Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Mercury is in Gatorade and I'm an Aquarius

Hello everyone. How's things? Life's been busy here, but that's good because it keeps me from paying too much attention to the news. What I have seen seems to be indicating that 2021 is picking up right where 2020 left off without missing a beat. I am however enjoying watching Tulip Mania play out in real time in 2020. I'm not about to feel sorry for the rich losing money on a system they set up to benefit themselves. Anyway, the Game Stop stock story has been about the only bright spot of late. In other news, a decent sized part of the American population believes there's a Jewish space laser starting forest fires­čś«. I'd move, but I'm old and where the hell would I go? 

While I've been at home getting older, my hair has been getting longer. Blow drying it straight for the first time in ages, it was surprising to see how well it grows when it is generally neglected. It is still quite thin, and in terrible condition, but it is long. I guess that's some sort of accomplishment? 
The weather has been frigid of late, and it is only expected to get worse. That's fine, most years I don't get the opportunity to wear the really warm stuff in my collection. This 1970s cardigan is acrylic, but very tightly knitted and almost wind-proof. The skirt is vintage corduroy, and the fleece-lined Snowland boots keep my feet nice and comfortable. They're a bit like Uggs, but more stylish. 
I thought such a vintage ensemble deserved vintage eyewear. 
I haven't been anywhere exciting of late, aside from the grocery store . There's a small regional chain that opens at 6 AM daily, and unlike other stores, has all their produce out and ready to sell when they open. Last trip, I was the only customer and I was able to breeze through and get two weeks worth of shopping done in under half an hour. I was back home before Danny was awake and Mr. ETB had left for work. I miss the now-defunct store I previously shopped at, but this was easy and inexpensive. Sometimes I shop at Target if I need non-food items, but for a quick grocery run, the Family Fare has been a lifesaver. 
This was a surprise hit with the boys. I had three beef short ribs in the freezer, so I went ahead and cooked them slowly in the oven early in the day. AT dinnertime, I sliced the meat thinly and cooked it in a wok with broccoli and some other vegetables and served it over an omelet cut into ribbons like noodles. 
This was a small package of chicken legs I'd also forgotten in the depths of the freezer. I'd bought the celeriac without any plans for it and thought I'd try it as a mash-they both loved it. It was certainly easier than my usual preparation that requires soaking in lemon juice, drying the pieces, and then frying. I'm lucky they both like root vegetables because the selection of produce this time of year isn't so great. I envy people that live in California. 

More double-knit polyester. The stuff is warm, and easy to care for. This is actually a sleeveless dress with a matching jacket. 
I can't imagine wearing it without the jacket. Someone on Instagram suggested cutting the top from the skirt to provide more outfit options, but I think it is fine as is. I have enough clothes that I don't need to stretch my wardrobe items, but I can certainly see where it could be beneficial. I do sometimes wear the jacket with other outfits. 

Had the perfect handbag to go with it, not that I was going anywhere!

Remember how a couple posts ago I was complaining that I don't like jeans? Well I tried some other pairs and know what? I still don't like them. Can't say I didn't give it a fair try though.

Isn't the print on the jacket wild? It is a shimmery synthetic fabric with textured lines running through it. I'm sure there's a name for it that's escaping me at the moment. 

I'll run through a few other quick outfits just to get caught up. 
1970s boots
Seriously-look at those crazy heels.

In other news, the neighbourhood middle school has a white board where teachers leave an "Inspirational Quote of the Day" for students arriving in the morning. All good until the other day when someone decided to leave a Hitler quote. Because it is in our district, we've been getting apologetic emails about it from the district superintendent. Sigh. You can read about it  HERE. I'd say it was shocking but really, it isn't at all. God only knows what they're going to post on the board for Black History Month. 

We have more snow on the way tonight, and then into the deep-freeze with sub-zero (F) temperatures through next week. I'm continuing to chug along with my basement makeover, so that should keep me busy at home. I get another year older tomorrow, so there's that. 

Stay safe and well everyone. 


Anonymous said...

Hum ......Quote does seem remarkably insensitive . What were they thinking? The dilemma in that quote from a historically horrendous person is that , that particular singular quote has truth in it.

However, it is in the implementation of actions from the understanding of history that matter. We can choose to use knowledge of history for good or as cruel dictators do, for unspeakable harm.

