Friday, April 06, 2018

Here Comes the...Snow

2-4 inches of snow for us tonight with more on the way Sunday. Look how thrilled I am with that. You can just see the excitement in my eyes. We've been setting records for cold temperatures as well. I'm not too terribly worried about the garden as the only thing emerging yet is sorrel-and god knows nothing will kill that. I might put the fleeces out Sunday night if it really does go to 10 degrees F. I really hope that turns out to be wrong-I don't like running our furnace in April.
The sun was out today, so we made the best of it and had a quick walk around Chalco Hills. There's always deer roaming about, and we saw several but somehow I was unable to get any photos. I don't like to get too close-being charged by a deer isn't my idea of a nice afternoon. Anyway, I did write a song some time ago about the NRD (Natural Resources District). Imagine a blues tune with plenty of harmonica.

Oh the NRD they got deer all over the road
Oh the NRD they got deer all over the road
If you don't wanna hit a deer
Don't drive down the NRD road
You know there's deer in there.
 I'm wearing the world's ugliest comfort shoes, but they match. My foot is still painful, but I can walk, even if I limp a bit. I'm glad to have that stupid boot off but it will be quite some time before I can wear anything narrow or with a heel. That's okay, by this time tomorrow I'll be back in my snowboots!
First wear for the birdy bag this year. I need to re-glue some of the gems.

Outfit Particulars:
1950's raffia skirt-Etsy
1950's nylon shirt-Etsy
Enid Collins handbag-Antique mall
Bracelets-both Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Avon brooch-Yard sale
Earrings-Thrift World

Easter was pleasant. Danny coloured some eggs, we watched baseball, and did laundry. I had a cold, but that's mostly gone now. It was strange-for about 24 hours I couldn't stop sneezing...then it was over. Just. Like. That. Believe me, I'm not complaining, but it certainly was strange. We never did get outside to throw our cascarones (coloured eggs that have been hollowed out and filled with confetti). Maybe we'll save them for the 4th of July-that ought to piss off the nativists­čśü

After trying to get Danny's medical stuff sorted, it looks like we finally have. The results are all very good, and I'm happy and relieved to no longer worry that nuts or an asthma attack will kill him, but I am honestly struggling with why his former allergist never tested for these things. I'm glad we switched doctors, of course but I'm more than a little pissed off that he's been loaded up with every imaginable steroid for asthma that he doesn't have. For years. I remember questioning why he never wheezed, only coughed and being immediately shut down by the doctor as not understanding asthma (despite having it most of my life). Right. No one ever told us there was a definitive test for asthma, and they likely woudn't have. I'm relieved, angry, and mostly sad about all the time he spent unable to play outside for fear of allergy-induced asthma. He can't get those years back. I feel tremendous guilt for not having switched allergists sooner, though I realise I couldn't have known. We did what they told us to, and it was absolutely wrong. Anyway, he's fine and I am going to celebrate by taking up smoking going on holiday. At least now we don't need to panic when he coughs for hours at a time. I always wondered why the rescue inhaler didn't seem to do much of anything! Uh, because it wasn't asthma. Right. Predictibly, it has been suggested he might have outgrown it...just like he might have outgrown the nut allergy. I understand doctors are reluctant to say someone made a careless diagnoisis, but... Anyway, he's a good kid and seems completely unbothered by it, and I'm glad. He doesn't dwell on stuff the way adults do. It is going to take some time for me to deal with the relief, guilt, anger and everything else, but for now I'm just glad he finally has some answers and can move ahead and go enjoy the outdoors in spring and summer...if it ever stops snowing.

 Some 80's clothing to finish things out. The gauze skirt required leggings beneath, but that just made it look all the more vintage.
The buttons are just sewn on.
Was still in the boot there, but my good foot was wearing a new velvet shoe.

Outfit particulars:
Skirt, sweater, and handbag-all Goodwill
Shoes-K Mart

Pesach will end Saturday at sundown and I am going to have a gallon of gin and tonic. Gin, being made with grain is off limits during pesach. Potato vodka is acceptable, but I really don't care for it. Anyway, it was an interesting year though I didn't make anything terribly special. We had a very nice spinach and feta omlette tonight, but that's hardly cooking.

I have to get the house ready this weekend for our house/pet sitter. I like her-she looked in the fishtank and remarked, "Well, I can see where Shitty got his name."

Now to get packing.


Polyester Princess said...

I'm sorry to hear you're in for more snow and cold weather. Here, Spring is about to arrive with 20° celsius forecasted for tomorrow. We'll have to see it to believe it. You do have the most wonderful and quirky bags: how pretty is that Early Bird one! Loving the raffia skirt and the red dress. Good to hear Danny's test results are good. Ugh, careless diagnoses! I have a friend who was led to believe she had MS for more than ten years, turns out she hasn't after all, which she found out when she changed neurologists. Good luck with your packing (I'm not envying you) and have a great holiday! xxx

Bobbi said...

