Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June is Bustin Out All Over

Well, as you can see by my hair, the heat and humidity have returned to Omaha! That's not an entirely unwelcome thing as we've had so much cold and rain this spring. I lost a good chunk of my garden a couple weeks ago in a freak hailstorm, but I've salvaged what I could, and re-planted a few things as it is still early (we stay warm into October). 

So that was a drag, and by the light of day, it looked even worse. It took a full 16 hours for the hail to melt, and by then the damage was done.
 Frozen peas, anyone?
I was able to cut back the chard and it is recovering. Anyway, that's the perils of gardening in Nebraska, but it was still disappointing. 
On a lighter note, I saw this shirt in a local thrift store. I wasn't tempted to buy it as it was made of that awful scuba material, but it was interesting to see this sort of meme-inspired "fashion" trickling down to the thrift shops of Omaha. 
School is officially out until 14 August! This was my last year teaching, so it is bittersweet. We took Danny to the high school to register for his freshman year classes. He's taking all the typical courses (maths, science, English, French) but he had a few electives to choose. I guess I expected he would go for art or music, but instead signed up for welding and woodworking. I'm excited for him-we'll finally have someone in this family that knows which end of a hammer to strike with. Danny is at the university now for a week long intensive weather science session. He's never been away from home, but he's enjoying it. It will be the first break I've had in 14 1/2 years as we never had a babysitter or and we homeschooled. We don't have any family here to help out, so we just took him with us everywhere. I'm sure it will be strange for us all, but it was time. He's getting to the age where he scarcely wants to be in the same room with us😊.
On the vintage clothing front, I'm setting up shop. It was time, and when I started going through the storage to wash, press, and hang on garment rails the things I'm parting with, I was shocked at the amount of stuff I've accumulated since the last cull. It is hard to pass up a bargain, but I can't possibly keep it all, even if it only cost .99 cents. This top is a fine example. A 1960's polyester with a zip down the back, it is a classic sort of look. I must have a dozen of these in various colours. I will never wear them all, so it is time to send them off into the world. 
Here's another sleeveless striped polyester top, this time with the zip in the front. You get the idea. 
 I must show you a close-up of the vintage printed denim shorts...
Isn't that hilarious? I'm not a Disney fan, but the idea of a Hawaiian print with subtle characters hidden in the design was too good to pass up. I won't be keeping the shorts either, but had to wear then once for the sheer humour of it. 
This outfit, I'll be keeping. A peach coloured peasant blouse doesn't seem terribly practical at first, but it goes with nearly everything. The skirt was home sewn (by someone else) and has a metal zip. It was sold as a 50s skirt, but I'm pretty certain it is 70s. That's OK, as it was a bargain and I love it. I suspect the metal zip had been sitting in the sewing basket for years and the sewist decided to use it in the 70s. The platform shoes are from the 2000s, but work so well with 70s vintage styles. 

 Outfit Particulars:
70s skirt-Etsy
Peasant top-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-Antique mall
Shoes-Et Cetera thrift store
Bangles-all over

 It wouldn't be summer without a vintage Hawaiian shirt, would it?
 I bought it for Danny (it is a men's shirt) but he didn't like it, so I kept it. The heavy cotton is pleasant and doesn't wrinkle much. 

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Hawaiian shirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Shorts and tee shirt-both K Mart several years ago
Lucite and rhinestone bangles-Both Goodwill
Pink hoop earrings-Target
Shoes-K Mart years ago

So here's something interesting. I take most of my photos indoors in bad light. Sometimes though, I go outside and...
 I am much greyer in natural light! So that settles it, I'm never leaving the house again. Nothing good out there anyway😀.
I'm certain that's exactly how it will happen!
Anyway, I guess I need to go out once in a while to find an outfit like this.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Indian dress-Goodwill
Basket bag-Antique mall
Necklace and earrings-had both for decades

You don't live in Nebraska without owning some red and white clothing (college sports) even if you didn't attend UNL.
I don't actually go about clutching my handbag like Moominmama...
...but I likely have an equally odd assortment of items therein. You never know what might come up! Best to carry everything.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage sweater-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage cotton Pendleton skirt-Goodwill
Vintage shoes-yard sale
Vintage handbag-New Life Thrift
Vintage stretch bracelet-can't remember
Necklace-Hand Me Ups
Lobster brooch-K Mart
Vintage climber earrings-antique mall in Wayne, NE
Cinnabar bangle-Hand-Me-Ups

I'm going to keep this short as I'm trying to get the kid's room cleaned before he gets home. What is it about teenagers and their inability to throw anything out...ever? If it were wartime and there was a paper drive on, we could fund a couple of battles just with what I've cleared out of his room. I very much doubt he was saving two years of maths homework/worksheets because he thought he'd need them. 

Hope your week is treating you well. 


Beth Waltz said...

