Thursday, January 14, 2021

I Pull My Blue Jeans On

Well that was a fucked-up week. As the fallout will probably be unfolding for a while, and my stress level is currently off the charts for myriad reasons (and violent insurrection ain't helping) I'm going to do an outfit type post. I'm not ignoring the situation (I mean, how could I when I keep getting emails and DM's from friends in other countries thinking I can somehow explain what the fuck is going on, or do anything about it) but like everyone else, I could use a breather. 

Never mind that I can't breathe in jeans😀.
I've never understood the appeal of jeans, but every once in a while I wear them to remind myself how much I dislike them. Aside from making my legs feel like sausages forced into casings, they aren't any warmer than a skirt with tights. Anyway, here's an attempt at being fashionable but now that's out of the way, I'll content myself with being stylish instead. 
Good earrings though. Hard to go wrong with big hoops.
Still making an effort to wear things that have been languishing in my collection. I can't remember the last time I wore any of these bracelets. I'm a hopeless accessory collector. They're small, inexpensive, and do so much for an outfit, yet it is easy to amass loads of stuff that rarely gets worn. I'm a little embarrassed, but have a look.

Honestly, I don't ever need to buy another...well anything, really. At the very least I need to be more selective when I start shopping again. February will be a year since I've been in a thrift shop. 

Finished reading Aubrey Gordon's book in a day. There's nothing here that hasn't been said by every fat person, over and over, but she's a good writer and it might resonate with thin people behaving badly. That's probably optimistic. Suggesting that fat people be treated as human, and believed when they share their experiences of horrific treatment shouldn't be a radical act, but here we are. 

Last post I mentioned my 70s dishes. There's several mixed sets, but these are my favourites. They're Homer Laughlin Golden Harvest. Homer Laughlin is the company in West Virginia that makes Fiesta Ware. I don't care for Fiesta, but I really love these. 

Admittedly, there's only so much nice plates can do to make curried lamb and cauliflower rice look attractive. I know, I know, we eat with our eyes too, but food styling is asking a bit more of me than I'm capable of delivering. 
This meal looked a bit better. "Asian-style" (It has sesame oil, soy sauce and 5 spice but I see the goofiness of calling it  generic Asian) cod cooked in foil pouches and served over vegetables. Threw some chopped peanuts on top and they were both happy with it. Trying to cook for two people with very different dietary restrictions is challenging. I say two, because I've been feeding myself without anything involving cooking for years. I usually get their dinner served and keep them company with a yoghurt or something because there's no way I could cook two, and now three different meals. Sometimes I just do the dishes while they eat, but we're together all the time-I don't need to sit at the table for quality time. Not once has anyone offered to make me something. Ever.  Anyway, nice plates. 
Not to brag, but would you admire how nicely I cut those vegetables with just a  knife? I have a mandoline, but am more comfortable with a knife. I also (touch wood) still have all my fingers.

I do like to get things ready through the day so I can just put it together quickly. I'm tired by dinnertime.

When I posted this outfit on Instagram, it got a laugh because the jacket used to belong to Danny. As I was clearing out all the clothes that no longer fit him, I was acquiring a new wardrobe for myself. That's sort of like thrifting. 
It was definitely cuter on him. I think he was six or seven here. No visiting the car show this year as climbing in and out of cars everyone has sat in doesn't seem all that appealing in a pandemic. I'm wondering if it ever will again. That's also the closest Danny will be getting to a sportscar as I drive a Honda Civic and his dad has a Ford Focus. We're practical car people. If her wants a fancy car he'll have to buy (and insure) it. Anyway, I continue to steal my kid's clothes. 

I didn't steal this outfit though. I've had this coat (it has a matching shift dress) for years. It goes so well with this too-big Frank Usher dress (which I will never get rid of because I adore it) and scarf/shawl that matches so well it looks like it was part of a set (it wasn't). The lilac boots were purchased from an online friend just as lockdown was starting back in March. I've yet to wear them further than a walk around the block. 
The handbag didn't go anywhere either. I have my "going out" bag that can be easily wiped clean. 

