Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Do the Hustle

 Polyester Jumpsuit, anyone?

The only really shocking thing is that it took more than a year stuck at home before deciding to try it on. Don't know what I was waiting for. The rhinestone details get a bit lost in the photos, but in person they're quite lovely. A polyester jumpsuit without rhinestones is like a bump without a grind. 

Obviously, the jumpsuit called for some platforms. I'm going to paint these in an op-art style because I never wear them, and I might if they weren't beige. Anyway, that's something to work on. 

At one point I think I had the jumpsuit in pink as well-or maybe an apricot colour, I can't remember. It was probably pre-blog as I can't find any photos of it. How did we survive before digital cameras and smart phones?! Clothes lovers of yore had to commission a painting. I'm not kidding-look at a John Singer Sargent and tell me it wasn't all about the clothes. Portraiture, sure, but while he lets some people get away with half painted hands, (which to be fair, painting hands is hard) the clothes are always perfectly depicted. 
Throw some giant safety pins at it, and you have Versace😁

Madame X (hand conveniently hidden behind table) might not be much to look at, but her dress is beautifully rendered. So yeah, technology is a great way to share what you've worn when there isn't a painter of society figures at your disposal. 
Still digging way back through the wardrobe for neglected items of clothing. I found some photos from the last time I wore it-in 2013! Now that's some neglect.
And a roller-set too!
I remember that shower curtain-it had the Rain Cycle on it. That's what you get when you let the child select the shower curtain. I'm going to make an effort to wear the blouse more often-a collar like that shouldn't stay hidden at the back of the wardrobe. 

Sometimes I cosplay a normal person. Vintage denim skirt though. 
This white cotton cardigan is falling apart, but it is good enough for being at home. I'm actively looking for a replacement, but don't want to buy something that'll need replacing again in a year. As much as I don't like the idea of Boden, I have to admit they do cotton cardigans better than anyone else. I guess there's Land's End too, but for the money I think Boden makes slightly better looking stuff-in a style sense. Who would have thought something as simple as a white cardigan would be so difficult to find? 
I will be keeping those buttons though. At least they're well made even if the knit isn't. 

This dress is well-made. Over 70 years old and still wearable! The just don't make things like they used to! No, they certainly don't. When I bought it in the early 80s it was merely "old", not vintage. 

Another selection from deep in the depths of the wardrobe are these culottes from French Connection. They're old. Like, 90s old. Surprisingly well made though, and still holding up, though that's possibly due to how little wear they get. 
I wouldn't be wearing wool culottes in April if it weren't currently snowing. Don't worry, I put the fleeces over the garden bed. 

Last wear for these culottes was 2014! 
That was a much nicer day weather-wise than current conditions. Oh, not to worry, it will melt, but I was hoping I'd be through running the furnace for a bit. No such luck as we're going well below freezing tonight. What I would give for a fireplace or stove. 

Mr. ETB has gone back into his office for the next three weeks. They're rotating the teams through the building in three week cycles so that they can keep the occupancy low, and everyone spread out. I think they are the only team on their floor, so it shouldn't be too bad. He's had his second vaccine, but will still be wearing a couple masks and eyewear. Danny is going back to school for the last month before summer break at the start of May. It will be eerily quiet in here alone. I'm already planning to do all my big projects like cleaning the carpets when no one is about. I'm a bit excited, if I'm honest. 

I have a friend getting married next year, so I'm starting an embroidered tablecloth for her. Most of my friends received a tablecloth when they married, and a quilt if and when a baby arrived. Sometimes the baby quilt without the tablecloth, because it is the modern era and such silly conventions are finally fading away. Anyway, I need to get started with that. I have an abundance of red embroidery floss for some reason, so redwork it shall be. I have a pretty tablecloth ready to be worked, and now it is just a matter of looking through my stencils and transfers for something I like. It won't be cross stitch, because I find it mind numbing to do. I'm glad I have new specs-threading a needle will be much easier. 

I'll leave you with this vintage Victor Costa crepe dress that drapes so beautifully. It came with a matching belt that is unfortunately too small. The dress is marked a 10 but the belt wouldn't fit a small child. I hate when that happens. Anyway, I would have preferred a wine coloured belt here but nothing I own was even close. The shoes are somewhere between oxblood and brown and do a good job of working with the dress. 

Hope you're having a good week. Take care.


Emily said...

That fit-and-flare black midcentury dress with the colorful paillettes is the prettiest thing ever! And you've picked the perfect jewelry to go with it. I also really loved the brown and yellow outfit and the curly hairdo you wore with it.

It's never occurred to me to paint a pair of solid-colored shoes, which just goes to show what a great imagination you have. I look forward to seeing how those platforms turn out.

Dang, you are so right about John Singer Sargent and the hands. I never even noticed until you said it.

When you said, "A polyester jumpsuit without rhinestones is like a bump without a grind," I laughed out loud.

Enjoy having the place to yourself for the next few weeks. Some alone time is nice, especially after a year of being in lockdown with family.

Bibi Maizoon said...

The jumpsuit is BOMB (looks tailored to fit you) and might I suggest doing the platforms in rhinestones for some heavy-duty 70s glam!
Just binge-watched a series of documentaries on the House of Worth, and yes - it was all about the clothes!
That 70 yr old dress is amazing, is that velvet trim? Love the pumps with bows too.
We finally got some rain here in Nepal to dampen the wildfires. Now the double variant from India is showing up in Nepalis returning from India. Blah.
How lovely that you give a handmade gift. I am waiting to get my eye surgery so I can return to my embroidery hobby too.
Stay safe xox.

