Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Storm Wasn't Much...

...but the fire was impressive.

So last night, I'm looking out the kitchen window doing dishes as the neighbours are burning a pit fire. This is normal enough-they probably wanted to get it done ahead of a storm to help put out any smoldering-normal every day stuff of country living.

I watched for a bit thinking it looked pretty large, given they'd just done a substantial burn recently. I live about 300 yards from the rubbish pit. There was an East wind last evening, so it was blowing our way. Again, I didn't really think much of it-until I saw four firetrucks come up the drive, and the County sheriff shortly after. Well, I guess that shows how much I know about what's "everyday". I should point out that they burn our rubbish as well, so it isn't like I have a problem with a fire pit, or their handling of it. These things happen, even to the most experienced.

With a huge storm coming (that turned out to be much less large than anticipated) I wondered if we'd have to be grabbing documents, and fleeing. But really, even with the firetrucks lining the drive, I wasn't all that worried. I've probably lived here too long. I heated a pot of beans on the stove, and joked to Danny-at least if I burn them, I know where to find the fire department! He wasn't amused. He did enjoy watching all the flashing lights.

It took a bit, but they got it under control, and all is well. Our fire department is all volunteer, and they do a great job with the various sorts of fires you get in a rural community. Brush fires are about as common as leaving the beans on an unattended burner (I didn't burn the beans, in case you were wondering).

Looking outside (it is about 5 PM) the snow appears to have ended-I doubt we got three inches. We're expecting another storm later in the week, and hopefully it will turn out to be a non-event as well. Mr. ETB got a day off work, and I gave Danny a day off school because homeschooled children rarely get a snow day.  We spent the day enjoying doing nothing.

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