Being home so much, I finally fixed the zipper on  this vintage 50s dress that had been waiting for repair since be fore we moved (almost 8 years ago!). Where does the time go, eh? 
Here's the last time I wore it circa 2013
That was the old Crossroads Mall. They've finally started tearing it down. 

It is nice to be able to wear it again, even if only  to stay at home. The 70s belt is another rarely worn accessory, though no idea why as it is fab.
Not the easiest thing to photograph though, being so reflective. The dress is a shiny taffeta with a flocked floral print. Quite a bit of the flocking has worn away over the years, but the dress is still wearable. Someday I should try it with a fluffy crinoline. 

Anyway, that wasn't the only repair I managed.
Both this black dress and robe needed small repairs. Since I had the sewing basket out, I went ahead and did what needed doing. 
The dress is an absolute nightmare to photograph, but take my word for it that the scalloped ruffles are much better in person.
The dress is a very sturdy crepe material from the 80s. It would probably be better on someone taller, honestly. I will probably move this one along at some point. Would be nice on an art teacher.

The capelet had a first wear of the year. I wear this one quite a bit in the house when it is cool. More substantial than a cardigan, but less restrictive than a jacket, it turned out to be one of my better purchases. I remember thinking at the time that I'd never wear a purple, tartan cape. 

The 70s wool skirt has a matching jacket that is just a bit too narrow in the shoulders for me. I rarely wear suits anyway, but it is disappointing. I'm built like a stork with all my weight balanced atop spindly legs.
I decided it was probably time to do something with my skin besides Ponds Cold Cream and Pears soap. So far, I've been pleased with The Ordinary products. The cleanser is a bit tricky as you're supposed to rub it between your palms and the heat of your hands will liquefy it. Ha! Not these freezing, arthritic hands. Instead, I rub it onto my forehead and then spread it out to the rest of my face. It does an excellent job of removing eye makeup without any cotton pads, which is nice. I haven't had any trouble with the retinol on my sensitive skin, and the foundation is a better match than products I've tried costing much more. I have a very pink complexion, and matching foundation can be tricky. Overall I'm pleased, and the  price is very, very good. Free shipping too. 
I look ten years younger already...

We're expecting a blizzard tonight and through the day tomorrow. They cancelled school (even though they have the remote capacity, so that's nice for the kids) and Danny is planning to sleep through the day. Part of me is thinking, "This is exactly the sort of driving conditions you need to learn how to navigate in the Midwest", but maybe I'll just make him dig the car out for me. That's part of learning to drive as well. At most we'll have half a foot of snow, but 60 mph winds are going to make it impossible to see and the rural roads will be a mess. I really hope we don't lose power, but at least if we do it is cold enough to put the contents of my fridge outside in a snowbank. That's Midwestern living for you! 

I've got my vintage Snowland boots ready. 

Going to be a strange seven days or so. Stay safe, and good lord willing I'll see you soon.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh yes, since moving to South Asia I have given up wearing jeans. Too heavy and smothering here, much prefer my light cotton churidars and dhoti pants! I was surprised to find that Walmart carried Levi's last year and bought a pair for like $15. They are called Levi's Signature series are lightweight stretch denim & come in a variety of washes & cuts. I like them but they do stretch out quickly and end up around my ankles without a belt.
Loving your big hoops, Frank Usher dress, and wonderful accessory collection - who could resist all that gorgeousness?
On being fat in the USA - If we would stop treating obesity as a moral problem (which obviously has not worked) but as a HEALTH problem (which it obviously is) we might fare better in treating it effectively.
Love Homer Laughlin and had a huge collection of his restaurant ware in patterns Granada (white embossed grapevines) and Autumn Rhythm.
The Ordinary is a great place to start in skincare! I have not tried their foundation but have several of their other products.
My Indian & Nepali friends & family are equally shocked and asking me, "How can this happen? America is superpower?"
Hang in there baby!

Vix said...