The crappy weather is ridiculous. I have to wear my big coat and gloves to watch my daughter play soccer. Ugh.
I'm glad the foot is healing! You'll be 100% if it ever gets nice enough to be out walking in the park.
You look great, as always.

beate grigutsch said...

hope the cold snap over at yours is not that harsh!!
i totally understand your anger @ the doctors. i seems to slowly change - but there is still a habit of "gods in white" - to the worse for us.
but i´m glad to hear that danny is well and looks forward - good kid!
i´m in love with your first look - have to copy the B&W theme - gorgeous! and the other looks are not bad either - fab 80´s lace sweater. oh - and congrats for wearing a PAIR of shoes again!!
have a wonderful holiday! xxxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Snow in APRIL? Argghh!
We are just now getting the capricious little thunderstorms that bring hail and gale force winds (Usually they start in March) I <3 ugly shoes!
Glad to hear Danny's medical stuff is sorted! Y'know the American healthcare system is soooo inconsistent (I can't think of a better word) and will never admit any wrongdoing. I've seen so many misdiagnoses in my 15 yr career in healthcare. I've been told my TMJ syndrome is nothing more than a sinus infection, gallbladder inflammation, or a mental disorder by US physicians. US physicians don't bother to stay current with diagnostics- whenever they graduated from med school is where their knowledge base stays stuck.

zbroia said...

have a wonderfull holiday, you're one brave woman, chapeau bas for you

Miss Magpie said...

I'm so glad to hear Danny's meds are sorted, what a relief for you all. I also hope the weather improves for your holiday, it can't go on much longer...surely

Sue said...

You still have snow and we still have sunshine!! I have bulbs that think it is Spring FFS! The seasons are all over the place not that I mind still getting nice weather. So glad you got to ditch the stylish moon shoe, I hated mine so I know how you feel. Bloody doctors, this is why they are know as QUACKS! I guess that is why they call it medical practice, they are still practicing at guessing. Enjoy your holiday and all the best to Danny.

Goody said...

That's so terrible about your friend-I'm glad she was able to get it sorted. Enjoy your spring when it arrives.

Yeah, soccer is definitely not a sport that should require winter gear for the spectators. You know it will go from freezing directly into a heatwave.

For myself, I stay away from doctors (the secret to a long healthy life is keeping away from them) but when it comes to children you're expected to trust them. I really am going through ALL the emotions right now.

TMJ is your galbladder?! Okay? Yikes.
Hope your storms aren't too bad this year.

Thank you.

@Miss Magpie
It will be warming up in Omaha just as we leave. Figures!

Danny is looking forward to being outdoors on his bike in the spring and summer without fear of an allergy induced asthma attack. That bike has been collecting dust for the past few years.

Vix said...

Glorious outfits, as always although I'm most pissed off about your snow. We all seem to be having more than our fair share this Winter, don't we?
I can understand your frustration with poor Danny's medication. Thank goodness you've changed doctors and you can both start to live with a lot less stress.
Have a wonderful trip. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The first dandelion of spring has been spotted, gleaming beneath 2" of snow. Spring will come, spring will come...

And Danny will go forth and have great adventures, get sick and worry us all, and still go ever forth. "All the emotions" are yours by right of motherhood, dear Goody, but hopefully you'll soon feel more relief than rage. I consider myself fortunate that my own medical man has growled at interns that the only time doctors walk on water is when ponds freeze in the hospital car park.

Mim said...

Gah, I missed this post - I'm sure Bloglovin' is doing some weird filtering thing in my blog feed. I'm so glad for Danny that his meds are sorted; it must open up so many new things for him.

I've seen on IG that the boot has been given the boot, hurrah!

Veronica Cooke said...

I'm so pleased to hear that your boot is off and the foot has improved. I'm also delighted with the news about Danny. Hooray! Don't beat yourself up over it; you weren't to know and God only knows but doctors are human and make mistakes - all the time.

My daughter was told my grandson wasn't allergic to dogs AFTER being tested for it. When he came to Ireland in 2016 he petted my cousin's dog and fed some horses and then had a reaction that required an ambulance, blue lights and an adrenaline injection in the A and E department. He was retested by an allergen specialist when we were back in the UK and he is allergic to older male dog's saliva and horses! And a variety of nuts...

Loved your outfits and you have some gorgeous jewellery, but I'm in love with the birdy bag...

Have a fabulous break away - we're in for mini heatwave, apparently.

Anonymous said...
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Radostin said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad about Danny's mis-diagnosis. There is so much one can feel guilty about as a parent, but really please don't. Having asthma yourself, that would have sounded unsurprising that he should too. And questioning doctors is usually looked on as the behaviour of people of highly questionable mental state, even though, in fact, of course doctors can be wrong. But doubting what your doctor said is usually viewed as being so dubious, it's hard to get past that. Especially when someone is telling you that if you don't do as they say, your child won't be able to breath. Anyway, I hope that by now you've put it more behind you xx.
Have you found out what does cause him such protracted coughing fits, or just what it isn't?
In other items, I LOVE your "ugly" comfy shoes. The red dress is adorable and I love all the details of your outfits.

Goody said...

After being on something like 10 different medications he's down to three and we are all so happy. He did fine on the trip.

It is a mixture of relief and rage still, but it will pass, I'm sure.

I miss so many posts and I don't use a feed. The booit is off but the foot is still too swollen for nice shoes but it will be sandal westher soon with more toe-room ;)

Oh, that's awful-and terrifying. I'm glad to hear your grandson's allergies have been figured out-knowing what you're dealing with is always good. I had no idea a dog's saliva changes with age. That's fascinating *off to Google to read up on it*

The coughing is brought on by seasonal allergies but instead of increasing the antihistimines they went for brochio meds. He also has mild vocal chord disfunction that is only triggered in allergy season (like specifically three weeks in the spring) so we saw a speech pathologist to teach him some rescue breathing techniques to use along with the allergy meds. Turns out, sniffing through your nose works wonders to calm the cough. go figure.