Perhaps there will be a greater good from the dialogue the quote has created .

I hope you don't mind me commenting on this but It is thought provoking to read about what communities grapple with.

On a lighter note you look really cute in your 1970's jeans and flower power blazer.

Gail from Pa.

Emily said...

Your hair is as beautiful as ever, and I am in awe of your many delicious-looking, creative food combinations. Can you believe I've never cooked celeriac before? I've heard of it, but it so rarely comes up in recipes that I have yet to buy it at the supermarket and do anything with it. Maybe I'll start with an easy mash like the one you made.

I love the blue two-piece outfit, especially the belt-like yellow decoration around the waist, which is stunning. You may not love those bell-bottom jeans, but they sure do love you.

Your shiny textured fabric seems kind of like jacquard but also like seersucker, and yet I'm pretty sure that neither word is adequate in this case. Someone savvier about fashion can probably chime in with something more precise.

Nothing much exciting around here, other than a trip to the optometrist. I thought it would be hard to choose new eyeglass frames while wearing a mask, but it was much easier than I expected.

Happy birthday tomorrow!

bahnw├Ąrterin said...

happy birthday - dear goody!
all my best wishes to you - especially for your health.
lovely, chic and cool outfits as always. those furry boots a very high indeed - nothing i could walk in anymore, sadly.... the wild fabric in orange/ochre could be a kind of fake silk twill or moir├ę - granny had items (handed down) in similar fabric in exactly this colors but different design - remember them vividly because i loved the flamboyance - unusual for our rural town. still would wear such if i ever find it.
i have to steal the idea with the sliced omelet - BWH would love that too.
hitler quote on a school board? could happen here too - with the same apologize (in german of cause). i would move too - but i´m too to old and where to go?
stay warm! xxxx

Polyester Princess said...

Happy Birthday, Goody! And wow, your hair is getting long indeed. Mine is getting longer too - as well as being super dry and brittle - but although in all probability hairdressers will be allowed to re-open shortly, I'm in two minds whether to make an appointment.
Favourites among your outfits are the cord skirt and cardigan outfit, the double polyester maxi dress with matching jacket (such a gorgeous colour), the funky jacket and that crazy 1980s dress.
I can't believe they put up that Hitler quote!
Hope your weather doesn't get too bad - we're expecting quite a bit of snow, it seems. I hope they got it wrong!
Stay safe and warm, Goody xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Happy birthday, Goody!

What totally fabulous outfits - I loved the pleated skirts and that dress with matching jacket is absolutely gorgeous. The handbag is the perfect match.

I don't envy you your snow and freezing temperatures but if there's one thing I know whatever the weather Goody will have the perfect outfit for it!

Take care

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Your Snowland boots are fantastic and much more stylish than (sl)Uggs. Loving the 1970s Mum-style outfit with the tan bag.
Those temperatures sound vile, a basemaent makeover sounds like the perfect way to stay occupied indoors. x

Bibi Maizoon said...

Your hair looks fabulous!
Camel colored coats and sweaters seem to be having a moment?
Hate jeans, love overalls!
I don’t know what that tangerine orange floral print is called but it’s some sort of Peter Max inspired wonderfulness!
Yup, 2021 ain’t missing a beat, carrying on the “head up the ass” stupidity with inspirational quotes for high school from Hitler and the Rothschilds starting forest fires in California with lasers.
Carry on,
And stay safe xox

Beth Waltz said...

Felicitations on the annual observation of your natal day! Hope the lads gave you something warm and fashionable -- mittens, perhaps. May the year ahead bring delights for all your senses, especially your sense of humor.

I agree with Bibi: that's psychedelicious Peter Max foral on the slinky fabric jacket shirt. Pity you don't like jeans; jeans like you!

Intriguing ideas from the kitchen here. I've never eaten celeriac as a solo mash. It's usually served as part of a root veg melange with lots of butter, topped with crushed nuts and brown sugar. * I'm also hungry to try the omelet-slices-served-as-noodles notion. What an excellent way to up the protein while cutting the carbs!

Se├▒ora Allnut said...