I'm eyeing up that blue ring, looks like a Kuchi piece to me...lovely thing.
The art teacher dress, burgundy kimono, cape, sheepskin boots and Danny's jacket are my top picks. I don't get jeans either, I have a pair of vintage bells and always get compliments when I wear them but they just make me feel ordinary and I hate that. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I can't breathe in jeans either, and although I still own a pair or two, it has been ages since I last wore them. I tried wearing a pair for gardening back in Spring, but had to change into something more comfortable. In your case, the jeans are redeemed by the rest of your outfit, which is gorgeous!
I'm swooning over all those delicious accessories, and those Homer Laughlin dishes are fabulous too.
Quite a few favourites among your outfits as well. I particularly love the floral coat, the 50s dress and the capelet. Not to mention those snow boots!
Keeping my fingers crossed for the blizzard, as well as the rest of the week! xxx

Emily said...

You and Danny looked great in that photo from the car show! And it's nice that the vest is still seeing some use after all these years.

You do have a terrific accessory collection. I especially liked the five-strand bead necklace. It's beautiful and more unusual than the two- and three-strand type. And that'70s belt is amazing. I love how it gleams against the taffeta dress. I wonder if the new lilac boots will match that outfit?

Both of your dishes looked mouthwateringly good, and yes I marveled at the carefully sliced vegetables sitting atop the cod. I'd have noticed even if you hadn't pointed it out. Your husband and son are lucky to have you as their personal chef.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely therapeutic to review all your interesting fashion items. So thank-you . Wow, a whole year of thrift shop avoidence. Boy, do you have self control. I just cannot keep myself away from the thrift shop lately. It clears my mind. . I have been careful wearing a mask and washing my hands with alcohol afterward. One reason is I have been cleaning out my 93 year old mother's apartment dropping stuff off.
I am not buying ( much ) but I love to look. The cloudy days makes the thrift shop jewelry counter particularly attractive.
Stay safe with your coming storm. I know what it is like to lose power . It happens alot where I live in Pa.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

Beth Waltz said...

Learning to drive in wintery conditions is indeed a valuable skill; however, I agree that learning to stay home in blizzards is equally conducive to survival in the Midwest. Commuted hours daily for many years and learned -- the hard way, of course -- that a prudent woman stays in downtown hotels or stays home.

I don't wear jeans. I do wear capes and so mine eyes gleam green at those cloak pins, particularly the silver one. A museum replica, perhaps?

bahnwärterin said...

i´m not a jeans girl either..... never was.
and not the one who decorates food, even the cookies are plain - but it has to be tasty and healthy. your meals look both!! lovely tableware too!
again swoon-worthy clothes and outfits - the pink one is a real stunner! very close followed by the scalloped dress with the glam robe..... i wish i would find such cool & pretty jewelry - or belts - in our 2.hand shops. even the german ebay is a dull place vintage-fashion-wise - but with the US and england one have to deal with a lot of formalities and extra money......
hope you went well thru that blizzard - we had i mini-one here, very unusual but harmless. but it brought real snow :-D
stay warm & safe! xxxxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

So many fabulous outfits! I see what you mean about the Frank Usher dress - what a beauty! I also loved the pink floral coat - and it has a matching dress? Oh my...and the lilac boots and the pink handbag - just glorious. As for jeans you looked lovely in them but I do agree about warmth. I prefer to wear leggings when I'm out walking instead of jeans and leggings under walking trousers when it's really shite outside.,

The accessories were magnificent and I bet that's just a fraction of your collection. I'm the same find it very hard to resist the accessories but I still have some that haven't yet been worn; mostly brooches.

I'm so sorry no one offers to cook for you ever. At least OH will cook at weekends and when he is off work so that makes having to cook all week bearable.

Take care and more importantly stay sane!

Goody said...

So far I've been happy with the skincare. I was bracing for the retinol to irritate my skin but after a few weeks it still seems to be going well. The foundation is really nice-it is medium coverage, but doesn't look heavy. Nothing will completely cover my red nose, but it tames it, which is good enough for me.
Stay safe and well.

