Thursday, April 08, 2021

We're Jabbing

Hello everyone! I'm happy to report that my attendance at the court for jury duty was not required sparing me the trouble of putting together appropriate attire. We have an excellent system in Douglas County where you ring a number the evening before and a recorded message indicates whether you will be needed or not. This is so much better than they system we had in Boston where you'd have to report to the courthouse and sit around for a couple hours before either being selected or released mid-day. As there's absolutely nowhere to park near our courthouse it would have meant getting a ride or taking the bus. Knowing how to plan a day ahead is quite considerate, and I appreciated it. The system in Chicago was bad. Just. Bad. Not as Bad-Bad as the DMV bad (department of motor vehicles for those outside the US) which was the very worst sort of BAD, but still not much fucking fun. So yay, for Omaha. Maybe next time. 
The vintage novelty Cyn-Les by Shirlee sweater got worn. I have another also featuring a giraffe. 
I'm certain that when I finally die it will have had something to do with wearing platforms. I *know* I should give them up, but that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. This particular pair are sturdy, and not vintage but rather something from retailer, Target. I thrifted them in the Goodwill. 
Some of the cloisonnĂ© I've collected over the years. Strangely, these pieces are never my first choice for wearing, but once I have them on I wonder why I never wear them. I can remember wanting earrings like this when I was a child and being told they were too expensive. 

I took Dan for his second vaccine yesterday and he's doing well. A little tired and achy but nothing he can't deal with. When he was little and didn't feel well I'd open a bottle of juice as a treat (and to get fluids into him) so I went to do the same and realised all but one bottle was expired (by years, not a few months). Figuring grape juice shouldn't be brown, I poured that out and gave him a glass of cranberry juice. He rolled his eyes and told me he was fine. "When you were small and poorly, you'd want crackers with your juice." He rolled his eyes again and had a turkey sandwich for lunch😀. Clearly, I'm not needed for much anymore, but that's how it ought to be I suppose. I didn't ask if he wanted me to go out and buy comic books. Woody Woodpecker was his favourite. 

I go tomorrow. I was scheduled for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine but there was a bad batch recalled so the health department sent me an email saying I'll get a two-dose instead. That's fine, I really don't care as long as it gets in my arm. It is a little frustrating that I'm the most vulnerable person in the family medically but was the last to get a vaccine available. The rollout has been a shambles just so the Republican governor could say he did it without Biden's help. From what I'm hearing, we're only getting about 60% of the US population willing to take it (HARD eye roll) so we ought to have more than enough for ourselves and to send overseas to people that actually want to take it (no point hoarding it for people that won't have it). At that rate we're never going to get herd immunity, and with these Republican clowns opening everything up like we didn't just have half a million people die...look, I understand why people are fed up with Americans. I'm fed up too! That's not an invitation to start spewing anti-American bullshit at me because I will block you so fast your head will spin, but I do understand how we earn our reputation. We have everything (vaccines, hospitals, medical workers) and we still cock it up. I'm not sure I want to spend much more time out and about once I'm vaccinated. If nothing else, the last year has made me appreciate my own company. 
I wouldn't mind being launched into space right now. Isn't this dress fun? It is made of a very lightweight nylon/polyester blend and is held together with overlocked stitching. I'm sure it was fast-fashion, but I've been careful to hand wash it and hopefully I'll get years out of it. I don't usually buy cheap items, even in thrift stores, but the print was just too good to pass up. It billows quite a bit on a windy day, so "Pervert-Proof-Panties" are a must. Usually I go for bike shorts. Sleeveless dresses are so nice, especially this time of year when we can endure four seasons in a day. I used to worry about showing my arms-what a foolish waste of mental energy. 
The weather turned cool again and I didn't waste any time wearing this satin 80s blouse. It probably won't see another wear until winter as it gets suffocatingly  hot in anything above 40 degrees. 
Beaded silk jacket, taffeta skirt, vintage bag and shoes-it all felt so ladylike until I stepped outside in the pouring rain. I did wear a raincoat, but still. Nothing kills a mood like thunderstorms. We're supposed to see the sun again tomorrow afternoon, so I'll look forward to it. On the positive side, my garden is thriving from all this rain. 
Speaking of green! I seem to be wearing quite a lot of it this spring, and I'm not sorry. Most years in Nebraska we go straight from winter into summer, so this year I'm taking advantage of more spring-like weather to wear all the green pieces. This polyester dress is heavy, but also sleeveless. The last owner altered it (badly) so I spent some time unpicking and re-sewing it. There was more than enough fabric to let it out a bit in the bust and I'm so much happier with it. I couldn't quite decide what I didn't like about it in previous years but in the end it just needed a bit of fixing to my body shape. A bit more room in the bust was all it required. 
And that's about it from here. I'll leave you with a photo of the bird's nest fern we call, "Handy" because it looks like several arms reaching out to shake hands. At this point, a plant is about the only thing I'll be shaking hands with. Perhaps ever. 
I don't think I've ever loved a houseplant quite as much as this one. 

Stay safe and well, everyone. 




Anonymous said...

What a glorious color the bow blouse is. That would cheer most anyone up on a cold rainy day.

So glad you are receiving your Covid shot. I got my second dose today and I am so relieved about it. I will still distance my self and wear a mask though, for as long as it takes . Luckily most people we know want to get it or have already gotten it. There seems to be a better supply in PA right now too.

