Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day. I'm off to bed with my "Hottie."

I apologise for those of you that already saw this on Instagram-no one should have to see this twice. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh my. I'm trying to think of the Pedro Almodovar movie that had a scene with a character suffering severe menstrual cramps wearing a similar costume accessorized with a hot water bottle. Surreal is an understatement.
Hope you had a happy Valentine's day!

Vix said...

Definitely worth seeing twice. You crack me up, you really do. xxx

bahnwärterin said...

GENIUS! best valentines post ever - you ARE an artist!

Polyester Princess said...

I couldn't stop laughing! What a sexy outfit, and isn't your "hottie" hot? xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Just for a nano second I thought I'd tuned into a porn blog...but it's only Goody arsing about with a hot water bottle! Hilarious!

But seriously, I was looking at my stats and saw this innocuous web address that was apparently directing traffic to my blog, and when I clicked on it - OMG an ocean of genitalia! Apparently, they're not actually directing people to my (anyone's) blog - thank God - just piggybacking on something technical; oo er! There was a nice calming response from Google about this.

Have a great weekend.

JanF said...

Oh my goodness! Nobody but you would even think of this! You must be a hoot of a next door neighbour!
They must enjoy living close by.
Did you see my note about you looking like a sister to Hilary Farr ( Love it or List it?) and do you agree?

Emily from Etsy said...

I'm going to your Instragram account right now just for the delight of seeing this twice!!! It makes me wonder what other funny stuff I'm missing out on. : )

Mim said...

I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's day, you saucepot! Those photos made me laugh the first time I saw them, and they're making me laugh now.

Beth Waltz said...

If ever an ensemble qualified for the "aw, Mom!" remark...

Goody said...

I hadn't been thinking Almodovar (more like John Waters), but it works!

Thank you. If I ever start taking myself seriously I hope you slap me!

Thank you. I like thinking of it as art.

Trust me, the hottie is the only heat in my bed ;)

the porn bots are all over tumblr too. sigh, what can you do?

My next door neighbours are quite er...vocal, so we now know all sorts of things about their romantic lives-I doubt they would dare laugh at my antics! I just googled her-I don't see a similarity.

Eventually most of it ends up here in longer posts, but random stuff I see out and about gets instagramed.

Neither of us filed for divorce so I guess it was a successful valentines.


Radostin said...

This is hilarious and I'm delighted to see it twice. But you know, this made me think of what I say to my kids if they take a bite of something [that I have given them and know is good, obvs!] and immediately say they don't like it? You have to take a second bite to know properly; maybe now you know what to expect, you will. Tho that doesn't go for everything, of course... xx