Oy, have you been cleared to cruise in platform wedgies at that altitude? So chic with the full skirts -- and so dangerous!
The 70s skirt with the 50s zip would definitely be a keeper in my closet: Nothing more useful than a dark print that can be worn 9 months of the year.

Vintage men's Hawaiian shirts serve me as summer weight jackets, worn over slacks and tees. Lucky you, finding a floral in pinks! And the faux (?) carnelian ring is a perfect accessory for it.

Vix said...

I hope Danny's having the time of his life and you and Mr ETB are enjoying each other's company.
I'm glad you've finally got some summer after that freakish storm. Send some over to us, will you? I've switched the heating on, drawn the curtains and intend to crack open the rum shortly.
fab round-up of outfits, love the print of your 1970s skirt - I'm one of those annoying sewists who always uses vintage metal zips, god knows what they'll make of my Thomas the Tank Engine dress when some archaeologist digs it up in 250 years time. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Oh my, that must have been quite a hailstorm if it took 16 hours to melt! It must feel a bit bittersweet for you, but congratulations to Danny on starting this exciting new chapter in his life! I was looking at a peach coloured peasant blouse earlier today, but decided against it. I kind of regret it now, as yours looks gorgeous with the 50s/70s skirt. And to think I have a skirt in the same colours! Those wedgies are fabulous, too! Oh, and that basket! I'm swooning. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...


I'm so pleased you've got shorts weather. Such a shame about the hail and ice; your poor garden! It's good to see that it is recovering - ah Mother Nature...

I loved your green checked shirt and the shorts are quite mad! I'm with you on the striped tops; none of mine are vintage but I have a range of colours, both long and short sleeved and find them very useful. I'm sure I could get rid of some and not miss them but so far I haven't...

Fabulous shoes, bags, brooches, earrings, rings and bangles and I love your brown patterned skirt and that lovely brown Indian dress. Your hair has grown so much! It looks fab.

What are you going to do with yourself when Danny is at school? You have a whole new world to explore now! Danny, a Freshman - I always wondered what that meant when I read about it in American books!

Have a great week.

Emily from Etsy said...

The green and white striped shirt is begging to be worn with a certain fragrance that comes in a green and white striped box: Ma Griffe!

I wish Danny a fun-filled week at the university, and the same for you and your husband at home.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Hail in June? Oh my! We've been having a half to an inch of rain up here daily here in Nepal- the Monsoon does not start until August here so WTF? While Delhi has been sizzling at temps from 105-113F down on the plains of India.
Glad to hear you are setting up shop! Was thinking of setting up an Etsy or fulfilled by Amazon shop myself.
Our little Danny is all grown up now! Hope he enjoys high school and I can't believe he'll be driving soon!
Loving your high altitude wedgies and the Hawaiian clothing. If you've ever had the misery of going to a Disney park and suffering at a Disney hotel you'd see the Disney has fabrics in prints featuring tiny characters throughout. (paisleys, toile, Hawaiian, calicoes- you name it) We even see some of that fabric turn up here in Nepal as it is all printed in China.

Mim said...

i was so sorry to see what the hail did to your garden, it must have been heartbreaking! I'm glad some of the plants survived and you've got a chance to put in a second batch of some.

Are you setting up shop online? If so I'll definitely be up for a browse.

bahnwärterin said...

the hunid weather makes your hair look best!! perfect curls!
feel sorry for your garden - we had hail yesterday but thankfully it was not that worse..... fingers crossed for the replanted veggies!!!
gorgeous outfits - full skirts, tiny shorts, colorful patterns - summer love!

Goody said...

I really shouldn't be wearing those heels but...well, you know how hard good shoes are to resist. Pray I don't break a hip. Men's Hawaiian shirts are probably bought as gifts for men by women that know they will never wear them.

Speaking as an anthropologist, if future Goody dug up your Thomas dress I'd declare it a "Ceremonial/Ritual Robe" meaning, "I have no fucking idea!" That's my generic answer to things i can't identify.

One kid managed to ruin camp for everyone in his group, but it was a learning experience. I find peach works well with just about everything.

I'll be working selling vintage clothing once Danny's back to school. I know he'll do fine, but I'm bracing for the next year when he learns to drive!

I have a love/hate relationship with Ma Griffe. There's a few weeks in spring when it feels right, but then the heat arrives and ugh, no.

I went to Disney world once, in the late 70s before it was the all inclusive resort-I remember going to tour an orange grove in what was probably the most rural area I'd ever seen. How are you feeling? I love your new photo!

The plants that survived bounced back pretty well. I had to replace my tomato plants, but the new ones seem ok. I am planning to do online, and in a couple group shops, shows, etc. Shipping from the US is obscenely expensive, but if when I'm set up you see something, DM me and I can work something out for you.

I am still not used to seeing myself with big hair-I look like an 80s rocker! My re-planted veggies are doing well. Hope your garden is thriving too!