Sunday, February 28, 2021

I'm So Dizzy My Head is Spinning

 I've been called dizzy before, but this ain't that!

I'm starting to see a pattern that the day after taking Danny out driving, I get a killer migraine and vertigo. I suspect all that looking around as he's backing up, taking turns, etc. is doing a number on me via my messed-up neck and spine. In a way, that's a relief , but it does mean I need to figure out a better way of being in the passenger seat. He's progressing so well now that we're doing less parking practice and are focusing on actual road driving, so perhaps that will help. We won't talk about him side-swiping our other car pulling out! At least it was our car, not the neighbour's.  I feel so utterly useless sometimes, but what can I do? Hopefully he'll be able to have proper instruction this summer when everyone is vaccinated. Then, I can spend the rest of my life being driven rather than driving. 

I might have made a mistake telling him to drive fast and then quickly hit the brake. I wanted him to experience what that feels like as it is important to know how to deal with sudden stops on the road-I just forgot that I'd be in the car experiencing it along with him! I hope he'll be a good driver. Most of the time I'm pointing out the dangerous/stupid things other people are doing on the road. 

After all that snow and arctic cold, we suddenly warmed up in Omaha and predictably, the spring ice jams/floods have started. I live at the top of a hill away from the river, so it isn't an issue for me personally, but I do feel for the people impacted by this. It happens year after year and there still doesn't seem to be a good way of dealing with it. Hopefully, we won't get terrible rains this spring as people are still rebuilding from spring of 2019. 

Getting dressed this time of year is still complicated by the fact we can experience four seasons in a day-but that's the Midwest for you! Here, I've layered a knit dress over a skirt and added a cropped jacket. Still need the boots though, as there's melting snow and sand everywhere. 
The jacket is difficult to describe as the stiff fabric is somewhere between upholstery material and toweling. For something so strange, it has turned out to be a rather useful wardrobe piece that works in summer as well as winter. I think it is a 60s piece, but can't swear to it. The handbag I'm holding here was a Goodwill find several years ago. The young woman at the till couldn't figure out how it opened, and when I showed her the "kiss lock" she looked as though I'd just performed a magic trick. I'm glad I still possess useful knowledge that can be passed along to the younger generation. I remember being similarly perplexed by things like glove stretchers. Just last week I mentioned to Dan that sardine tins used to require a key to open them. Thank goodness I can just Google an image rather than try to explain that!

The belt is indeed as heavy as it looks as there are gemstones affixed to a substantial meatal base. Why would someone make something like this? Why would someone (me) buy something like this? The mysteries of the vintage thrifting world don't always have answers beyond, "Why not?" I was pleased to see these 80s monstrosities now sell for hundreds of dollars, so perhaps now that I've indulged the desire to wear it a few times, it can be moved along. There was a LOT going on with this outfit, but I rather enjoyed the effect.
The other accessories are a mix of new and old with the black plastic bracelets being the new. The shell bracelet is a bit sharp, but put together cleverly enough that I haven't cut myself wearing it. Earrings and brooch are not a set, but certainly look the part.

Because I can't ever leave well enough alone, I cut my hair into fringe. I don't exactly regret it, but I don't love it either. My hair is very thin, but thankfully it grows quickly and I'll soon forget all about this until the next time I decide to do it again. It has been about four years since my last adventure with fringe/bangs. 

I was joking on Instagram that this look is "70s Normcore" and it really is! The small, tasteful hoop earrings, the scarf, the gold chain-I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but it isn't the typical 70s look I go for. Hardly a stitch of polyester in sight­čśü

I've had this bracelet since the 70s. I think it was a gift from my sister. I wear it quite often as it is the sort of thing that goes with nearly everything. Classic 70s anyway. 

This outfit was much nicer in person. The satin blouse and skirt done in a 1930s style are so lovely in person, especially when they catch the light just so. The slouchy sweater has metallic thread shot through it for a nice sparkling effect that unfortunately was also lost in the photos. You can just make out the velvet boots.

And suddenly, the weather turned spring-like. 
Might as well embrace it, as it could very well be short-lived. 
Anyone else think of navy blue handbags and shoes as a spring look? I don't know why I have that association, but I do.
I wasn't kidding about digging deep in the wardrobe after a year of not shopping-this striped suit hasn't been worn in ages. The shirt gets a bit more wear, but not much.
I honestly don't know why I neglect it. 
Time to remedy that!
Spring also means lucite bangles, though again, I have no idea why I make that association. Maybe in the depths of witer no one can see my wrists under sweaters and cardigans. 

