Thursday, January 07, 2021

What's That Curse About Living In Interesting Times?

 This wasn't the post I planned to bring you today, but then I didn't plan on a group of armed insurrectionists trying to overthrow the government, or in this case, stop the transfer of power. Certainly, anyone that has been paying even casual attention for say, the last forty years would have been aware of the rise in these militia groups. I can remember hearing about it camping in Michigan in the early 80s. Still, understanding the potential, and seeing it play out on CNN is one hell of a shock. Honestly, I'm not sure how much inciting it actually took-these people have been spoiling for a fight for decades, they just have an influx of new, eager recruits. That's not to say the Orange One doesn't bear some responsibility because, of course he does. 

What happened was shameful. I won't say it was doomed to fail because we've all seen governments fall without a shot being fired, so who knows what direction it could have gone. What I do know is that there was nothing patriotic about it. Confederate and Nazi flags being carried into the United States Capitol is the anthesis of patriotic action. 

Largely, I'm posting this not because I have anything to offer that isn't re-stating the obvious, but because I don't want what was essentially domestic terrorism to go down the memory hole nicely re-branded as a "protest". 


Emily said...

Yup, just when we thought 2021 would start out relatively drama-free compared to 2020, stuff like this happens. :(

This kind of rioting is all too common in Portland, but it took me by surprise to learn that it can happen in D.C. too, and that people from other states will go on premeditated road trips just to participate. For Pete's sake, people, STAY HOME. Nothing good can come out of a riot.

Vandalism is not a "protest." Assault is not a "protest." Trespassing is not a "protest." If you're stupid enough to climb a fence or a wall with the intent of storming a building you have no business being inside of, you deserve to get your butt thrown in jail.

In happier news, Merrick "Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride" Garland is said to be Biden's pick for attorney general. I felt so sorry for him when his Supreme Court nomination was blocked by the Republicans. Political pundits are saying that Garland will probably run the AG office fairly and without making the office needlessly partisan. If they are right, then he sounds like the perfect man for the job.

Beth Waltz said...

Protest? Nope, the words that come to my mind are "insurrection", "riot", and "coup." I fired off a message to the feckless half of our senatorial team before the event, urging he consider the probable outcome of his participation in an "objection". He changed his tiny mind after reality chased him into a "secured area", but I still sent him an ungracious follow-up: "Idiot! Where else did you think your attempt at sedition would end?! You're too old to run, too fat to hide and too scared to fight, so why didn't you think?!"

Where was the security guarding the Capitol?! I've seen tighter perimeter control at a county court house during a high-profile jury trial. Methinks some chains of command got unhooked and knotted. Would love to be a fly on the wall of the debriefing rooms later this week!

bahnwärterin said...

its here in the news since the morning.
i´m very glad about how this has ended. like you say - it could get worse....
in summer a few "corona protesters" tried to enter the reichstag - the doormen could close the doors just in the right moment. i guess they all read the same media channels. but the really frightening thing is: the common people read this channels too - and drifting slowly but sure in the wrong direction. knowing "our" history this is very very bad.

something to smile:
read in the newspaper that the scotts do not want the orange one to come over for golf. "sorry mister - its only for members" (imagine a stiff club butler).
hugs!! xxxxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Like you, I am not shocked either, as you rightly said that bunch has been spoiling for a fight for quite a while. I was raised with guns and have watched gun culture in the USA degrade over the years from “sportsman” to “thug.” My Nepali and Indian family and friends are shocked that such a thing could happen in the “superpower “ USA.
I too am wondering what happened to the security at the Capital?
So much for 2021 being much different than 2020!

Polyester Princess said...

I can't say the riots particularly surprised me, but I was still shocked to see it actually happening. I was also shocked that they were actually able to get into the Capitol! Doesn't say much for their security. xxx

Vix said...

I never thought I'd agree with George W but when he likened proceedings to those akin to a "banana republic" I couldn't help but nod in agreement. xxx

Mim said...

I was really shocked at what happened, and what's come out since has only made it look more like this thing had deeper roots than a bunch of extremists organising - it looks like people in law enforcement and even government ought to be investigated.

I messaged my friends in DC to make sure they were all safe. I remembered doing the same thing on 9/11; it was strange to have similar feelings coming flooding back.

Señora Allnut said...

I'm still amazed that this kind of things could happen in a country with such a long democratic tradition. Another thing I was taking for granted and I should not do it.
Feeling sad for my american friends anyway. And quite frightened too.