Saturday, April 13, 2019

Pleats and Other Signs of Spring

 Spring is trying to arrive in Omaha even if it comes wrapped in snow and freezing temperatures. We are fortunate enough to live next to a small, lovely park hidden between a bank and a college campus. At lunchtime, workers from the bank and nearby hospitals can be seen walking the trail in their work attire and sneakers. We often join them as a brisk lunchtime walk breaks up the school day nicely. I always feel more alert for the afternoon's classes when I've had a quick breath of air. Walking the same park lets us see how far along the trees are. It is a strange park with a much higher elevation at one end, giving it a few micro-climates. There's all manner of wild fruit growing at various times of the year from grapes to Alpine strawberries to the feral crab apple tree. There's walnuts as well, making the path dangerous at certain times of the year. Anyway, spring seems to be a bit further along up the park than it is at my home.

 We discovered the squirrel's secret stash!
I mean, how cliche can you get? A hollowed out log filled with nuts. Hmmm, wonder who that belongs to?!😁

My indoor garden is doing nicely. I've added a large Boston fern to this group since the photo was taken. It was a long winter-I needed some greenery inside.

For some reason, I think of pleated skirts as a spring item of clothing (just like patent leather, which these days is worn year round). If a pleated skirt signal spring, then a brightly coloured one is just that much extra!
Yep, that'll do. Add a wild vintage 70s blouse, and you won't lose me in a crowd.

 Of course, yellow is pretty spring-like too!
Cream coloured pleats are always appropriate. Pair with a vintage men's evening jacket and you have something special.
But when you're really looking for the ultimate pleated skirt, pick a patterned one!

 And if that doesn't convince you, there's always classic brown. However I wear them, pleats will always evoke spring for me.
 Chicks and bunnies are also associated with spring.
Sometimes I get creative. I saw something similar (and better executed) online, but I gave it a try anyway.

 I will leave you with this most spring-like dress I stalked in the thrift store until it finally went on the discount. The original tags were still on it for $148.00 Sure, it is a beautiful dress, but it isn't $148.00 beautiful. I paid $3.99

 I like nice things, but I'm not stupid.

 That's about it here. What wardrobe items signal spring for you?


bahnwÀrterin said...

for me - little blazers in bright colors (have non because they always come in tiny sizes in the 2.hand dep.) and.......pleated skirts! to be exact: pleated skirts AND plissé skirts :-D
love all the examples you´r wearing here - and how you wear them! such very chic and cool ensembles!
the "plÀtzchen" look very pretty. happy holidays!!

Vix said...

I've never worn a pleated skirt in my life but you're almost making me reconsider, you look wonderful in your collection.
Your bargain dress is a dream.
I'm not sure what Spring dressing is - we usually go from winter to summer here - bikinis one minute, fake furs the next! The joys of island life!
Love your indoor garden and the squirrel's secret hidey hole. Ours keep nicking the birds' fat balls (that sounds dodgy, doesn't it?) xxx

Anonymous said...

Is it weird that I saw the picture of the undecorated chicks and bunnies and thought it was a close-up of a pattern you were wearing? I have to say, that last dress looks like it was made for you.

Polyester Princess said...

I wouldn't last the afternoon at the office without a quick breath of air, even when the weather's atrocious. Wonderful parade of pleated skirts! My favourite outfit is the first one, which instantly appealed to me. Love the coral/orange of the skirt, combined with the fabulously funky florals of the blouse. And oh, that coat! That dress is pretty fabulous too! OK, maybe not $148 fabulous ($148 is a lot of money!) but certainly a lot more than $3.99 fabulous! Good for you for holding out! xxx

Emily from Etsy said...

You did a wonderful job decorating those cookies! They look as lovely as anything you'd buy at a bakery.

You've got some very nice thrifted finds today. "Pleats Please" by Issey Miyake would be the obvious fragrance to go with your theme. I can't say I've ever smelled it, but the name is perfect.

A belated congratulations to you and Danny on your storm spotter training!

Propagatrix said...

It’s spring when I drag out my Mexican circle skirts, sailor dresses (including my reasonably-authentic Japanese schoolgirl uniform), short-sleeved twinsets, pink saddle shoes, yellow Doc Martens wingtips, my faux-Aigner wicker creel purse, and my polyester Henry Lee dresses with the attached scarves.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Spring, glorious Spring! Petals in a pool drifting...
I am not a fan of off white or cream but that cream-colored suit with the pleated skirt looks like it was made for you & the $3.99 boho cream embroidered dress is absolutely gorgeous!
Spring = packing away the winter woolens & velvets here in Nepal and bringing out sandals & cotton kurtis (there are no 'seasonal colors' here in South Asia and Winters are so mild here that everyone just wears a sweater or shawl over their usual clothes.
I thought your bunny cookies were snails, hah!

Mim said...

That is one basic (and lazy) squirrel.

I love your pleats! The coral is especially lovely. I think for me spring is signalled by the jackets coming out and the jumpers going away - I'll wear cardigans like jackets, but won't bother with fullblown jumpers again till autumn. And, of course, the woolly hats and scarves disappear too.

Goody said...

Thank you. A Happy Holiday to you as well.

There must be a full length psychedelic pleated maxi out there for you somewhere.

I take terrible photos so if you see something strange that is probably more my lack of skill than your eyesight!

If I ever had that kind of money I wouldn't be spending it on clothes!

I thought about using Pleats Please as the title of the post. I've never smelled it either. I probably wouldn't like it. Your package arrived today-you are TOO good to me!

Those all sound like things I'd wear! I'm glad someone else appreciates Henry Lee clothing. I have a blue faux linen dress with a jacket piped in contrast ribbon that is just so, so, fun.

I completely relate to squirrels. We could have WWIII break out and I'd have enough supplies for at least 6 months. Cardigans are the best!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Yes, me too! Pleats and Spring, I mean. What a wonderful array of pleated skirts you have. I loved them all. I also loved your wonderful long floral coat in the first outfit photo - that simply screamed Spring to me! The 3.99 maxi dress is out of this world and looks amazing on you; what a fabulous bargain you got!

I'm hoping my Magnolia tree will look like the one in your park - I can dream can't I?

Hope it's even more Spring like in Omaha now...

Beth Waltz said...

Spring means straw! As in straw bags and straw hats, looped about with the pretty floral scarves I can't "wear" any other way.

Spring also means the scary annual ritual of reviewing the warm weather wardrobe -- and determining whether my pet swim suit will still "do". (It did.)

Señora Allnut said...

Love those pleated skirts in fabulous colors (and prints!!), they look pretty springy for me, particularly because of the beautiful floral blouses and coats!. And always love your accessorizing!, you totally rock!
And nothing screams spring more than bare legs!. I still can go out bare legged all day long, but I've showed my ankles some warm evenings! sassiness!

Kezzie said...

You have a wonderful collection of pleated garments and how you teamed them with other items are very pleasing to behold! The Easter bunnies are very beautiful too!

Goody said...

Is that what it is?! I've never been sure what sort of tree it was.

Oh yes, straw bag time! Glad to hear the suit is ready for another season. Fingers crossed for nice pool weather.

@Senora Allnut
Ah yes, bare legs! I am so glad the fashion for nylons all summer has died out.