We are slowly inching into the better time of year for outdoors photos, which I'm looking forward to. In anticipation, I did a bit of cleaning the front garden today, mostly picking up people's illegally  dumped trash that has now blown into it. Styrofoam pellets are the WORST. They're so tiny, and they blow everywhere. I found them half a mile down our street on my walk today. I'm also noticing more and more dog turds on the sidewalks, grass, pretty much everywhere. In the bad weather people can't be arsed to walk their dogs so they just let them out, and open the door when they return. I like dogs, but I sure don't like some of their humans. As the snow melts, we're seeing the full scope of just how bad it is. 

Did I tell you about the shovel thieves? After our last big snow I saw a group of kids by my window, they quickly grabbed BOTH my snow shovels, and those of my neighbour's and made their way into a waiting "getaway" truck and off they went-too quickly to chase even though everyone saw it happen. I'm sure they were at the neighbourhood pawn shop selling them for a few dollars each. I'm furious, but also kind of impressed at the nerve. As they were very young kids (maybe 8 or 9) I'm guessing it was at the direction of parents or older siblings driving the getaway. That's the first time we've had anything stolen( other than a car break in where there was nothing for them to take)-and in broad daylight with everyone outside clearing snow too. Sometimes I feel like my life is out of control but it will never be bad enough that I'm leading a band of small children through the neighbourhood stealing shovels,, so I guess there's that.

Enough about that. In other news, I've been trying to get through my perfume collection deciding what I like and don't. So far I've been posting a bottle a day over on Instagram, but they're not really reviews in any real sense-the format doesn't lend itself to in-depth writing. Sometimes, there simply isn't enough to say anyway. These Bvlgari Omnia fragrances are OK, except for the amethyst. That's the purple one, and it is noxious. It smells like something you'd spray in a restroom, but worse. Honestly, the Omnia Coral is the only one I really love, and I have several bottle of it now (including the stupid double circle shaped one they had that takes up far too much room on a perfume tray). 

Omnia coral is juicy and melon like which I ought to hate, but just adore. I guess my tastes aren't as set in stone as I'd like to think. 

Another, "No" for me though I don't hate it. I was lucky to find it in a thrift store for $3.99, but it isn't lucky if I don't wear it, and I really can't imagine ever wanting to. Caron fragrances don't get on well with me, except for Nuit de Noel, Tabac Blonde, and in a very rare mood, Yatagan. Just as well I suppose, as Caron fragrances don't come cheap (unless you find them at the thrift store). 
Another big bottle of, "Nope".

This one was an enjoyable surprise. I don't like regular Venezia, but this flanker is actually pleasant. Very light, perfect for spring. 

Anyway, expect more 'fume talk as I make my way through the stuff. The only thing I wear regularly now is Amouage Bracken Woman because I enjoy smelling like the decaying floor of a forest. If they ever discontinue it, I will die. I should probably stockpile extra bottles but it is so bloody expensive. 

Speaking of expensive things-I won an auction for a vintage Georg Jensen ring at a price I could happily agree to. That was really very lucky, and as I've admired Jensen pieces practically all my life, I'm beyond excited. I hope it looks as good in person as it did online. I'll post a picture when it gets here. 
This Egyptian necklace was another lucky auction piece, though it cost considerably less than the Jensen ring! I had so many necklaces like this in the 80s, and still have a faience one that needs a few small repairs to be wearable. The shape is nice on this one, and the longer length makes it easier to wear. 

I haven't cooked anything terribly exciting, but this lemon/garlic baked chicken was well received. 
Served with a spinach salad made with turkey bacon, and my "famous" red cabbage it made a colourful meal. 
Tonight I made a top sirloin roast I've had in the freezer for close to a year. It turned out perfect (I'm always afraid of overcooking beef as I just don't have a lot of experience cooking it-and it is so expensive. I don't care if I overcook chicken that's .99 cents a pound). I'm still learning, and adapting to everyone's dietary requirements (that keep changing, but OK). I think of it as acquiring skills, and who doesn't like to learn something new? 
That's actually better cooked than the "almost still moo-ing" roast beef I was served as a child. My mother would insist this was overcooked! 
Another colourful meal, but at least it wasn't bloody!

Speaking of new things, how about growing new leaves from the tops of root vegetables? 
Not all of those are edible!
But these are-parsnip and radishes...

And thriving turnip greens. It is so satisfying to grow plants from something that would have otherwise been thrown away. 

My garden journal tells me that I planted peas and spinach last year on 1 March. I still haven't decided if I plan to do that this year, but I do know that I must plant sunflowers again as all my neighbours have told me how much they've enjoyed them. That's a small thing I can do to bring a little happiness in a difficult time. It isn't like a gang of kids are going to be able to make off with that! 

Stay safe and have a good week everyone. 


Emily said...

Your bangs are beautiful! They look professionally done.