I suspect you're right about the ring. I bought it some 35 years ago from a shop in Chicago that was owned by a couple that travelled regularly in India, Afghanistan, etc. You and Jon would have loved them.

The blizzard was bad when the wind was blowing, but the snow totals weren't much when all was said and done. I have a remote starter on my new car and didn't even need to leave the house to melt the snow off the windscreen. Now that's luxury!

Thank you. Most of Danny's clothes aren't anything I'd want (cargo pants? No thanks) but sweaters and jackets are always good. I helped myself to his Levi's jacket as it is so short in the arms it looked silly on him. When he finally leaves the house he'll need a new wardrobe. I did make him put on track pants to go driving today-he tried leaving the house in flannel pajama bottoms with waffles (as in Eggos) printed on them. Can you imagine if we'd been pulled over?!
I need to sort through the stuff I no longer wear. Seriously, let me know if you're looking for anything in the area of brooches/handbags/etc. I probably have it.

Cleaning out a parent's belongings is a difficult job. You deserve a thrift browse afterward. Good luck with it.

I think back to all those years in Illinois when I'd dig out my car and leave for work at 5 AM to inch my way through so I could be at work on time only to find that they decided to close because everyone else called in. I mean, you live in the Midwest, it snows-plan ahead (for a room in town) or leave extra time. I've always been too reliable for my own good!
The brooch pin is hallmarked. I can't remember the maker offhand, but it was somewhere around Birmingham in the 1880s. I bought it in a lot with some similar pieces in the late 80s when the stuff was less sought-after. It could definitely use a good polishing.

What I see from German vintage bloggers on Instagram is mostly beautiful bakelite brooches. I have a few post war pieces stamped W.Germany, but they're not at all common in my thrift shops. Interesting that it doesn't show up in your shops either. I wonder where it all ends up?
Stay safe and well.

There must be a perfect pair of jeans out there but I'm not willing to make the effort finding them. I have a pair of western Levi's from the 50s, but they're more like wide-leg denim trousers.
Hope your lockdown is going easily.

bahnwärterin said...

@vintage jewelry: there is a huge gap between east and west germany - at least outside berlin.... the east had no "wirtschaftswunder" in the 50/60s so fashionable and luxery items from this time do almost not exist here.
and the bakelite stuff on the i-net is to expensive for me and the bangles always to small for my huge hands anyway.
even in the 80s - my youth - fashion jewelry did almost not exist - our bling was mostly DIY with things from the hardwear & haberdashery store and granny´s treasure chest. or imported from westgermany - if one had family there.
same with clothing of cause.

Señora Allnut said...

Totally rocking your jeans (and your attitude) and making them look fab with big hoops and leopard print!. Not a huge fan of jeans myself, never been, they're damn uncomfortable (and unflattering on me).
Loving your jewellery collection, so fab pieces. Love all the brooches!. Accessorizing makes everything better!. I've rarely found any jewellery in local charities, but there are some interesting pieces at consignment shops and second hand shops in bigger cities (even if they're so expensive!).
Those 70's dishes are lovely indeed, and your food looks delicious!. I also display the ingredients previously, it makes the cooking easier (and I don't forget anything important).
Your floral coat and pink dress make such a fabulous ensemble. And those boots!. Gorgeous!
And so fab robe and scalloped dress!, and love the 50's dress and the purple tartan cape!.

Goody said...

*slaps my head*
I should have realised that. I'm sorry. I know in the US we take a lot for granted.

@Senora Allnut
I don't know why jewellery is so abundant and inexpensive in our thrift stores
The US is so strange-even in the poorest areas, where rent, food, medical care are out of reach, consumer items are cheap. Maybe they think they can keep us sated with dollar store baubles as we starve or freeze to death?

Mim said...

I too do not like wearing jeans. That's a lot of amazingly good jewellery there though.

Your plates are great! I've given up trying to present a lot of my curries, stews and the likes prettily on IG, though nice dishes and surrounding accompaniments do go a long way. I usually can't be bothered, I just want to eat food...

Having to do so many different meals must be a right pain.