Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lookin' Good...for Jesus?!

 Well there's a tote bag I won't be seeing everywhere.  "Be worthy, be noticed."
And really, who wouldn't want to enhance their holiness with a king sized tote?

A quick Google search confirmed my suspicion that this wasn't serious. I still can't decide if it is funny or offensive. Maybe I hang around too many Catholic Workers, but the "Shop 'till you drop" seems a bit over-the-top.
For a more practical bag, there's this beauty I bought at the Salvation Army in Lincoln a few weeks ago. It was a bit musty, so I sprayed a hankie with White Shoulders, and stuffed it inside. Now it just smells of old it should. There, problem solved.

 If the jacket looks familiar it is because I own two identical Ultra Suede jackets by the same designer in different colours.
What can I say? When I find something I like, I stick with it!
I took Danny to a play at the library done by a travelling "troupe" of two actors. It was well-done, and the children all seemed to enjoy it. Afterward, we went to the book sale, and found all sorts of books we didn't know we needed. We ran into Mr. ETB and a co-worker on their lunch break buying books. Then, we ran into just about everyone else I know. All the cool people hang out at the library, don't you know?
Swollen feet, nan tights,  and chipped nail varnish-I am positively embracing middle age.

Outfit Particulars:

Koret of California skirt-Goodwill
Laura Ashley shell-Hand-Me-Ups
Ultra Suede jacket-Goodwill
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Pink lucite bangle-Goodwill
Vintage Gaymode handbag-Salvation Army
1960's stranded peal-esque beads-Salvation Army
Flower-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-White Shoulders in my purse, Guet Apens on my person

 The new seed feeder is attracting finches. "Good, she bought the already shelled seeds-all that crunching was wearing on my beak."
And the grackles just adore my baking. That tiny bit of cake disappeared fast. "Oh man, this cake is da bomb. She should enter this in the fair-it would win a blue ribbon!"
 My daily walk up the park shows something new flowering every day.
 ...and Blondin is still paying us regular visits for his gingerbread biscuits.
 "Hey, go stand under the flowering tree for a quick photo before you start sneezing."
It didn't take long. Poor kid, he knows the time has come for allergy jabs, but he's still clinging to the hope he'll outgrow it. This was taken on the campus of Methodist College, a nursing school. We were bombarded by the smell of flowering trees, but then suddenly passed a classroom building and caught a strong whiff of bleach (or chlorine) followed by the smell of toast. I have no idea what they're teaching those kids over there.
Goodnight, Moon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A 100 ft. Roll of Art Paper and a Caro-Nan Purse

Danny built a bird feeder, and needed some acrylic paint to finish it, so off we went to our favourite art supply store, Dick Blick. I'm as hopeless faced with art supplies as I am with stationary. There was no possible way we'd leave with, "just paint."

When I was in second grade, we had a school store that sold supplies before class. Coloured pencils, tins of watercolours, drawing paper-it was all too much temptation for me. The 50 cents I was expected to spend on lunch more often than not went to cray-pas pastels, or India ink. Believe me, the money was better spent on art supplies than the cold macaroni cheese and tinned green beans they had on offer. Eventually, some well-meaning teacher discovered I didn't have anything to eat, rang my mother and complained that children need to eat, I was busted, but my love for the smell of a fresh packet of crayons and Manila paper never did subside. With that in mind, you'll understand why I was compelled to purchase a 100 ft. roll of art paper. Imagine the potential! Kept in the car with a set of markers I have instant banner making tools, should the opportunity/need arise. Brought to the park, it can be a group activity. Oh, the world is a better place for 100 ft. rolls of art paper.

Speaking of things you can do with art supplies, here is my recently purchased Caro-Nan purse. Carolyn and Nancy made purses in the 60's and 70's and sold them to boutiques across the country featuring local landmarks. Mine is an Omaha purse made for Virgie's Town and Country, a long-gone boutique.

 I wore it for the first time today, and it really *did* make me happy carrying it.
 The lining is still in nice condition.
 I'm glad to have this purse, as my child was born in Omaha, and it will always be a special place if for no other reason.
Creighton and UNO are universities.

 Outfit Particulars:

Linen printed skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Peach top-Goodwill
1970's Samuel Robert Ultra Suede jacket-Goodwill
Necklace/earrings-K Mart
Bakelite bangles-all over
 Vintage Naturalizer Shoes-Thrift World
Flower-Tiff and Tam
Caro-Nan purse-Brass Armadillo Antique Mall
Fragrance-L'Air du Temps

This Saturday is the Spring Affair plant sale in Lincoln, NE to benefit the statewide Arboretum. Info Here It is a wonderful sale, and if you're a local (or want to make the drive) it is worth attending. The good stuff sells out fast, so get an early start if you plan on attending. The lines will look frightfully long, but they move along quickly thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers that work the sale year after year. A quick look at the list of plants for sale will blow your mind. Really, it will. Or perhaps my mind is easily blown. Whatever. If  you're planning to attend, drop me an email and maybe we can plan on meeting up. A trip to Ruby Begonia's vintage clothing might be in the works as well. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Caftan Sunday Featuring a "House Dress" by Vested Gentress

Not a caftan, but in the spirit of something intended to be worn at home. I've been waiting all winter to showcase this beautiful piece. It *still* isn't warm enough to go without a cardigan, but let's pretend we're somewhere sunny and warm anyway. 