Happy Birthday, dear Goody!
And It has been entertaining to hear the news about the stock market, instead of usual covid stuff. I also thought on Tulip Mania and South Sea Bubble (best names ever for stock collapses) and had similar feelings, not sorry for the rich ones losing money.
Totally understand the urge to move after watching the news (as the news about cheaters who jump the queue to get the vaccine, so typical spanish!)
Looking lovely and warm in your cozy cardi and corduroy skirt!, loving your blue dress and jacket and perfect bag!, and really fabulous outfits!, the psychedelic jacket is amazing! and your 80's colourful skirt is so cool!. Love to see you rocking it!. This makes me happy!.
I've never cooked celeriac, but ate it grated in a remoulade. It's not a popular vegetable here, whatever the reason. Your recipes are always inspiring!, I'm loving your idea of the omelet cut into ribbons.
Sending you hugs!

ThriftyParka said...

I’ve gotta say it, you are one sexy lady in those jeans!! Day-um!!! That polyester sleeveless dress, jacket and handbag is to DIE for!! You wear it like a Queen.

I think I may have to purloin that wonderful patchwork skirt. Is it part of a dress???

Happy thrifting ;)

ThriftyParka said...

I’ve gotta say it, you are one sexy lady in those jeans!! Day-um!!! That polyester sleeveless dress, jacket and handbag is to DIE for!! You wear it like a Queen.

I think I may have to purloin that wonderful patchwork skirt. Is it part of a dress???

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

As the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. It still never should have been put up. I'm wondering why the district thinks they only need to apologise to the Jewish students-I mean, quoting Hitler ought to offend everyone.

If you make the celery put it through a food mill to remove the stringy bits-it comes up nicer.
Glad to hear you were able to get frames easily. A trip to the eye doc. is definitely an event these days.

Moire is the word I was thinking of! Such a good effect in fabric, I wonder why it fell out of fashion?
Thank you for the Birthday wishes.

Thank you.
Just looked at the weather forecast and it keeps getting worse-more snow and a string of nights around -9F which is like -22C. I know the Canadians get this all the time, but I don't live in Canada :)
I'm going to stubbornly refuse to cut my hair until the pandemic is over, if it is ever over. Our state decided to lift all the restrictions (!) because things were getting better (!!!) which obviously means we have to sabotage it. I will never understand the logic in that.

Thank you.
Nebraska has the best weather of anywhere I've lived (Chicago, Boston) but that's not saying much! The constant snow is unusual and even so won't be enough to bring us out of the drought we're in-but the ice jams on the river will still flood us every year.

Thank you.
I had to do something with the basement. Half of it is unfinished and it is just wasted space where everything gets dumped without any organising. The washer and tumble dryer are down there and I'd like a bit nicer space to work in. I'm also considering moving when the pandemic winds down. Not this year, but maybe in '22. Having a good clear out of all the junk down there will make that easier.

I need to invest in a good conditioner and then find the time to use it with some heat. You'd think being home all the time would make that possible.
I really like to think I'm "unshockable" but I guess not. Hang in there.

Thank you. Know what I got for my birthday? Laundry, and I cooked them dinner. I mean, not even a card, but that seems to be the typical approach here (Mother's day, Christmas, my birthday). Just a great big old, "Fuck you" but hey, it wasn't like I expected differently. My parents were the same way-they took my sister and her husband out to dinner on my 21st birthday as I was home in bed with the flu!
Anyway, Celeriac also makes a delicious fried snack but you have to soak it in lemon juice and water first to keep the colour appealing. Google for the Simone Beck recipe in Simca's Cuisine-it is really good.

@Senora Allnut
Thank you.
I don't know where we could all go to escape the dummies-maybe Antarctica but then, I can barely stand the cold where I'm at.

@Thrifty Parka
The 80s patchwork in bright colours is a dress, the one in shades of brown is just a skirt.
Even loose jeans just feel so uncomfortable-I don't know how people can stand having something that heavy pressing on their skin. I guess I'm the adult version of a fussy toddler that needs all the labels cut out of their shirts :)

Mim said...

Well clearly you'd go to your secret space base, which I hope looks like something out of the cornier bits of 70s sci-fi. Can I come too?

Working in games, I had a week of non-stop GameStop stuff on my Twitter feed. I did start to worry people who couldn't afford to lose would get on board, but I shed no tears for the hedge fund weasels.

That psychedelic jacket is fab.

Facepalming at the inspirational Hitler quote. What were they thinking?