Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hooty St. Patrick's Day

We're still on the owl thing here. Check out the rainbow cookies-we used edible markers to create the "drawn by a child" effect. I really love how they look.

I apologise for the crappy photo (worse than my typical crappy photos, which are, pretty crappy) but I finished decorating these rather late. But I did 'em, so quit complaining.

Know what we did today? We went to Lake Wanahoo, the brand-new state recreation area close to our home. The snow geese have started arriving, and I wanted to put my park permit to use anyway-so off we went. I feel so fortunate to have a beautiful lake like that so close to home. I know where we'll be going for family walks after dinner in the warmer weather.

The snow geese have been landing just beyond the field in back of the farm where there are some restored wetlands-but the mud...oh heavens, the mud. I tried hiking out there yesterday, but that mud is mostly clay, and I didn't feel like losing a boot to it (that can happen-no exaggeration). If it freezes up a bit, I'll try it again, as I wasn't able to get any decent photographs yesterday. I like the snow geese as they stay over the water mostly). I'm less in love with the red winged blackbirds that take up residence in the trees by the driveway. I probably don't need to tell you what the car looks like at the moment. Mr. ETB wants to wait a couple weeks before washing the car, drive it to Whole Foods, and double park the poop-covered Oldsmobile by the entrance. I mean, if you're going to get all snooty about shopping at Whole Foods when you live in Omaha, you probably need a shit covered Oldsmobile to remind you that you're only a generation or two off the farm, and need to get over yourself.

Uh...anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day?

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