Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Windows 8

So, I have a new laptop that runs windows 8...and I hate it. I mean...hate it. after years of Linux based everything, I'm screaming at a screen more than I thought myself capable of. Still, I didn't want to use a desktop any longer (the idea of jumbled cables, monitors, towers, etc. cluttering up my new house was too much) so we've converted to a laptop and a tablet. I haven't seen the tablet since we bought it-Danny took off with it to watch Woody Woodpecker cartoons on YouTube. How can you not have a start button?! I mean, what the hell?

We're just under three weeks to the move. I'm at that stage where I'm tossing shit in boxes knowing it will never be unpacked, just hopefully sorted through next time we move-that's how I ended up with all this crap when we moved from Boston. To be fair, we have filled a skip several times, and donated even more, but some things like papers and photographs seem to multiply in my attic. The new place won't have an attic, but there's a full basement (oh dear...).

We're cooking down the freezer which has led to some interesting combinations at mealtime, and I'm attempting to drink my way through all the put up cordials (hic!).

I have a feeling Windows 8 will work better once I start disabling all the stuff I don't use-but who knows. Anyone else experiencing computer rage with it? I never had this many crashes with Linux.

OK, rant over, I have stuff to pack (I have no idea how I still have stuff to pack, but I do).


Raymond said...

Moving? so.. wait.. what'd I miss?! Where, when, etc?

Goody said...

Well, we're moving in less than two weeks, to Omaha. The short version is, we wanted a six minute commute to work instead of more than an hour. We also wanted the things that make your life easier-public trans, a library a block away, 24 hour grocery, city water rather than an iffy well, two hospitals down the street...but yeah, I just wanted to live next to the library-let's be honest!

Farm living is great when you're young, but tougher as you age. We're starting to consider our next move (when Danny's moved out) to a retirement condo. We don't like mowing, shoveling snow, or doing all the work that comes with a large house, and we wouldn't want Danny stuck taking care of us.

The townhouse is beautiful. I keep thinking someone is going to find out we're not really classy enough for the joint, and we'll have an angry mob scene right out of Frankenstein. I thought it would be less space, but when I measured everything, it looks like we're gaining. For the first time in my adult life, I'm going to have useful closet space.

Best of all-no flies from cattle. I guess I'd better get a car wash before we move...

Raymond said...

It all sounds fun to me. I'm much more a city person than country. (I'd lose my mind; I need cosmopolitan stuff.)