Your yummy-looking chicken dish reminded me that I have a great recipe for something called C-Food Salad. All the ingredients start with the letter C, and it's really tasty.

I wonder what your young cashier would think of other kinds of mysterious old-school technology.... Remember when toothpaste still came in a rigid tube, and you could get plastic keys at the supermarket to help you fold the tube from the bottom end? I also have a dim memory of being a small child at the supermarket and seeing boxes of maxi pads that said "beltless." I was too young to understand, but beltless pads were new at that time and companies felt the need to brag about it on the box. Thank goodness that in the year 2021, most things in life are easier to use.

Anyone who has the nerve to steal snow shovels in broad daylight is bound to get caught. It's a pity that they'd engage their own kids to assist them.

Danny is going to be an excellent driver. Hang in there, and I hope your headaches and vertigo diminish as you get used to being in the passenger seat.

Beth Waltz said...

As a meat-eater since I grew teeth, I confirm that roast appears perfectly un-done! That said, I confess I always over cook lamb and am not to be trusted with a dead duck.

What could be more luxurious to see or wear than satin separates accessorized with velvet boots and a tapestry bag? Of course, a slouchy sweater with metallic thread that removes any sense of stiff formality. The earrings echo the lightness of your fringe, while the pin's leaf touches the bag's fabric. Just the outfit for an evening at an extremely posh restaurant. [When/if the poshest restaurant in Omaha re-opens], Mr. ETB can knot his tie and take you dining. And Danny can practice driving at night.

Be glad the trainee thugs only stole your shovels. Here the packs prowl parking lots looking for old ladies to whack with them, the better to snatch purses, phones, etc. When queried about their presence, they claim poverty and a desire to earn a few dollars shoveling out cars....

Se├▒ora Allnut said...

Lovely outfits!, I'm in love with the geometric black&green print of this first dress and your styling!. Also loving your tapestry jacket and delightful bag!, and even your 70's normcore looks fab because of the lovely accessorizing (love your bracelet and bag, and neckerchief!). Totally fabulous in your satin purple outfit, those textures and colours are gorgeous!, and you even have that perfect bag and jewellery!
Love some spring-like inspiration in green and navy, I think that navy color brings a seaside summery breeze!.
The striped suit is something particularly amazing!, love that you're determined to wear it more frequently!. You rock it!
And it doesn't cease to amaze me that people steal whatever they can grab. Here people grab flower pots, garden furniture or anything which is not firmly attached to the ground (even city benches). And they're not just Young thugs, also 'respectable' people do it. So everybody has walled gardens and keeps a suspicious attitude.
Can't understand that somebody take a shovel from other people's yards, considering it's an essential tool. It's particularly offensive, I think.

Polyester Princess said...

Getting dressed at this time of year if fraught with difficulties, and I'm often either adding or shedding layers throughout the day.
Love the jacket and belt in your first outfit and that purse is just gorgeous. I had no idea it was called a "kiss lock"! Oh, and I had quite forgotten about sardine tins ...
I'd already noticed your hair on Instagram and actually quite like the fringe!
I'm swooning over the 70s bracelet, and I'm loving the colours of your 1930s inspired satin blouse and skirt combo. My favourite, however, is the Springlike navy/green/striped outfit.
The cheek of those shovel thieves, though!
Your lemon/garlic baked chicken looks exciting enough to me. We are both really in a rut when it comes to cooking.
Stay safe and fabulous! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Oh Geez!! I can't believe people. Stealing shovels! And letting dogs poop without cleaning up afterwards. Good grief!!

I know *exactly* how that stiff upholstery fabric feels! If memory serves correctly. It is lightweight and doesn't hold body heat in very well, but boy it looks so nice and textured!!

I need to pause and say you look beautiful!! But what happened to your curly hair? Wasn't it curly last year? I love your outfits. I haven't worn a skirt out in ages. I need to remedy that soon!!

I love everything you are wearing. I squealed when I saw your your red/purple outfit with the gorgeous red and black handbag. It's amazing!

hahaha. Driving with a teenager, eh? I went through that 2 years ago when my youngest daughter was 16. There is nothing more terrifying. And your advice is very good. You just need to buckle in, and pretend you're going on a car ride and do the best you can. I'm sure Danny will be fine as you are doing a great job helping him practice.

I am looking forward to seeing what you plant! Our growing season is still a while to come. We still have several feet of snow on the ground.

stay safe Goody and ETB fam!

bahnw├Ąrterin said...

sorry that you feel unwell because of your driving lessons for dan........

but you look fabulous as always in your chic and cool clothes and all the fab jewelry! favs are the stripey ensemble, the black 70s and the red oppulence.

could jump into that casserole of lemon chicken - it looks and sound extremely tasty!