Polyester Princess said...

After one year of Covid, my hands have aged beyond their years in spite of lavish applications of hand cream, so I'd be perfectly happy with half painted hands :-) But what did we do before digital cameras and smartphones indeed?
That polyester jumpsuit - with rhinestones - is gorgeous and fits you to perfection. As does that wonderful blouse, which definitely deserves to come out more often. Nevertheless my two favourites are the black vintage fit and flare dress and the Victor Costa crepe dress, which are both absolutely stunning! I can't remember when I last I the place to myself for longer than an hour or two. I did enjoy taking the day off when Jos was still working just to be on my own. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh my goodness - you have been saving some gems at the back of your wardrobe! My absolute favourite is the 1950s belted dress - just simply gorgeous and I love what you have in your hair. A fascinator? A feathered comb? Looks amazing with the dress. Your hair looks fabulous long and curly.

A hand embroidered table cloth or a baby quilt sound like the perfect presents; hopefully they might go on to become family heirlooms.

Enjoy the peace and quiet!

bahnwärterin said...

ehem - no. :-D
i prefer the black new look dress! its a dream of a dress in my books. and i have a vintage necklace made of the same wired cristals that hang on your bracelet......... the victor costa is gorgeous too and the color looks great on you.
cosplaying a normal person - did it sometimes because reasons. but now i know it was wrong. but its hard to overcome early learned preconceptions.....
the painting is an icon! john singer sargent actually knew how to paint hands - both look perfect in their very complicated pose. if i had a place to go with - or a klient from the showbiz - i would love to recreate that dress - with modern proportions, no deadly corset crazy underneath.
cant wait to see the op-art shoes!

Anonymous said...

If that jumpsuit was white I would have thought I saw Evis !

I love culottes. Sew them all the time from patterns I have had for years. It doesn't matter to me if they are "in " or "out ". I can bend around in very unlady like ways but still feel dressed up.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

Beth Waltz said...

Firstly, let us remark that whatever you're doing to grow a gorgeous head of hair, it's working! Even pulled back into a chignon, the fullness of your coiffeur balances the flare of that mid-century "new look" shirtwaist.

Gloves! You're wearing not only the sleek cap hat of the period -- with a feather! -- but also carrying a box bag and wearing gloves! And perhaps a splash of Red Door?

That Victor Costa crepe dress illustrates how comfortable elegance can be! Even if the matching belt fit, perhaps that bright buckle is a better choice as an accessory, echoing the buckles on those comfy shoes? Maja -- must wear Maja with this port wine color combo.

Vix said...

That's exactly what I thought when I saw that Singer Sargent painting, it's almost identical to the one Elizbeth Hurley wore when she was dating High Grant. There's nothing new under the sun, is there?
I always admire the construction of 50s dresses, I'm too much of an oaf to wear anything that fitted but it looks great on you. French Connection made some fabulous stuff from 1970s - 1990s then they started producing all those naff FCUK logos and lost their way. I like those culottes on you. x

Goody said...

Thank you.
I have no idea if the shoes will look good painted, but they look beat up now so there's nothing to lose. I've been getting plenty of housework accomplished, which is kind of nice.

We're seeing the news from India and it is terrifying. It had appeared they would escape the worst of the pandemic. I read today that the US is finally going to send some vaccine over, which we should have been doing but better late than never.
The trim on the dress is velvet. I hope you get your eyes sorted out soon.

Not that my hands look great, but I've been using the newest offering from Nivea on mine-it is a softer whipped version of the balm in a tin, and it goes on beautifully without being greasy. It has really helped with my stiff skin issues, so just passing it along. As a bonus, it is dirt cheap as skincare products go. There's always gloves too ;)

Thank you. That's a close-fitting felt hat with a feather-it is hard to photograph against my black hair.
It has been nice and quiet so far.

Definitely no corsets for me! It strikes me as so strange when young people want to wear them. I guess there's a fad for everyone. My ribs hurt just thinking about it. I'm very happy to have grown up in an era of loose fitting clothing.
I need to visit the art supply store for some paint-pens. I draw better than I paint, so that's probably the approach I'll take.

I seriously thought about taking the jumpsuit in an Elvis direction as I have some elaborate 80s belts full of metal and rhinestones that would have worked, but I'm not brave enough to wear THAT look outside.
Culottes are so practical. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person that still loves them.

The hair is an optical illusion. It is very thin, and getting thinner, but I'm glad that isn't obvious in photos. I have two rather large balding patches by my hairline that's really becoming obvious when I pull it back in a ponytail. I've thought about using that spray-on hair colour to sort of fill it in. That would sound pathetic, but I'm already painting my big toe where the nail fell off so that it doesn't look strange in sandals, and if that isn't pathetic, I don't know what it ;)
I have a bottle of Maja, and also some bar soap and body wash. It is popular in the Latinx community and I can always find it in the South Omaha shops.

Yeah, the last time I was in a French Connection was the late 90s and I didn't end up buying anything as it was all over-priced and poorly made.

Anonymous said...

Boden and Lands end Produce rather short pieces. But all my Boden pieces did shrink after first wash, especially lengthwise. I had to eBay sell them all afterwards. So be careful.

Mim said...

As soon as I saw your header I had the tune in my head. Argh, that's today's earworm! But worth it to see that splendid jumpsuit. The blouse is fab too.

That table cloth sounds like an excellent project. I've been looking at embroidery a lot on Pinterest lately; there's some incredible stuff out there.