Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I'm going dressed as a cranky, middle-aged woman.
Like my costume?

Might as well enjoy Halloween, as it is a marathon from tomorrow to the end of the year.

Anyone else think the "news" articles warning parents of the sugar content in candy are a bit silly? I mean, not as silly as suggesting sugar-free gum, rationing, and brushing teeth within seconds of consumption. Yeah, I figured you'd think so. It was bad enough when the media did the standard tampered candy/dangerous scary neighbour/kind of stories. Now we have to fear the candy corn.

Here 'ya go kid, enjoy your organic, ethical, fair trade, carob-coated, free range, stevia-sweetened, guru-approved, recyclable, non-gmo-non-modified-vegan-piece of recycled paper! Don't make spit-balls with it, the school has a zero-tolerance policy.

Hey, is that a loo roll all over my trees?

Happy Halloween.

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