Montgomery County, Pa has a similar jury duty system as yours in Omaha and yes it does seem as if parking is always a problem near the court house. It is one of the great mysteries of life just like never having enough stalls in the lady's rest rooms.

Take care ,
Gail from Pa.

Vix said...

That does seem like a very civilised way of organising jury service, when I did it, it was a massive waste of time for me and the other potential jurors when we weren't selected.
Great news about Danny's jab and your imminent one.
I made a skirt from an almost identical duvet cover to your dress a few years ago, mine had cats dancing around in between the planets! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I'm glad to hear you weren't selected for jury duty after all and that you will be receiving your first vaccine dose today, perhaps as I write. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and that you aren't too much under the weather afterwards.
Seeing all your wonderful outfits again, all in one post, put a huge smile on my face. Your giraffe sweater is fabulous and so are those shoes, although I'm hearing you on their dangers. My favourites are still the planet patterned dress and the polyester maxi.
Can't believe only 60% will be wanting the vaccine. Perhaps you can send some of them to Belgium? xxx

Emily said...

Kudos to Omaha for having such an efficient jury duty system!

I love all those outfits, especially the space-themed one with the bright colors. Those cloisonne pieces really are very pretty. The dark background makes the bright colors pop without being too loud, so that makes them versatile and easy to wear.

I wouldn't mind seeing handshakes go out of style forever. Not so much because of the potential for spreading disease, but because it always struck me as ridiculous that employers placed such importance on the quality of the job applicants' handshakes during the job interviews. In the last twenty years, I've read so many articles on the Web teaching people how to give handshakes that aren't too tight or too loose, as well as anxious comments from people who are afraid to shake hands during an interview because they have chronically sweaty palms and they're afraid it will make a bad impression. And really, outside of the uptight rigamarole of job interviews, hardly anyone shakes hands any more, at least not in America. In all other situations, a simple, "Hi, nice to meet you" generally suffices, and that's fine by me.

It's so sweet that you offered Danny some juice after his second vaccine. I'm sure he appreciated it very much, even though he's getting older.

bahnwÀrterin said...

hope your vaccination went well with not much aftermath......
congrats. we still waiting. germanys "system" is even worst.
the outfit with the satin blouse is gorgeous - its my favorite of this bunch. i´m a great fan of sleeveless dresses too - thats what cardigans are invented for. and if you come into a overheated house or the sun out - tada - no hot flashes :-D
love that you made peace with your arms - wise woman! never understand the female winging about upper arms - if you don´t like them make pushups. or get a big garden :-D
the fern is beautiful. prever plants over most people too......

Goody said...

Thank you! This blouse always makes me feel, "Dressed."
I'm glad you're getting your second dose. That will be such a relief.
Take care.

Space Cats!!! That sounds fab.

I wish we could just give people an ultimatum to take it now or lose out because the extra is going where people want it. It won't happen, because I think they're expecting people to change their minds. From what I'm reading of these people, that seems unlikely. I hope you can get your jab soon.

I always hated handshakes too. There's always the person (99% of the time it is a guy) who feels the need to prove their dominance by crushing your hand. I've been away from the business world for a long time (since the 80s) but that still makes me shudder thinking about all the crap we had to put up with. Now there's an algorithm that will eliminate your resume electronically before you ever need to shake someone's hand. Picture me rolling my eyes.
I hope you and your husband are doing well.

I'm sorry it is still a mess getting a vaccine programme going. Eventually they'll get it going.
I do like cardigans, and with the way people blast air conditioning in Nebraska, I end up needing them all summer unless I go outside to warm up. There are certainly days over 100 F. when I'm happy to have it, but most of the time it is over-used.
Take care.

Beth Waltz said...

Hope all went well with the jab. What a relief that you were spared jury duty, pre-vax; and such a convenient system for determining whether jury duty is go/no go. Your luck has taken a turn for the better.

Which is well, given your daring wearing of those ankle-snappers! OK, we'll concede they don't have the strap-of-cracking-doom that actually loops around the ankle, but even so...

Señora Allnut said...

Lovely cloisonné pieces, I'm admiring that you're a collector!.
Totally in love with your space themed dress, such a stunning piece, no wonder you couldn't resist it!. And I usually wear shorts or pettipants under my full skirts (and miniskirts), so I don't have to care. Comfort is first in my book!
Lovely to see our twin skirt (I haven't worn mine for a while as I've put some weight on, sigh!) and looking so fab in your satin blouse and lady-like accessories, so stunning!.
Glad that you're wearing some spring clothes and enjoying them properly!, lots of Green!
I'm still waiting for my jab and I suspect it will take months, but glad that my parents-in-law had their vaccine, and dad has an appointment this week. This is such a relief!.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Hope you're over the jab now and not having any ill effects.

Two jumpers with giraffes? I'm astonished! Lovely outfits as always. I loved the blouse with the taffeta skirt and the dress you altered with the green cardigan looks very springlike.

I like the sound of your jury system - very efficient indeed!

Goody said...

Sometimes I'm impressed with how well our local government works. I mean, having lived in Chicago and Boston my standards are admittedly low, but still.

@Senora Allnut
I'm so glad your family are starting to get their vaccines. I hope yours comes along soon too.
You could probably remove the fussy lining from our matching skirt and get a few inches-I've been thinking of removing it anyway as it is annoying.
Take care.

I think the company must have had a thing for giraffes! I guess they are somewhat comical if I think about it.
I had my jab, and am doing well.
Take care.