Anonymous said...

I am sure it is both terrifying and thrilling to see your little boy growing up to be a young man. It is great that he willingly ( ? ) lets his mother teach him to drive. Your dear son will hear your voice in the back of his head forever when he drives a car and THAT is a good thing.

The outfit in your first photo is wonderful . The Egyptian necklace and large bangle with the color blocked dress is a nice pairing.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

Bibi Maizoon said...

That striped suit is divine!
I have neck problems too, from being a pharmacist for 14 yrs the discs between C6,7 & 8 have completely collapsed. Painful and annoying to realize how much your quality of life depends on your neck.
Although highly hyped, Bulgari fragrances have left me largely unimpressed also. I am a fan of Laura Biagiatti fragrances, I wore Roma in the 90s but was not a fan of Venezia.
It has been unseasonably warm and dry here in Nepal. Usually, we are blasted with afternoon squalls featuring hail and rain blasting off the mountains like a firehose. The kids have started back to school as of February here. No surge in Covid cases but little testing is being done.
Mmmmm. wilted spinach salad with bacon & eggs...yum!
Glad you & yours are doing well!

Vix said...

Sorry about the sickness.
Loving that fringe on you and loving the stripey ensemble and the all-black look - something you do so well.
Souvenir jewellery is so hard to find these days when you travl, most tourists want knock-off designer rather than anything realted to the countries they visit. That necklace is fabulous!
I'd happily tuck into that spinach salad. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

That's tricky getting a migraine when you take Danny out driving. Don't you find that as a passenger it's difficult not to see everything through a driver's eyes? I even found myself on the top deck of a Belfast bus, once, braking on an invisible brake as I didn't think the driver was going to do it in time....stressful!

Fabulous outfits and accessories - oh, the velvet plum coloured one...

I'm not a big meat eater eating less and less these days; but neither I nor OH can understand eating rare bloody meat. Eldest grandson had a girlfriend who liked her beef 'blue' almost raw. Yuck!

I am so excited for you about the George Jensen ring; I adore George Jensen jewellery. As for the perfumes I still haven't heard of most of them but at least I know what they smell like now!

Stealing snow shovels has got to be an all time low down dirty trick.

Take care

Goody said...

Belted pads still existed when my periods started but almost no one used them. On the one hand, they were much more secure, which helped with the slipping around issues I had with stick on pads, but they did show through on certain types of trousers.

Goody said...

lamb is tricky to get right, that's for sure.
I wouldn't go as far as "Thugs" in fact, I avoid the term altogether as in recent years it has been used in a racially insensitive/abusive by Republicans way, but I'd definitely use "petty criminal". No one is getting knocked down in the streets of Omaha with shovels that I'm aware of.

@Senora Allnut
Thank you. I suspect the thefts are to make quick cash to fuel drug habits. The pandemic has made it all the harder for people with drug problems to get treatment.

Thank you.
I've had to seriously change the way I cook to accommodate Mr. ETB's low carb thing, but it is coming along. I breaded an eggplant with coconut flour last night before frying it, with great success. I guess that will keep any boredom away trying new things.

@Thrifty Parka
Sometimes I blow-dry my hair, but the curls come right back as soon as I wash and air dry. I can't remember the last time I had it this long.
The driving thing is a drag, but knowing you came through it with your brains intact gives me hope!

Thank you. If I could just keep my eyes shut in the car it would be much better!!!

My mother has been dead for 30 years and I still hear her in my brain! Most of the time I hear her saying things like, "You're not an alcoholic if you wait until noon to start drinking", "Stop looking in the rear-view mirror because if they hit you from behind, it is their fault", and the always useful question, "Do you REALLY need to eat that?!"
I hope I do better with Danny :)

I'm really scared to get an x-ray because I can kind of tell by the volume of crunching when I turn my head that the news probably isn't good. I'm sorry you're going through it-how dare our bodies do these things to us!
It must be nice having the kids back in school. I hope you continue to have low cases as the vaccines roll out. Stay well.

That's so strange really, I mean, if you're visiting somewhere it would seem obvious to buy a reminder of your trip that represents the place you visited. Funnily enough though, if you buy a souvenir item in America it was probably manufactured in China.
I have got to get this vertigo/migraine nonsense sorted before I fall over in the street and get taken to the drunk tank by mistake.

Driving has been OK so far but driving with his dad is another story-my imaginary brake pedal gets a workout! Thankfully we haven't had to drive together in over a year now. I hope when the pandemic is over that can continue ;)

Mim said...

The vertigo and migraines do sound worrying. I saw you mention on IG today that it might be our yes causing it, so I hope the new glasses do the trick for you.

You and Vix both seem to be seeing a lot of littering. People can be such scrotes at times.