. Can't understand the people that keep ignoring facts and reality, and putting themselves (and others) in risk just because they're too stupid to change their minds.
Love your Paco Silva dress, it looks really delightful to wear!, heavyweight linen is fab and it has some lovely sleeves!. And you even have some matchy jewellery to enhance the subtle pink motives. So Summery!
Thanks for the cake. I'm not baking in the summer (except a few clafoutis when cherries and plums are available) but a low carb + dairy free chocolate cake is Always a Good Idea!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

The orange hoodie is fab! I was blown away by the Mexican dress and the fab 1950s print dress - what treasures to have in your wardrobe. I also loved the camo and animal print - a brilliant combination...

The chocolate cake looked fantastic!

JanF said...

Oh my, that Paco Silva dress is gorgeous and suits you so very well. I honestly don' t think you have ever looked better! I love it and am jealous!

Goody said...

I'm so relieved that you're getting better. What an absolutely awful ordeal you've had. Being in hospital will definitely have a person reassessing their grooming standards. Spray shampoo in a cannister is a good thing too. Sometimes I just use it to fake some extra body in my thin hair.
Danny is taking AP classes and courses where he can earn college credits though he isn't planning to attend school in the US. If that falls through (as the last year has proved you can't plan too far ahead) he will at least have the core courses out of the way. He's basically re-taking AP honors US History as I did that course with him in 8th grade and used the same textbook they have. I told him there's no excuse for bad marks in that one!

I need to explore baking with spelt. I've read that it has a lower glycemic index than regular white flour.
I'm off to google hair screws-that sounds like something I need!

Thank you. I had a suspicion the animal print/camo combo would be good.
I think we all have a great excuse to put away the vacuums! Do you remember carpet sweepers? They got the surface stuff pretty good and with a cat that would probably be a good way to suck up the hair without upsetting kitty. Whatever you do don't get a roomba-your cat will just ride it like a chariot!

The hoodie is the closest I can get to a cat as I'm hopelessly allergic-though I do think it has lessened over the years with constant exposure to cat hair on thrifted clothing. Our new neighbours have a cat so perhaps I'll be able to play with it through the front window.

It seems like a simple enough shape for a dress-I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something. I don't sew anymore, but my fabric stash taunts me from a corner of the closet.
There's just so much misinformation out there about vaccines. I had one woman tell me that she didn't get it because if she died her life insurance wouldn't pay out as it is an untested vaccine. I think that's flat-out false, but even after it getting full approval I'm sure sure there will be some other reason to avoid it. I feel bad for people being manipulated with bad info but I'm also just so, so tired of arguing with people that get their information from right wing television.

You're right-the white would look very chic against dark solids in winter-I'll keep them in mind for December.
I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get winter. This week Omaha is in the upper 90s F again with heat indices that feel even hotter. It is humid though, which saves me constant watering of the garden (otherwise it would burn up).
I knew the cake was successful because they finished it all before it went stale. Almond flour seems to keep better than white flour anyway.

Ugh, terrible time to have your government in chaos (says the American with a roll of the eyes. At least no one is being instructed to try horse de-wormer! What is it with people?!) I'm glad you and your family are vaccinated.
Space buns, eh? Now there's an idea.

@Senoral Allnut
Thank you! You do bright colours so well and they always look so fabulous on you. I'm really struggling to find my style at the moment, but eventually it will be winter and no one will see what I'm wearing beneath a coat.
Take care.

Thank you! I'm very tempted to buy a second hoodie just so I always have one if it wears out. I once bought ten pair of identical black ballerina flats because I loved them so much. It took 20 years to get through them with almost daily wear, but I never regretted doing it. I think I just talked myself into another hoodie-lol

I haven't been able to eat solid food since March. I wouldn't recommend it as a diet plan given the malnourishment and fatigue. Definitely nothing to be jealous of.

Mim said...

Claw clips are becoming trendy again - I saw an article on them the other day. You're cutting-edge!

I guess animal print is nature's own camouflage pattern, so it makes sense that the two would go together, even though things like leopard print get seen as loud. (I once heard it described as 'the New Jersey neutral'.)

I saw someone commenting on the US's covid map online and Nebraska was the only one in white - a lot of people pointed out in response that there's a lack of reporting, not a lot of cases. Here on Plaguey Island it's going to hit the point where it's easier to see who hasn't got it than who has. I have to go in one day a week right now, and on two weeks have had emails saying someone in the office has tested positive - even though we've all been issued with lateral flow tests to check before going in. When more people are back in September it's going to be 'ronaville. I hope Mr ETB stays well, in the office or out of it.