 You can read a bit about Vested Gentress at Lizzie's blog.
 I picked this dress up close to 25 years ago. It had a cloth belt, (now los)t and being quite large it has seen me through the ups and downs of weight over a quarter century, and a pregnancy. The cheerful parrot design is just lovely.

 The cotton/poly blend has worn well all these years, and feels silky smooth. The dress is lined as well.

 You want to see the hat, don't you? I made it a few years ago. I'd hoped it wouldn't be cold enough for a hat in April, but there you have it.

I went through a Lovecraft crochet stage. Don't ask. 

Moving along...
The Mother's Day advertising is in full-swing. Obviously, I can't speak for all mums, but if I'm not good enough for a bottle of Schweppes tonic water, then don't bother. I hope no one takes the sign literally and buys *all* of it for their mother.

Did I mention how stupidly cold it is here? Well, it IS. I look more dressed for autumn than spring, but Mother Nature is not cooperating this year. 
 Double paisley is a *thing*. Well, it is now.  Danny's less convinced.

Outfit Particulars:

Bedford Fair Paisley 80's dress-Salvation Army
Rings-All over
Earrings-K Mart
Wool scarf-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace-K Mart
Fragrance-Balenciaga l' Essence

 Why don't you forget the soda and buy your mother a nice coffee maker instead?

Really, don't buy your mother a case of soda. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Museum Day

Gloomy days are just made for museums. As Danny pointed out, rain just enhances the dusty odour of libraries and museums-something we all find comforting. We made sure to visit a library today as well. We get so few rainy days, might as well take advantage.

The Sarpy County Museum is just a short trip from home located in Bellevue, Nebraska. I've visited the museum when the annual yard sale is going, but somehow never manged to get there when the museum was open. I'm glad we finally made it-this was time well spent.

Hrumph! I get out for an afternoon, and still find myself in the kitchen! I really cannot win. This was a rather high-end 1930's kitchen complete with an electric ice-box, mixer, and Hotpoint oven. The washing machine however was still a hand-crank and roller model. There's a rug beater on the wall, but they also had an early electric Hoover. I realise most visitors would groan at the amount of work involved in 1930's housekeeping, but having spent twelve years on a farm with water and electricity that were often fickle, I think I have a better-than-typical understanding of how much work is involved. You could put me on one of those reality television shows where people have to live like it is 1800, and I'd do fine. I might not enjoy it, but I'd be OK.
Did I mention it was raining? It was! If I must wear a plastic rain bonnet, it should be accessorised appropriately. We ran into a neighbour this morning, and though I was at a loss to explain why I had a tiara on over my rain bonnet, she did accept my argument that, "Someone had to be the strange one in the neighbourhood, and I'm the only one with the wardrobe." I like her, she still knows how to laugh (unlike so very many others).

Unlike the kid mocking me behind the umbrella. 

Outfit Particulars:

1950's/Early 60's dress by Andora, New York-Thrift World
Necklace-Ages ago in Boston
Rain Bonnet-Ben Franklin
Vintage umbrella-Sequels Thrift Store, Council Bluffs (located inside the Dairy Queen, which is so wonderfully American my head almost explodes thinking about it)
Fragrance- Shalimar (and lots of it!)

"Get back in the kitchen" You say?

Enjoy your weekend. 

Look at my garden enjoying the rain. We've already been harvesting spinach, rocket, baby kale, and pea shoots. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fast Post-Slow Fashion

 These clothes all date roughly from the 80's (skirt might be a bit later) before, "Fast Fashion" was really in full swing. The cardigan is something I owned when I still lived in Chicago, almost 25 years ago. The fact that the silk/viscose knitting has held up so beautifully, for so long is worth mentioning. I find plenty of inexpensive knits in thrift stores, but they are rarely worth bringing home. The blouse is beautifully tailored for something that I'm sure was intended to be worn for work. The ruffles can be buttoned together into a bow, or worn open for a more relaxed look. There was some thought put into the design.
 I DO like some well-made blouses, and ruffles are the best sort of bonus.

Outfit Particulars:

County Shop at Marshall Field's cardigan-Retail, ages ago
Glass necklace-Shop-Ko
Italian Glass earrings-Old, bought at a boutique
Madden Girl Shoes-Goodwill
Rings-Cameo (Mum's) Citron and silver (Antique shop in Massachusetts)
Bangle-Shop Ko
Fragrance-Confetti by, Lentheric
80's blouse-Thrift World

 Glass is always nice. The pendant was a bargain (just a couple bucks) at Shop-Ko.

 The shoes are starting to fall apart which is too bad as I've hardly worn them. That's your fast fashion/poor quality issue.
 I love the pattern so much on this crepe skirt. The length is good for me as well, though I'm certain it was designed for someone taller.

I was going for an early 1930's feel with this outfit as I have an old photograph of my Nan wearing a similar ruffled blouse and long cardigan around that time. The cardigan really should be longer, and the blouse would be worn out and have a finished band at the bottom if I were aiming for authenticity, which I wasn't. I did briefly consider a fur collar and cloche, but sometimes it is best to just give a nod to something rather than a full on homage.

Tomorrow is Friday, and boy do I need a weekend!